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Kansas State Guard



  Charles E. Drumm.

Captain and Adjutant:
  Eugene Gordon.

Captain and Supply Officer:
   Clarence A. Hodges.
Captain and Surgeon:
  Robert Leith.

No activities reported.


  Arthur J. Brice.

First Lieutenant:
  John Frost.

First Sergeant:
  Ambrose, Roland B.

Quartermaster Sergeant:
  Dean, Aubrey R.

  Brown Walter B.
  Houston, James H.
  Murrell, George W.
  Rodkey, Clyde K.
  Ryan, James E.
  Tibbetts, Livy B.

  Axtell, Willis E.
  Brown, John C.
  Danheim, Henry N.
  Elliott, Joseph H.
  Gilson, Samuel W.
  Hodges, George A.

  Skalla, Fred.
  Strange, Joseph M.
  Watters, Ora S.

  Farrar, Romeo G.

  Cockerell, Wallace E.

  Adams, Roy.
  Albin, Grover C.
  Anderson, John.
  Ashburn, Ernest W.
  Bartlett, Arthur E.
  Beacham, Carl R.
  Blair, James Dana.
  Blauer, Philip W.
  Conz, Lee.
  Coulter, Clarence.
  Coulter, William W.
  Cummings, Galan.
  DeYoung, Aaron.
  Drake, Howard.
  Ewing, Grant.

  Ewing, Levi G.
  Fincham, Emmet.
  Fitzgerald, Donald E.
  Foltz, John E.
  Frost, Clyde D.
  Griffee, James I.
  Griffith, John E.
  Harland, Earl.
  Henderson, Charles W.
  Hoag, Germ G.
  Holcomb, Arthur H.
  Honeycutt, Isaac.
  Honeycutt, Robert.
  Hula, Will J.
  Hurlburt, George W.
  Hurlburt, Kenneth.
  VanValkenburg, Frank.
  Vernson, Henry H.
  Warren, Walter W.
  Watters, James.
  Watters, John.
  Weeks, Byron.
  Weeks, Walter.
  Wells, William B.
  Worthington, William.
  Zulek, John.
  Clarence A. Hodges,

First Lieutenant:
  Guy E. McCarthy,

  Deiderich, Egon,
  Hunt, William W.,

  Carlson, Robert,
  Frost, Earl W., discharged.
  Mann, Leland, discharged.
  Pishney, Edward J.,

  Adams, George W., died.
  Bailey, Charles,
  Benedict, Murray L.,
  Brooks, Louis R.,

  Brown, Henry L.,
  Coulter, Clarence K.,
  Crissman, James Ira,
  Elliott, Jesse W.,
  Fincham, Fred, discharged.
  Fitzgerald, Isaac F.,
  Foreman, Homer,
  Hunter, William F. S.,
  Jette, Charles E.,
  Johnson, Walter,
  Kaump, Henry F.,
  Kendall, William W.,
  Lake, Warner, discharged.
  Lamb, Harry T.,
  Lamb, William J.,
  Lambert, Carson E.,
  Land, Robert C.,
  Layton, Fred M.,
  Leeson, Nathanial,
  Long, Hugh L., discharged.
  Marvin, Albert A.,
  Marvin, Frank, discharged
  Mickel, Otto, died.
  Miller, Vern, discharged.
  Monteith, Walter,
  Moore, Harry L.,
  Moore, John C.,
  Murrell, Kenneth,
  Musil, Emil, discharged.
  Musil, Otto, discharged.
  McGinnis, George E.,
  McKee, Clarence,
  McKee, Ross, discharged.
  Nelson, Robert T.,
  Netz, William, Jr.,


  Netz, William C.,
  Nevins, James W.,
  Norton, Jesse O.,
  Old S. Job, discharged.
  Peacock, Edward F.,
  Peacock, William F.,
  Pishney, John F.,
  Quinn, Robert E.,
  Robb , Henry, discharged.
  Reeder, Hal C.,
  Reedy, Burton H.,
  Reedy, Thomas W.,
  Rodgers, Charles N.,
  Rodkey, Clayton,
  Rodkey, Fred S.,
  Rundus, Joseph,
  Rundus, Paul, discharged.
  Sabin, William H.,
  Skalla, John, discharged.
  Smith, Fred, discharged.
  Stauufer, Frederick L.,
  Stocks, Fred L.,
  Tempero, C. W.,
  Tibbetts , Charles C.,
  Tibbetts, Harlow,
  Tolbert, Fred, discharged.
  Troutner, Melvin,
  VanHouten, William G.,
  Whiting, Frank, discharged.


February 10, 1918, Company A helped to promote a patriotic meeting, which was addressed by Dr. Frank Loveland, in which $370 was raised to supply ambulances to go to France.

February 16, 1918, a pro-German near Blue Rapids had become rather bold in his utterances against our country. The guard went to his home and brought him to the Commercial Club rooms. He was persuaded to kiss the flag, swear allegiance to the United States, and to pay $100 to the Red Cross. This prompt action of the guard checked pro-Germanism and aided in the collection of the Red Cross funds.

February 14, 1918, attended a patriotic meeting at the Methodist church as an organization.

March 21, 1918, the prisoners having broken out of the county jail at Marysville, the sheriff called on Company A for help to guard bridges to the south. Guards were posted on three road bridges and one railroad bridge all night.

March 31, 1918, there were rumors of pro-Germanism at the dedication of a German church some miles south of Blue Rapids. Company A hiked out that way and drilled near, while several guards, in plain clothes, who understood German, attended the services and reported nothing wrong.

April 6, 1918, gave a parade and attended in a body a patriotic meeting, addressed by J. E. Nugent, of Kansas City.

May 30, 1918, took charge of Decoration Day services.

June 3, 1918, attended the funeral, at Breman, of Fred Rengstrof, a soldier who died at Funston.

June 30, 1918, attended the Memorial services at Irwin for Lieutenant Milton Drumm, the first Marshall county soldier killed in France; also participated in battalion drill.

July 7, 1918, gave drill and took part in Red Cross drive.

July 10, 1418, the city water pump was broke, and the guard patrolled the city as a measure of fire protection.

July 14, 1918, attended a Red Cross rally at Breman and took part in an exhibition and battalion drill.

July 28, 1918, was reviewed and inspected by Adjutant General Charles S. Huffman at Frankfort.

September 25, 1918, gave military funeral to George Adams, a member of the company.

October 8 and November 11, 1918, the Marshall county State Guard was reviewed and inspected at Blue Rapids, by Captain C. A. Dempsey, 164th Depot Brigade, Camp Funston; also took part in competitive drill; took charge of policing the ground,, for the Marshall county fair and participated in the fourth Liberty loan drive.

October 26, 1918, gave a military funeral to William Netz at Irving, a soldier who died at Funston, also a former member of Company A.

November 10, 1918, gave a military funeral to Myron Swank at Cottage Hill, who was a former member of Company A and had just enlisted in the national service.

November 30, 1918, gave a military funeral to J. M. Snodgrass, a Civil War veteran.

December 4, 1918, promoted and attended in a body a lecture by Trooper O'Conner.

February 9, 1919, attended the Roosevelt memorial services at the Presbyterian church in the morning and the Lincoln memorial at the Baptist church in the evening.

March 31. 1919, gave a military funeral to Major John McPherson, a Civil War veteran.

April 7, 1919, gave a military funeral to Charles Edinborough, a Civil War veteran.

May 30, 1919, took charge of Decoration Day services.

September 20, 1919, auto was stolen at Marysville. The guard turned out to assist the marshal and guarded the roads. We recovered the automobile at Blue Rapids, but the thief got away. Investigated several fires caused from trains in grain fields, also notified the state fire marshal of one incendiary fire of grain stacks, who sent a man to investigate, made in arrest, but the case has not yet been tried.


  C. E. Drumm.

First Lieutenant:
  R. A. Smith.

Second Lieutenant:
  Robert S. Shope.

First Sergeant:
  Hunt, Daniel H.

  Bronaugh, Clarence A.
  Brubaker, Nathan A.
  Cope, Harry M.
  Lynch, Andy R.
  Raymond, Fes, B.
  Rucker, John W.

  Abbott, Bernard V.
  Chitty, Wyman.
  Jones, Louis T.
  Klein, Louis H.
  Morton, Perry O.
  McNelly, Eli L.
  Raymond, George B.
  Rinehart, William.
  Smith, Robert E.
  Walls, Charles A.

  Bolejack, Lloyd.
  Bronaugh, Loren M.
  Carlson, Melvin E.
  Carlson, Walter W.
  Carpenter, George G.
  Colton, Emry R.
  Cook, Harold A.
  Crawford, Henry C.
  Cromwell, Leonard C.
  Dodd, Everett M.
  Drager, Clyde A.
  Dunham, Frank.
  Dunham, Oren M.
  Dunham, Thomas J.
  Everson, Nathan.
  Grove, Vernon Delbert.
  Hale, Robert E.
  Harrison, Edwin O.
  Harrison, Jesse.
  Hartwell, Clyde M.
  Henry, Frank.
  Hoig, Bennie J.
  Jones, Earl.
  Jones, Floyd L.
  Kapitan, Rudolph A.
  Lacy, Arthur L.
  Lundry, Elber E.
  Melton, Christain.
  Melton, H. Alonzo.
  Meyer, Thomas A.
  Mills, Norris A.
  Morton, Frank G.
  Morton, George L.
  Morton, George L., Jr.
  Morton, Lancelot A.
  Morton, Perry, Jr.
  Musser, Clinton O.
  Myers, Clarence.
  Osborne, Leroy G.
  Raymond, Nelson A.
  Rinehart, Frank.
  Rinehart, Wilbur.
  Rucker, Henry A.
  Sabin, Alexander W.
  Seldon, James W.
  Seldon, Mark H.
  Seldon, Roy R.
  Smith, Guy R.
  Smith, Jaynes A.
  Sparks, Clarence P.
  Stedman, Albert E.
  Summers, Marion A.
  Summers, Loyd W.
  Tebbutt, Frederick W.
  Tebbutt, William.
  Tietz, Paul.
  Vaughn, George.
  Wagner, Matt F.
  Wagor, Charles A.
  Warren, John T.
  Whaley, George A.
  Whaley, Samuel F.
  Wilbur, Adrian L.
  Williams, Finley J.
  Williams, Joseph E.
  Williams, Marion W.
  Wright, Samuel J.

No activities reported.


  Charles G. Fulkerson.

First Lieutenant:
  Carl Peterson.

First Sergeant:
  Durland, B. K.

  Blaney, William.
  Carney, Walter.
  Gillette, James.
  Kautz, F. R.
  Stiles, H. T.
  Tyron, A. L.

  Boyd, O. S.
  Gould, Raymond.
  Jones, Gilbert.
  Jones, H. B.
  Jones, Paul.
  Miller, Earl.
  Sabin, Maynard.

  Alleman, A. W.
  Austin, Kenneth.
  Bieler, Ray.
  Boatman, O.
  Boyd, George.
  Boyd, John.

  Boyd, Thomas.
  Bromwell, Harold.
  Bromwell, J. J.
  Budenbender, Joe.
  Burroughs, L. R.
  Carlson, Alfred.
  Carlson, John.
  Carney, William S.
  Christie, Ray.
  Cooper, Clarence.
  Corptein, John.
  Dawhins, J. F.
  DeShazer, Frank.
  DeShazer, Ralph.
  Dunlap, Lloyd.
  Ewing, John.
  Fairbanks, M.
  Forbes, B.
  Frank, Harry.
  Gronquist, Conrad.
  Haddan, Ed.
  Hawk, A.
  Helton, Walter.
  Horalek, Frank.
  Horalek, William.
  Huffmier, Harry.
  Hull, Marion D.
  Hull, Willis.
  Jones, J. R.
  Judd, Garwood.
  Katspish, Stephen.
  Lane, Floyd.
  Layton, J. M.
  Lyon, Oren.
  Netz, Harvey.
  Netz, Theo.
  Newberry, Earl.
  Newberry, Ed.
  Nowak, Joe.
  Osborne, D. L.
  Piper, F. J.
  Rickey, D. P.
  Rohe, John C.
  Roseman, H.
  Shaeffer, Herbert.
  Shipp, Bert.
  Slifer, O. W.
  Smercheck, P.
  Stewart, Harry.
  Stiverson, Frank.
  Stiverson, George C.
  Strahm, E. L.
  Strange, Roy.
  Tenopee, John.
  Thomas, A.
  Thomas, M.
  Thomas, Robert.
  Thomason, Donald.
  Vanscoter, D. E.
  Wacek, C. A.
  Wacek, Frank.
  Warders, C. E.
  Wells, J. F.
  Wilkinson, Lloyd.
  Strader, Aaron, died.


Company C drilled twice a week for eight months.

COMPANY "D," 30TH BATTALION, Waterville.

  James Stevenson.

First Lieutenant:
  G. W. Shearer.

First Sergeant:
  Fitzgerald, F. E.

Quartermaster Sergeant:
  Berner, Robert E.

  Geyer, Anther F.
  Giles, Roy G.
  Noll, J. P.
  Thomas, P. R.
  Thompson, James W.

  Aganbright, Glen T.
  Byers, Peter J.
  Copeland, C. E.
  Fitzgerald, Frank R.
  Gordon, D.
  Jacobson, D.
  Larson, Martin.
  Rice, C. A.
  Scheinkoeing, John A.
  Solt, Lowell E.
  Youngerberg, Harry.

  Benfield, O. E.
  McAtee, Ernest.

  Alderson, Loyd.
  Anderson, Ed.
  Anderson, Elmer.

  Anderson, Simon.
  Arganbright, Arch.
  Arganbright, Charles R.
  Arganbright, Will W.
  Bartley, Clarence.
  Bartlow, W. R.
  Blasier, F. J.
  Brener, Paul.
  Buckner, Glen H.
  Bull, Archie J.
  Burt, Lawrence.
  Campbell, Robert J.
  Christensen, Dennis.
  Dahm, John W.
  Davidson, Kelsy.
  Davidson, Roy.
  Earl, Jay.
  Giles, William.
  Gordon, Chester.
  Gordon, Foster.
  Hayward, Warren.
  Heckard, Eli.
  Hirt, Charles.
  Holbrook, C. C.
  Honstead, F. H.
  Honstead, Fred.
  Hubbard, L. R.
  Johnson, Andrew.
  Johnson, Edwin.
  Johnson, Theodore.
  Jones, Raymond.
  Keefover, M. A.
  Lamoreaux, Harry G.
  Lewis, John.
  Larson, Karl R.
  Larson, L. A.
  Larson, Lewis.
  Lillibridge, Fred.
  Linquist, E. T.
  Livergood. G. E.
  Mapes, Anther V.
  Mills, Charles H.
  Mills, J. G.
  Modean, J. S.
  Nelson, Harold.
  Nelson, Rengus H.
  Nelson, Richard E.
  Nelson, William E.
  Nider, Bryon J.
  Nider, Gilbert O.
  Paul, Roy.
  Peterson, Fred.
  Peterson, Hans E.
  Pishney, V. E.
  Roepke, George.
  Roepke, Walter.
  Sawin, Carl G.
  Seih, William.
  Shirck, Harvey.
  Shriek, Howard.
  Sisco, Elmer.
  Springer, Gerald.
  Stenson, Ira P.
  Stryker, Bennett T.
  Stryker, John C.
  Sucharcht, Roy.
  Summers, W. R.
  Tommer, John J.
  Tommer, Joseph R.
  Traxler, Ralph E.
  Welch, E.
  Wetenberger, David B.
  Zellar, Edward.
  Zellar, Melvin.
Second Lieutenant:
  Eugene Gordon, discharged.

  Baker, Waldo R.,
  Paul, G. H., died.
  Finley, Leonard J., died.

  Flook, O. A., discharged.
  Hubbard, J. W.,
  Jacobson, R. E.,
  Nordquist, Charles A.,
  Palmer, E. R., discharged.
  Reboul, W. A., discharged.
  Schreck, Herman,
  Stewart, F. C., discharged.
  Stewart, W. J., discharged.

No activities reported.