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Burch Cemetery

Carwood Cemetery

Coronado Cemetery

Leoti Cemetery

Lydia Lutheran (Evangelical) Cemetery (also know as Zion Lydia Lutheran)

Lydia Lutheran (German) Cemetery

Lydia Methodist Cemetery

Marienthal Cemetery

Pearl Cemetery

Pleasant Valley Cemetery

Scott Cemetery

Selkirk Cemetery

St. Theresa Cemetery

Another burial was made by the lone tree near the northeast corner of the southeast quarter of section 13-17-38. This grave is about five and one-half miles west and six and one-half miles north of the intersection of Leoti, Kansas.

There is also a grave in the Willis pasture about 60 rods east and 30 rods south of the northwest corner of the northwest quarter of section 8-19-36. It is about four miles south and one and one-half miles east of the intersection of Highway 96 and Highway 25 in Leoti, KS

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The Wichita County Genealogy Society maintains a list of burials in Wichita County Cemeteries. If you are interested in obtaining more information on a burial, please e-mail the Wichita County Genealogy Society or write them at P O Box 1561, Leoti, KS 67861. Research is available at $15.00 an hour.

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