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Wichita County's 1895 State Census

These 1895 Kansas Census records for Wichita County, Kansas were transcribed by members of the Wichita County Genealogical Society from microfilm of old records provided by the Kansas State Historical Society. While every effort was made to provide accurate information, limitations of the original documents made transcription very difficult, so some names, etc. were illegible, or incomplete. A question mark ? has been used where information could not be determined. Microfilm of the original documents is available for review at the Wichita County Genealogical Society Library in Leoti, KS.

Beaver Township

Coronado Township

Edwards Township - Page 1

Edwards Township - Page 2

Leoti Township - Page 1

Leoti Township - Page 2

Sinn Township

Sumner Township

Whitewoman Township

Yates Township


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