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Kansas State Guard


No. 1.

1. SERVICE BUTTON. In recognition of the service, patriotism and loyalty of the Kansas State Guardsmen to state and country during the World War, I hereby designate a service emblem for the Kansas State Guard, to be known as the "official service button of the Kansas State Guard," a description of which follows:

2. DESCRIPTION. The button is circular, five-eighths inch diameter. The center is a sunflower slightly raised, in bronze, which represents the state of Kansas. Surrounding the sunflower is an inlay of blue enamel; through this enamel there appears the words, in gold, "State Guard, World War." These words and the sunflower taken together symbolizes the state troops and the particular service rendered by them. The rim is beveled and composed of gold. The button consists of two pieces with screw fastener, and is made for the lapel.

3. By WHOM WORN. This official button may be worn by all members of the Kansas State Guard, whether honorably discharged or still remaining in the service.

4. How OBTAINED. These buttons can be obtained from A. R. Neville, 516 Harrison street, Topeka, Kan., who has the emblem for sale, and who will fill all orders as promptly as possible.


By command of the Governor. C. I. MARTIN,
The Adjutant General,
Chief of Staff.


Considerable difficulty was experienced in securing action on the part of company commanders in completing discharges for members of the State Guard mustered out on November 11, 1919, in pursuance of proclamation of the Governor. Of the 281 companies organized, commanding officers of 50 companies failed to complete muster-out rolls and discharges for their command. Concerning these companies the records of the Adjutant General's office are, therefore, incomplete, no evidence of final discharge being on file. The provisions of the Governor's proclamation fixing the date of final musterout and discharge as of November 11, 1919, govern the matter, however, and service of officers and men in the State Guard is considered to have been terminated on that date.

The roster of Kansas State Guard units, organized during the period from February 15, 1918, to November 11, 1919, furnishing muster-out rolls, is set forth below.