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The Wichita County Genealogy Society has the following books and resources:

Wichita County History Books, Volumes 1 and 2

Database of 13 County Cemeteries

County Declaration of Intent. & Naturalization Records

List of Civil War Veterans Buried In Wichita County

List of School Teachers from 1887 to 1945 in Wichita County

List of Civil War Veterans in Wichita County 1888

Microfilm of 1880, 1910, 1920 Federal Census of Wichita County and many other Kansas Counties!

World War I & II Veterans Discharge Records

Large Volume of Early Vital Records: births, death & marriages

Military Records - Civilian Registration Cards for W.W.I

High School Annuals from 1928

Old Land Records

Court Probate Records

Records of Many County Court Cases


Bound Volumes of The Leoti Standard Newspapers from 1885 to Present.

We also have on microfilm old newspapers of all the "Ghost Towns" in Wichita County

Coronado Chronicle

Jan 1888 to March 1888

Coronado Star

1886 to 1887

Wichita County Farmer

February 1888 to March 1888

Wichita County Herald

July 1886 to December 1886

Leoti Lance

April 1886 to December 1886

Leoti Transcript

April 1887 to January 1890

Leoti Standard

November 1889 to December 1930

Western Farmer

September 1888 to November 1890

Western Kansan

January 1891 to December 1896

Wichita County Democrat

August 1886 to June 1887

Wichita County Standard

November 1885 to October 1889

Selkirk Gossip

September 1940 to August 1942

Selkirk Graphic

September 1889 April 1891

Western Farmer

April 1888 to August 1888

To request a lookup please follow these simple guidelines:

1. Put WICHITA COUNTY LOOKUP in subject line. Most volunteers have offered to do lookups in more than one book and more than one county. This will insure that your request is not overlooked.

2 Put the name of the book, microfilm, record or newspaper in the first line of your message, followed by the name you are looking for.

3. Request only one name in one book per request.

4. Research is available by our volunteers. There is a fee of $15.00 per hour. This money is used to buy more research material.

5. Email us at genealogy@wichitacountymuseum.org or write to Wichita County Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 1561, Leoti, KS 67861 ATT: Research

6. Failure to follow these simple guidelines could result in your request being overlooked or maybe even ignored.

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