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Kansas State Guard



  Richard W. Evans.
Captain and Supply Officer:
  Charles I. Moseley.
Captain and Surgeon:
  Francis M. Coffman.

No report of activities furnished.


  Lloyd F. Currier.

Second Lieutenant:
  F. A. Webb.

First Sergeant:
  Gilbert, Glen A.

Quartermaster Sergeant:
  Hart, Harry.

  Michael, A. C.
  McCollom, Charles H.
  Parks, F. R.
  Smith, Clyde E.
  Truitt, Homer E.

  Fleming, Leo R.
  Ingersoll, L. H.
  Merrill E. L.
  Nevins, Clarence.
  Thurston, Bruce.

  Wenger, C. B.

Musicians: Garver, Don B.
  Lierle, Alvernon.

  Amos, William.
  Baltzell, R. D.
  Bangs, Ross.
  Beck, George A.
  Bell, Tom.
  Buchanan, W. H.
  Bunnell, Homer.
  Burr, Hiram T.
  Carey, Henry L.
  Carter, Robert H.
  Clare, Harry.
  Cochran, George D.
  Combs, R. E.
  Crane, George.
  Davis, W. A.
  Drake, William.
  Ely, R.
  Fansler, J. A.
  Farley, Leo.
  Geitgey, Charles A.
  Godfrey, Deacon.
  Goodwin, George.
  Greenleaf, Fred.
  Hackler, Alfred.
  Herron, Joe.
  Herzer, Donald.
  Holtferick, George F.
  Hood, W. L.Isley, J. W.
  Jones, R. L.
  Kennedy, B. L.
  Kennedy, Frank W.
  Kennedy, W. E.
  Komarek, Peter.
  Lakey, Edward.
  Madden, Paul.
  Main, L. F.
  Mattley, Robert L.
  Moore, G. O.
  Moseley, Prisley T.
  Ott, Curtis.
  Roberts, Frank.
  Rose, Newale.
  Sayre, Charles I.
  Shumard, Roger K.
  Sollitt, L. L.
  Sturgeon, E. C.
  Taylor, Tull S.
  Thomas, Albert R.
  Thorpe, E. D.
  Trickel, Gail.
  Triplett, A. G.
  Van Valkenberg, Earl.
  Wolfe, Ole R.
  Wood, W. K.
  Watling, William.
  Wormington, Howard C.
  Yandell, E. K.
  Youncker, Clarence.
  Young, T. E.
  Richard W. Evans,
  F. E. Shields, resigned.
  E. C. Moseley, died.

  Botting, Robert C.,
  Hathaway, E. C.,
  discharged .

  Barnard, Charles H.,
  Johnson, William E.,
  Leatherwood, E. F.,
  Talbot, E. V., discharged.

  Archer, T. G., discharged.
  Baker, Orie, discharged.
  Baltzell, R. D.,
  Botting, Robert M.,
  Crane, Clifford,
  Curry, W. L., died.
  Davis, E. R., discharged.
  Demons J. C. discharged.
  Fay, Carlos, discharged.
  Gingerich, Clyde,
  Hollenbeck, H. W.,
  Hood, U. L., discharged.
  Howarter, George,
  Hudwall, C. J., discharged.
  King, Walter A.,
  McChristy, E. L.,
  McGahan, J. W.,
  Sitton, A. R., discharged.
  Stapleton, W. V.,
  Stubbs, Sam, Jr.,
  Tarrant, R. M., discharged.
  Warren, E. E., discharged.
  Young, Leon B.,


Company A participated in all public activities during 1918, and patroled the streets on all holidays where it was necessary.

The unit turned out in full force and escorted all contingents of drafted men to the entraining points; held regular drills every week, and on October 8, went into camp in Wright Park at Dodge City with the other companies of the 16th Battalion, Kansas State Guard, expecting to stay four days, but the camp was ordered closed on the evening of the second day on account of the influenza. The company did guard duty at the Mexican camp for twenty-one days, said camp being quarantined on account of the influenza.


  William Cramer.

First Lieutenant:
  Eugene C. Crow.

Second Lieutenant:
  John A. Evans.

First Sergeant:
  Evans, William H.

Quartermaster Sergeant:
  Reid, Henry L.

  Cash, Vernon H.
  Hildebrand, Harry.
  Hinke, Alvin E.
  Luther, Lester.

  Egbert, Gwynne.
  Glaze, Ira.
  Henderson, John.
  Hollenbeck, Ralph.
  Johnson, Raymond.
  Kelly, Walter R.
  Naylor, Cary.
  Truax, Hayse.
  Vandine, Samuel.

  Allen, Chester.
  Allen, Lee.
  Allison, Jasper.

  Anderson, Charles.
  Bahling, S. James.
  Benton, Edwin.
  Benton, Howard.
  Brewer, Wiley.
  Brock, Walter.
  Brown, Charles E.
  Brown, Minter.
  Burgess, Tom.
  Byer, Rude.
  Campbell, Clayton.
  Campbell, Ether.
  Carter, Willie.
  Cash, Howard.
  Chalkley, Henry.
  Cracker, Leslie.
  Davidson, Carl.
  Davidson, Ivan.
  Davidson, Russel.
  Dey, Anthony.
  Dey, Winfield.
  Dunkin, Harry.
  Dunkin, Heber.
  Dunkin, Henry.
  Evans, Leo.
  Firestone, Harry.
  Fisher, Arlie.
  Fisher, John.
  Flowers, Perry.
  Glaze, Andrew.
  Glaze, Lee T.
  Gonder, Dayle.
  Harris, Pearl.
  Henderson, Erwin.
  Hockstedler, Arthur.
  Holden, Samuel.
  Isely, Charles C.
  Immroth, Phillip.
  Jones, B. William.
  Kissinger, Grant,
  Leatherwood, Jesse.
  Lee, Christ.
  Lee, Patrick J.
  Lucas, Elbert.
  Luther, Francis M.
  Mackey, James.
  Mawherter, Robert.
  Miller, Herman,
  Minet, Frank.
  Montgomery, Benjamin.
  Morrow, Clayton.
  McFarland, William.
  Nelson, Gus.
  Neidiger, Derwood.
  Oakes, Melvin.
  Punks, Emil E.
  Phelps, Harry,
  Raney, Lewis H.
  Ray, Elza.
  Rector Luther.
  Robbins, Henri.
  Routon, Johnnie.
  Sever, Carl.
  Smith, William.
  Steinberger, Frank.
  Stucker, Ernest.
  Stucker, Rolla.
  Sturtevant, Charles.
  Thompson, Eldon.
  Wagner, Ralph.
  Watson, James R.
  West, George.
  Whiteside, Crawford.
  Wright, Chester.
First Sergeant:
  Boller, Fred, discharged.

  Egbert, Ward B.,
  Ott, Aaron, discharged.

  Berger, Cecil J.,
  Firestone, Ray W.,
  Immroth, Johnnie, died.
  Potts, William Dean,
  Robins, Sam B.,
  Whiteside Samuel W.,


Company B drilled twice each week, commencing at seven and ending at ten. We executed squad drills and company drills.

The company was called into camp at Dodge City on October 8 9, 10 and 11 by Major Evans. On account of the influenza the camp was disbanded the tenth.

At each call of government recruits the company would meet and escort them to the train. On October 8, 1918, three squads guarded the war-exhibit train in Cimarron.

Due to the fact that this unit was composed principally of farmers it was not called on to assist in the Liberty loan and Red Cross campaigns, but a majority of its Personnel bought bonds and contributed to the drives very freely.

Each Decoration Day the company met and participated in the program as ordered by the governor.


  Vernie, C. Robb.

First Lieutenant:
  John C. Lyons.

Second Lieutenant:
  E. Harold Patterson.

First Sergeant:
  Plattner, I. L.

Quartermaster Sergeant:
  Blucher, I. L.

  Burke, J. E.
  Henry, B. F.
  Mowry, Fred.

  Curtis, George A.
  Emrie, L. J.

  Hebrew, Lee A.
  Trimpa, Frank B.

  Fowler, Will C.
  Price, Ray B.

  Bentley, Ross.
  Patterson, Milton.

  Blood, W. M.
  Brink, H. A.
  Coffey, W. J.
  Dawson, Homer.
  Dooley, Martin.
  Dooley, Mathew.
  Duncker, Charles H.
  Dunnam, W. S., Jr.
  Feltner, Beecher.
  Ford, Dolph.

  Fowler, Clarence.
  Hendrickson, George.
  Jones, Fred.
  Jones, Robert E.
  Kirkpatrick, Lewis.
  Lamb, Collis P.
  Lamb, Paul H.
  March, Clarence.
  Miller, Sidney L.
  Padgett, Alve.
  Penland, Mike W.
  Prater, W. M.
  Riegel, Glen.
  Sauchman, Edgar.
  Scott, Carl.
  Snook, Harry.
  Snook, Ray.
  Steele, Ben.
  Stevens, Evan W.
  Stout, Joseph.
  Trebilcock, Guy D.
  Tucker, Paul H.
  Winders, W. W.
  Henshaw, Charles E.,
  Patterson, W. S.,

  Sydenstricker, Robert E.,

  Freebeck, Raymond,

  Jamison, George W.,
  Kirkpatrick, Boyd, died.
  Marsh, Harold D.,
  Murphy, Arthur,
  Murphy, Frank,
  McCaffrey, George D.,
  Sauceman, W. G.,
  Schneider, Max, died.
  Seery, Cecil Reno,
  Snook, William R.,
  Taylor, Marvin,
  Trimpa, Allen, resigned.
  Walker, Lancelot,
  Winders, Claude,


Company C, 16th Battalion, Kansas State Guard was mustered into state service publicly on May 6, 1918, at a community meeting, and commenced its activities by drilling two and one-half hours each week, preparing for any emergency that might arise demanding their services, and by continuing such drills the company became efficient in the duties of the soldier.

On May 30, 1918, the company took part in the Decoration exercises at Bucklin, Kan., leading the procession to the Bucklin cemetery and firing a military salute in honor of the dead soldiers.

On September 12, 1918, the task of registering the eighteen- to twenty-one-year-old registrants in the Ford district was left to the company, and Captain Vernie C. Robb, commanding the company, was legally appointed as chief registrar, and was in supervision of the registration.

The company was also given charge of drilling and giving military instructions to the registered men before they were called to camp, and all registrants in the vicinity of Bloom, Kingsdown, Bucklin, and Ford, Kansas, were instructed to report at the armory of the company for instructions and drill each week until they were called to camp.

The company participated in the several drives for the war activities, such as the Red Cross, Liberty loans, Y. M. C. A., U. W. W. campaigns, and thrift-stamp sales, and took an active interest in promoting enlistments in the army.

Company C, Ford's unit of the 16th Battalion, Kansas State Guard, reported for duty at the armory, Thursday morning, October 8, 1918, at 7 a. m., and left for camp at Wright park in Dodge City, Kan., in the face of a prospective rain, which fortunately failed to dampen the spirits of the men. The advance guard of the company reached camp at 8:30 and found that Company A of Dodge City had been putting in the early hours to good effect in erecting tents and getting the grounds in some semblance of order. The morning was spent in staking down tents and policing the company street; the work was not very appealing to most of the boys, but it gave them a fine appetite for the chow, which the effecient kitchen force handed out at noon. In the afternoon the regular routine work of an army camp was taken up, guard lines were established, and guards posted, who were in the main very efficient. Guard mounting the first day was held at 4:30 p.m., with Lieutenant Lyons of Company C as officer of the day. Guards were posted for the night, and it was soon time for mess call, which was answered withgreat enthusiasm. The battalion was formed before Major Richard W. Evans at 7 p.m., and with the exception of the guards they went into Dodge City and did police duty at the war trophy train sent out by the government in the interest of the fourth Liberty loan. It was estimated that over five thousand visited the train which the company assisted in handling and passing through the train. By midnight a reasonable degree of silence descended upon the camp and quiet reigned supreme until 5:30 Wednesday morning, when the rude strains of reveille aroused the sleepers from their peaceful slumbers to the work of the day. Military discipline was more of evidence the second day. During the day Captain Surgeon Coffman received word from Dr. S. J. Crunbine, secretary of the State Board of Health that the government had signed a proclamation which would close all public gatherings for some time on account of the epidemic of Spanish influenza, and orders were promptly issued closing the camp to visitors and stopped the guards from leaving camp except on passes issued by the major. As soon as the quarantine was placed upon the camp, arrangements were made to break up the encampment, and the following day the company left for the armory in Ford, Kan., arriving at 11 a.m., October 10. 1918.

The company was active in participating in parades and observing all patriotic movements, as well as assisting the local board of the county in handling the registrants when they were called to camp.

COMPANY "D," 16TH BATTALION, Spearville.

  F. H. Templeton.

First Lieutenant:
  John P. Hands.

Second Lieutenant:
  Edward A. McDermott.

First Sergeant:
  Wright, Benjamin W.

  Evans, Ralph E.
  Ogle, Ernest L.
  Westmacott, Percival.

  Feist, John A.
  Ravenkamp, George F.
  Westmacott, Stanley R.
  Wiedower, William.

  Steele, Lile.

  Bartlett, O. Guy.
  Beek, Aaron E.
  Bishop, Herbert H.
  Curtis, Merrit L.
  Dollman, Will.
  Elder, H. Lee.
  Gant, Lon.
  Gilmore, Alexander.
  Gilmore, Alister.
  Herman, Henry A.
  Hickman, Ira C.
  Houghton, Edward W.
  Hull, James A.
  Jennings, Clarence C.
  Laudick, Fred C.
  Lawrence, Fred M.
  Lonnberg, Arthur.
  Lonnberg, John.

Privates - Concluded.
  Moore, Eppah W.
  Morgan, H. Earl.
  Morrow, Ralph A.
  Mowrer, Clyde M.
  McKee, Roy M.
  McKee, Will W.
  Nichols, Wilber.
  Parthmore, Clarence R.
  Parthmore, James B.
  Riedlinger, John.
  Rockenfeller, Jacob W.
  Ross, Ira C.
  Savage, James B.
  Seltsan, Albert J.
  Shaffer, Eugene H.
  Speirs, George O.
  Torline, Albert J.
  Torline, George
  VanNahmen, Fred
  Woodward, William J.
  Vernon O. Ward,

First Sergeant:
  Pine, Will L., died.

  Dennis, Conrad L.,
  Ellis, Wilber, transferred.

  James, Ottis Elmer,
  Kiser, Stephen, discharged.
  Shaffer, Weldon,
  Williams, Charles H.,

  Alkire, Bill, discharged.
  Alkire, Ed, discharged.
  Applehans, John,

  Applehans, Martin, died.
  Bain, John, discharged.
  Davis, Harry A.,
  Donnald, George,
  Fry, H. Luther, discharged.
  Gallet, Paul, discharged.
  Hamilton, Edward T.,
  Herman, Will, discharged.
  Johnson, Glenn H.,
  Kane, Arthur, discharged.
  Knoeber, Will, discharged.
  Lowery, Tom, discharged.
  Mace, Edwin D.,
  Miller, David O.,
  McBurney, Ralph,
  Nixon, Clyde, discharged.
  Parthmore, Fred,
  Parthmore, George,
  Prediger, Will, discharged.
  Potee, Auriel U.,
  Ravenkamp, John,
  Robbins, James B.,
  Seidl, James B.,
  Stewart, Tom, discharged.
  Tackley, William S.,
  Vogelgesang, Luther,
  Wade, Otto, discharged.
  Ward, Merril C.,
  Williams, Roy, discharged.
  Winkler, Roy, discharged.


Company D participated in various parades at times of special demonstration in Liberty loan and Red Cross campaigns; acted as escort to Hon. Jouett Shouse and Governor Capper; gave exhibition drills Columbus Day and on other occasions; acted as military escort when two of our deceased soldier boys, from Spearville, were buried. Individual members were chosen for service as chairman and committees on Liberty loan and Red Cross campaigns, and to serve as speakers for the National Council of Defense and Four-minute Men The principal service rendered by the company was in giving preliminary training to something over fifty men who entered the military service of the United States from this locality.