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Douglas County, Kansas
Cemetery Inscriptions

(Highland-Dodder Cemetery)


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Name Birth Death Age Comments
BADSKY, John F. 1845 1919    
BADSKY, Elizabeth (Roy) 1849 1918    
BADSKY, Pearl Oliver 1884 1920    
TRANSMEIER, Ernest 1860 1893   Brother
BEINE, William F. Nov. 22, 1817 Aug. 21, 1890 73yrs, 9mos We trust our loss will be his gain,"
And that with Christ he is gone to reign.
HUSTON, John B. Dec. 9, 1865 Jan. 27, 1911   Father
HUSTON, Addie M. Sep. 19, 1873 Aug. 15, 1948   Mother
HUSTON, Chester F. Oct. 12, 1892 Jun. 3, 1905   Son of J.B. & Addie Huston
BENNETT, William 1832 1921    
BENNETT, Jessie B. 1828 1921   His wife.
BENNETT, Charles T. Sep. 27, 1866 Feb. 25, 1945    
BENNETT, Elda E. Sep. 30, 1806   aged 27d Our loved one.
Daughter of C.T. & E.L. Bennett
DODDER, Bertie Jun. 22, 1889     Infant
DODDER, Robert S. Aug. 14, 1851 Mar. 8, 1883    
SIMMONS, D.A. Aug. 24, 1836 06-May-01    
SIMMONS, Elmira 1840 1904   Wife
SIMMONS, Myrtle R. Aug. 28, 1888 Sep. 25, 1905   Granddaughter
DEMING, Grace G.   Jan. 30, 1881 2y, 24d Our pet.
Daughter of Dr. John E. & Mattie (Searing) Deming
DEMING, Myrtle E.   Jul. 11, 1886 1y, 4m, 8d Daughter of Dr. John E. & Mattie (Searing) Deming
DEMING, Cloyce Feb. 19, 1887 Jul. 1, 1888   Daughter of Dr. John E. & Mattie (Searing) Deming
DODDER, Peter   Feb. 17, 1875 71y, 9m, 17d  
DODDER, Margaret   Feb. 4, 1892 84ym 7m, 15d  
DODDER, Lennie H.   Sep. 14, 1881 7d Dau of Marshall & Mattie Dodder
DODDER, Infant Daughter     aged 1d Daughter of Marshall & Mattie Dodder
DODDER, Jennie   Apr. 26, 1884 1y, 3mo, 11d Daughter of Marshall & Mattie Dodder
DODDER, Elmer Jan. 21, 1889 Jul. 21, 1889    
DODDER, Marshall 1847 1918    
DODDER, Mattie 1853 1925    
DODDER, W.R. Aug. 9, 1876 Dec. 21, 1905    
DEMING, Nettie (Baldwin)   Aug. 12, 1892 25y, 5d Wife of J.E. Deming, Jr.
COLLINS, Martha I. 1843 1919    
COLLINS, Orville Apr. 26, 1837 Apr. 6, 1908   Co. B 108 Ill. Inf.
We shall meet again
COLLINS, Frank E. Oct. 9, 1868 Nov. 13, 1894    
COLLINS, Charly Dec. 22, 1876 May 4, 1886    
COLLINS, Albert Aug. 11, 1916 Apr. 18, 1945   Kansas PFC 164 Inf, WW II
ROY, Frank T. 1863 1934   Father
ROY, Theophilus Jun. 8, 1810 Jul. 6 1874    
ROY, Lydia A. Aug. 2, 1814 Feb. 21, 1891   Wife of T. Roy
ROY, Walter Scott Sep. 19, 1880 Mar. 21, 1899    
ROY, Ralph G. Oct. 12, 1881   26y, 6m, 27d  
ROY, Stephen V. Jul. 12, 1872   ?m, 27d Son of N.J. & Annie E. Roy
BEARD, Mildred Sep. 9, 1888 Sep. 19, 1888   Daughter of Jno & G. Beard
Into new life.
FINCH, Ida A. (Baldwin)   Dec. 18, 1891   Daughter of W.M. & S. Baldwin
Call not back the dear departed,
Anchored safe where storms are o'er,
On the border land we left her,
Soon to meet and part no more.
BALDWIN, Belle 1875 1908   Wife of J.H. Baldwin
BALDWIN, John Henry 1864 1935   Gone, but not forgotten.
BALDWIN, Edith Marie   Feb. 18, 1917 19d  
?????, Sammy       Child living in the home of Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Beine.
No stone
BALDWIN, Infant       Infant of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Baldwin. No stone
BYSLEY, Twin Infants       Infants of Mr. & Mrs. Bysley. No stone
SIMMONS, Amy       Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. George Simmons. No stone
COLLINS, Mrs. William       Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. William St. Clair
COLLINS, William       No stones
WALTERS, Leslie       No stone

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