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  The following are articles and obituaries that are from a scrapbook
that belonged to my grandmother who passed away in 1946. Most of these
articles have ties to Washington county, Kansas and are friends,
neighbors and relatives of my grandmother. She was born and lived her
entire life in Washington Co.

When I was back there in 1992, I discovered that the High School in
Haddam, KS, has photos of all the students who graduated from there.
These photos were posted in the front hall of the high school. Hickory
Grove cemetery and Blocker are one and the same. My grandparents are
both buried there, in one obit it says Hickory Grove at Blocker & the
other obit is Blocker Cemetery.

I hope these articles are of help to some of my fellow researchers. I
fully believe we should all help one another when we can in our quest.
- Delores




Abbey, Clara Reeves
Adamson, D Lancaster
Adamson, Mattie J. Skinner
Ailor, E. C. Ailor
Ailor, Hazel Ailor
Ailor, Mr. & Mrs. Ed Ailor
Ailor, Mrs. Olive M. Ailor
Ainlay, Dr Shearburn
Akers, Mildred Bobbitt2
Alabaugh, Mrs. Lenora Ailor
Alabaugh, Mrs. Tess Slough
Alexander, Mrs. Anna Schmitz
Alkire, Geneva Alkire
Alkire, Goldie Alkire
Alkire, Isaac Alkire
Alkire, Isaac Richard Alkire
Alkire, Lida Alkire
Alkire, Martha Alkire
Alkire, Mary Ann Alkire
Alkire, May Alkire
Alkire, Minda Alkire
Alkire, Mrs. Isaac Alkire
Alkire, Mrs. Mary Alkire
Alkire, Roy Alkire
Alldredge, Mrs. Goux
Allen, Clarence Allen
Allen, Dudley Allen
Allen, Juanita Allen
Allen, Lloyd Allen
Allen, Mr. & Mrs. Walter Odgers2
Allen, Mrs. Clarence Allen
Allen, Mrs. Lloyd Allen
Allman, Mrs. Herman Thompson
Anderson, A J Tornado
Anderson, Archie Corbett, Shea
Anderson, Clarence Dodd
Anderson, Claude Dodd
Anderson, Dr Zenger
Anderson, Ethel Corbett
Anderson, Evelyn Corbett
Anderson, Francis Lyons2
Anderson, Gretchen Marie Diedrichs
Anderson, Lloyd Lyons2
Anderson, Mrs. A J Tornado
Anderson, Mrs. Cora Dodd
Anderson, Mrs. Emma Diedrichs
Anderson, Mrs. Iva Tarman, Wilkinson
Anderson, Mrs. Marie Louise Diedrichs
Anderson, Mrs. Tom Tarman
Anderson, Mrs. Vina Chubbuck
Anderson, Nathan Tornado
Anderson, William A Diedrichs
Anderson, Wm. A Ailor
Andrews, Dr Shearburn
Angstead, Mrs. Beulah Doan2
Apley, Arthur D Dresser
Apley, Edna Mae Dresser
Apley, Grandfather Dresser
Apley, Mrs. Delphia Dresser
Apley, Ora Lenola Dresser
Apley, William A Dresser
Ardery, Mrs. Olga Chappell2
Armstrong, Jos Shearburn
Armstrong, Mrs. Mary Shearburn
Arnett, Mrs. Hazel Skinner
Arney, Charles Edward Ailor
Arney, Edith Ailor
Arney, George W. Arney
Arney, Henry M. Arney
Arney, Iva Arney
Arney, Martin Arney
Arney, Matilda Arney
Arney, Mrs. Johana Arney
Arney, Ora Schroeder
Arney, Ora. A. Arney
Arney, Rose Arney
Arnold, Mr. & Mrs. W G Landis2
Arnold, Mrs. Charles Towns
Arnold, Mrs. J E Towns
Arnold, Mrs. Ora Lenola Apley
Arterburn Mrs. Anna Cora Rose
Arterburn, Henry Rose
Asbury, Mrs. Mary Goux
Atbuthnot, Mary Louise Bobbitt2
Atbuthnot, Mrs. Earl Ailor
Ault, Mrs. Many Bullimore
Auxier, Mrs. Wilhelminia Tarman, Wilkinson
Babb, children Babb
Babb, Ganaway Brownlow Babb
Babb, Mrs. Mary Odgers Babb
Babbitt, Mrs. Walter Latimer
Bacon farm Brick
Bailey, Francis Buswell
Baird, John Flood
Baird, Mrs. E E Halferty
Baker, Mrs. Minnie Jane Siler
Baker, Mrs. Rose Arney
Baldwin, Imogene Rose
Baldwin, Mrs. Grace Rose
Ball, Rev Alvin Kuapps
Barclay, Mary Drips
Barley, J H Donaldson
Barnes, Donald J. Barnes
Barnes, George C. Barnes
Barnes, George Thomas Barnes
Barnes, Harold T Barnes
Barnes, John Barnes
Barnes, Mrs. Marie V. Barnes
Barnes, Mrs. Sarah Jane Barnes
Barnes, Otho Schroeder
Barnes, Otho A. Barnes
Barnes, Rev Wall
Barnes, Rev D D Tuma, Walker2
Barnes, Rev Douglas D Landis2
Barnes, Velma Barnes
Barnes, Vera Barnes
Barnes, Verlin A. Barnes
Barnes, Wayne W. Barnes
Barnett, Mrs. Bell Kester
Bartley, P O Shearburn
Bass, Rev McCormick2
Bastow, (see Mrs. Ed Fencl) Bastow
Bastow, Claude A. Bastow
Bastow, Herbert W. Bastow
Bastow, Mrs. Emma Schmitt
Bastow, Mrs. J.M. Bayne
Bastow, Mrs. W.L. Bastow, Schmitt
Bastow, W.L. Bastow
Bateman, Rev F Clarke Lloyd
Bates, Ansel A. Lloyd
Bates, Mary Q. Lloyd
Bates, Mrs. Constantia Almeda Lloyd
Battill, Mrs. Mamie Fraser
Baucom, Mr. & Mrs. William Brown2
Baucom, William Brown2
Baxter, Florence Llewellyn Halferty
Bayley, Mrs. Henry Walker2
Bayne, Clyde Bayne
Bayne, Joseph Roy Bayne
Bayne, Mrs. Sarah Viola Bayne
Bayne, Ruth Glessia Bayne
Bayne, see Mrs. Frank Fencl Bayne
Bayne, see Mrs. J.M. Bastow Bayne
Bayne, William F. Bayne
Beam, Marjorie Juanita Lightbody
Beam, Mr. & Mrs. Grant Lightbody
Beauchamp, Rev E E Corwin
Becker, Susan Kays
Beeman, Mrs. Elmer Harworth
Beeman, Mrs. Everette Fencl
Beeman, T E Burt, Lull
Beeman, Ted Taylor2
Beggs, Mrs. Alice Cupp
Behrans, Mrs. Dora Diedrichs
Beidewell, Dr. Rooney
Beiter, Mrs. Maude Fickel
Bell, John Shearburn
Bellinger, Byron Bellinger2
Bellinger, Charles Bellinger2
Bellinger, Claude Bellinger, Goddard
Bellinger, Claude L. Bellinger2
Bellinger, Dan Bellinger, Goddard
Bellinger, Daniel Bellinger2
Bellinger, Grandma Bellinger
Bellinger, Hattie Bellinger, Goddard
Bellinger, Ina Bellinger2
Bellinger, Joe Bellinger
Bellinger, Joe T. Goddard
Bellinger, John Bellinger2
Bellinger, Joseph Bellinger2
Bellinger, Joseph T. Bellinger2
Bellinger, Mrs. Bellinger
Bellinger, Mrs. Della L. Bellinger2
Bellinger, Mrs. J D Goddard
Bellinger, Mrs. Sarah Bellinger2
Bellinger, Nola Bellinger2, Goddard
Benne, Bernard Hackney Benne
Benne, Clara Benne
Benne, John Benne
Benne, Mae Maxine Benne
Benne, Max Bernard Benne
Benne, Mrs. Anna Benne
Benne, Mrs. Bertha Benne
Benne, Stella Benne
Benne, Vinnie Benne
Bennett, Mr. & Mrs. KR Bennett
Bennett, Mrs. Ruth Brown3, Brown4
Bergstrom, Arvid Lyons2
Bergstrom, Charles Lyons2
Bergstrom, Ellen Helen Lyons2
Bergstrom, Estella Lyons2
Bergstrom, Ester Lyons2
Bergstrom, Eva Lyons2
Bergstrom, Faye Lyons2
Bergstrom, George Lyons2
Bergstrom, Isabelle Lyons2
Bergstrom, Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Lyons2
Bergstrom, Orland Lyons2
Bergstrom, Susie Lyons2
Bergstrom, Sylvester Lyons2
Bergstrom, Victor Lyons2
Berry, Charles Berry
Berry, John Berry
Berry, John Louis Clifford Berry
Berry, Louis Thomas
Berry, Louise (Louis ??) Berry
Berry, Mildred Berry
Berry, Mrs. Berry
Berry, Mrs. Addie Berry, Bole, Bole2
Berry, Mrs. Martha Marie Berry
Berry, Roy Berry
Berry, Ruth Berry
Berry, Susan Shearburn
Bertram, Amanda Bertram2
Bertram, Bertha Clariece Bertram3
Bertram, Caroline Bertram, Bertram2, Bertram3, Smith
Bertram, Clara Bertram2
Bertram, Clarice Bertram2
Bertram, Darel Bertram2
Bertram, Doris Bertram2
Bertram, Doris Augusta Bertram3
Bertram, Eileen Bertram, Bertram3
Bertram, Henry Bertram, Bertram2, Bertram3
Bertram, John William Bertram
Bertram, John William Henry Bertram2, Bertram3
Bertram, Lillian Bertram2
Bertram, Lillian Elizabeth Bertram3
Bertram, Lloyd Bertram3
Bertram, Lloyd August Bertram2
Bertram, Loyd August Bertram
Bertram, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd & family Bertram2
Bertram, Mrs. Bertha Bertram, Bertram3
Bertram, Mrs. Henry Bertram
Bertram, Mrs. Lillian Bertram, Eichman
Bertram, Mrs. Lillian & daus Bertram2
Bertram, Mrs. Mamie Bertram
Bertram, Mrs. Philip Bertram2
Bertram, Nora Bertram3
Bertram, Nora Mae Bertram2
Bertram, Nora May Bertram
Bertram, Nora Opal Ailor, Bertram, Bertram2
Bertram, Oscar R. Bertram3
Bertram, Oscar Robert Bertram, Bertram2
Bertram, Philip Bertram2
Bertram, Wilma Bertram2
Bertram, Wilma May Bertram3
Bichel, Henry Ailor
Bird, Mrs. Alice Parrack2
Bisbee, Rev M H Krueger, Schroeder2, Wohlgemuth
Bishop, Bonnie Towns
Bishop, Mrs. Ethel Yoder3
Bishop, Mrs. Ethel O. Ailor
Bissell, Mrs. Anna F. Elder
Blackstone, Hattie Scruby
Blair, Mrs. Eloise Huffman
Blake, Gladys Blake
Blake, Henry Blake
Blake, Jennie Blake
Blake, Lee Blake
Blake, Mrs. Lydia Anna Blake
Blake, Nel Blake
Blake, Wilma Blake
Blecha, Mrs. Albert Blecha
Blecha, Mrs. Hattie Blecha, Wilkinson
Blocker, Dan Brick
Blocker, Frank Blocker
Blodgett, Almon R. Blodgett
Blodgett, Ida Blodgett
Blodgett, Julia Clarissa Blodgett
Blodgett, Mary Blodgett
Blomberg, Eric Blomberg
Bobbitt, David Bobbitt3
Bobbitt, Etta Bobbitt3
Bobbitt, Franklin Hale Bobbitt3
Bobbitt, Judith Leora Bobbitt2
Bobbitt, Lewis Bobbitt3
Bobbitt, Louis David Bobbitt2
Bobbitt, Merle Bobbitt3
Bobbitt, Mr. & Mrs. Jack Bobbitt
Bobbitt, Mr. & Mrs. L.M. Bobbitt2
Bobbitt, Mrs. A.D. Bobbitt3
Bobbitt, Mrs. Arminta Bobbitt3
Bobbitt, Mrs. Bertha Bobbitt3
Bobbitt, Mrs. David Bobbitt2
Bobbitt, Mrs. Doris Bobbitt2
Bobbitt, Mrs. Doris Genivieve Bobbitt2
Bobbitt, Mrs. Gertrude Bobbitt3
Bobbitt, Nettie Bobbitt3
Bobbitt, Olive Bobbitt3
Bobbitt, Ollie Ruth Bobbitt3
Bobbitt, Raymond Bobbitt3
Bobbitt, Will Bobbitt3
Bohm, Anna Shea
Bohm, Elna Corbett
Bohm, George Shea
Bohm, Leonard Shea
Bohm, Mary Anna Shea
Bohm, Melvin Shea
Bohm, Mildred Corbett
Bohm, Mrs. Rosa Corbett
Bohm, Philip Shea
Bohm, Theresa Shea
Bohm, Wilber Corbett
Bohm, Wilbert Shea
Bokelman, Judge A C Blomberg
Boker, Mrs. Gladys Kersting
Bole, Addie Bole, Bole2
Bole, Billy Bob Bole2
Bole, Charles Bole2
Bole, Chas. L. Bole
Bole, Ed Bole2
Bole, Edwin H. Bole
Bole, Esther Bole2
Bole, Isaac Bole
Bole, James Bole2
Bole, Jennie Bole2
Bole, Maria Bole
Bole, Mary Bole2
Bole, Mrs. Elsie M. Speers
Bole, Mrs. Lucy Bole2
Bole, Mrs. Melissa Bole
Bole, Ruby Bole2
Bole, William Henry Bole
Bole, William I. Bole, Bole2
Bonar, Elaine Bonar
Bonar, Elmer Bonar
Bonar, Eva Bonar
Bonar, Mrs. C A. Bower2
Bonar, Norris Bonar
Bonar, Verlin Bonar
Bonar, Wm. Bonar
Bond, sisters Fraser
Bonesteel, Alice Gray
Bonesteel, Alice California Gray2
Bonesteel, Bert Gray2
Bonesteel, Cora Gray2
Bonesteel, Gene Gray2
Bonesteel, Henry Gray2
Bonesteel, Mrs Esther Gray2
Bonesteel, Mrs Myrtle Grover2
Borach, Mrs George Rose3
Boss, Mrs Jessie Cramer2
Boston, Eugene Lillibridge
Boswell, Mr & Mrs John Ailor, Bertram2
Bousk, Mr Skupa
Bouska, Anna Munden
Bouska, Mrs Ella Wiruth
Bouska, T W Munden
Bower, Bessie Bower2, Brown4
Bower, Bessie G. Bower
Bower, Charles Brown4
Bower, Charles A. Bower2
Bower, Charley A. Bower
Bower, Deena Bower, Bower2
Bower, E N Brown4
Bower, Edgar Bower2
Bower, Edgar N. Bower
Bower, Eva Bower2
Bower, Eva Mary Bower
Bower, Florence Bower, Bower2, Brown4
Bower, Gertrude Bower, Bower2, Brown4
Bower, Leslie Brown4
Bower, Louisa C. Brown4
Bower, Louisa Catherine Nixon Bower2, Bower3
Bower, Martin L. Bower2, Brown4
Bower, Martin Luther Bower3
Bower, Mary Brown4
Bower, Mattie Bower, Bower2, Brown4
Bower, Mattie A. Dart
Bower, Minnie Bower2
Bower, Minnie A. Bower, Brown3
Bower, Minnie Alice Brown4
Bower, Modenia Bower, Brown4
Bower, Mr & Mrs Edgar Bower2
Bower, Phyllis Brown4
Bower, Wardwell Bower2
Bowman, Constance Alvena Huffman
Bowman, Cpl Anver Hicks
Bowman, Cpl Leroy Huffman
Bowman, Eloise Huffman
Bowman, Ernest C, Jr. Huffman
Bowman, Jim Huffman
Bowman, Mr & Mrs E L Huffman
Bowman, Mr & Mrs Ernest L. Huffman
Bowman, Mrs Opal Hicks
Bowman, Selma Huffman
Boyd, J J Tornado
Boyer, Jake Boyer
Bradway, Sid Diedrichs
Brandon, Mrs Alma E Elder
Brant, George Fredrick Brant
Brant, Harvey Lillibridge
Brant, Mrs. Elizabeth Brant
Brant, Rena Brant
Brant, Susie Brant
Brant, Thomas J. Brant
Breazeale, Alwin (Alvin??) Woods
Breckenwell, Rev George Shea
Brewer, Wilber Shearburn
Brichat, Albert Shaffer
Brichat, George Shaffer
Brichat, Joe Shaffer
Brichat, Mrs Sarilda Jane Shaffer
Brichat, Nora Shaffer
Brick, Anna L. Brick
Brick, F M Thompson
Brick, Frank M Brick
Brick, Harlan N Brick
Brick, John C. Brick
Brick, John C. Brick
Brick, Louie E Brick
Brick, Louie E Brick
Brick, Margaret Brick
Brick, Margaret Brick
Brick, Milton Asbury Brick
Brick, Miss Harriett Bertram2
Brick, Mrs Dresser
Brick, Mrs Belle Myers
Brick, Mrs Dorothy Menzies2
Brick, Mrs Flora Brown4
Brick, Mrs J C Lull
Brick, Mrs R. Menzies2
Brick, Mrs. Emma R Brick
Brick, Mrs. John Ailor, Bayne, Bobbitt2, Clute, Congleton,
Goux, Kester, Mason, Odgers2, Pancake
Brick, William Brick
Briggs, Mrs Mary E. Reeves
Broadston, Clyde Broadston
Broadston, Edna Broadston
Broadston, Leonard Broadston
Broadston, Lorraine ---------- Broadston
Broadston, Mark Broadston
Broadston, Mary Ellen Broadston
Broadston, Ralph Broadston
Broadston, Russell Broadston
Broadston, William Broadston
Bronson, Mrs Harry Woods
Brosh, Edward J. Munden Bank
Brosh, Mrs Ben Kozel
Brosh, Mrs Chas Kozel
Brown, Andrew Latimer
Brown, Anna Brown
Brown, Bob Brown2
Brown, Bub Brown2, Brown3, Brown4
Brown, Charles Brown3
Brown, Darwin Brown3
Brown, Donna Brown3, Brown4
Brown, Dot Brown3
Brown, Rev Huffman2
Brown, Rev C Edwin Pelesky
Brown, Mrs Ed Walker
Brown, Mrs Eliza Cox3
Brown, Elmer Brown3
Brown, Father Corbett, Neidar
Brown, Frank Brown
Brown, Fred Brown, Brown3
Brown, Mr & Mrs Fred Brown3, Brown5
Brown, Fred D. Brown
Brown, Fred Jr Brown
Brown, Glenda Rae Brown4
Brown, Guy Brown3, Brown4
Brown, Mr and Mrs. Guy Bertram2, Bower2
Brown, Mr & Mrs H D Brown2
Brown, Harry D, Sr. Brown2
Brown, Harry Brown3
Brown, Henry O. Brown2
Brown, Houston Brown
Brown, Inez Brown2
Brown, Rev Joseph Shea
Brown, Mrs Julia Ann Brown3
Brown, Laurene (Sis) Brown3
Brown, Lorene (sp var) Brown4
Brown, Mrs. Lottie Brown
Brown, Mr & Mrs M L Brown5
Brown, Marge Brown3, Brown4
Brown, Marie Brown3, Brown4
Brown, Mrs Minnie Bower2, Wall
Brown, Mrs. Minnie A. Bower, Brown3
Brown, Mrs Minnie Alice Brown4
Brown, Modenia Brown3, Brown4
Brown, Morris Brown4
Brown, Morris L. Brown3
Brown, Morrison Bower2, Brown3
Brown, Nathan Cox3
Brown, Nellie Brown
Brown, Mrs Nellie Moore
Brown, Paul Brown
Brown, Phillip Brown
Brown, Phillip, Jr. Brown
Brown, Roland Brown3
Brown, Ruth Brown3, Brown4
Brown, Samuel Guy Brown3, Brown4
Brown, Sis Brown3
Brown, Mrs Susan Ann Latimer
Brown, Sylvia Brown
Brown, Tom Rooney
Buehli, Mrs Grace Schmitz
Bullimore, Alice Bullimore
Bullimore, Mrs Alexine Bullimore
Bullimore, Charles Bullimore
Bullimore, Edna Bullimore
Bullimore, Emma Bullimore
Bullimore, Mrs Emma Bullimore
Bullimore, Florence Bullimore
Bullimore, Helen Bullimore
Bullimore, James Bullimore
Bullimore, John Bullimore
Bullimore, Lewis Emerson Bullimore
Bullimore, Many (Mary??) Bullimore
Bullimore, Margaret Bullimore
Bullimore, Rosa Bullimore
Bullimore, Thomas Bullimore
Bullimore, Thomas, Jr. Bullimore
Bullimore, William Bullimore
Burch, Mrs Estella Lyons2

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