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Vital Records (birth, marriage, death, wills)
sutton.txt Will of John D. Sutton, March 6, 1901 3k 02/1998 Twylla Teer
mar54_61.htm Douglas County Marriages - 1854 - 1861 (Alphabetical order by Groom's Surname) 86k 07/24/2002 Irma Ward
marr1863.htm Douglas County Marriages - 1863 (Alphabetical order by Groom's Surname) 29k 07/24/2002 Irma Ward
marr1864.htm Douglas County Marriages - 1864 (Alphabetical order by Groom's Surname) 69k 07/24/2002 Irma Ward
marr1865.htm Douglas County Marriages - 1865 (Alphabetical order by Groom's Surname) 91k 07/24/2002 Irma Ward
marr1866.htm Douglas County Marriages - 1866 (Alphabetical order by Groom's Surname) 165k 07/06/2003 Irma Ward
marr1867.htm Douglas County Marriages - 1867 (Alphabetical order by Groom's Surname) 100k 07/06/2003 Irma Ward
marr1868.htm Douglas County Marriages - 1868 (Alphabetical order by Groom's Surname) 147k 09/25/2003 Irma Ward
marr1869.htm Douglas County Marriages - 1869 (Alphabetical order by Groom's Surname) 120k 09/25/2003 Irma Ward
marr1870.htm Douglas County Marriages - 1870 (Alphabetical order by Groom's Surname) 115k 09/25/2003 Irma Ward
marr1877.htm Douglas County Marriages - 1877 (Alphabetical order by Groom's Surname) 91k 07/24/2002 Irma Ward
marr1878.htm Douglas County Marriages - 1878 (Alphabetical order by Groom's Surname) 92k 07/24/2002 Irma Ward
marr1879.htm Douglas County Marriages - 1879 (Alphabetical order by Groom's Surname) 133k 07/24/2002 Irma Ward
marr1880.htm Douglas County Marriages - 1880 (Alphabetical order by Groom's Surname) 107k 07/24/2002 Irma Ward
marr1881.htm Douglas County Marriages - 1881 (Alphabetical order by Groom's Surname) 117k 07/24/2002 Irma Ward
marr1882.htm Douglas County Marriages - 1882 (Alphabetical order by Groom's Surname) 109k 07/24/2002 Irma Ward
marr1883.htm Douglas County Marriages - 1883 (Alphabetical order by Groom's Surname) 121k 07/24/2002 Irma Ward
marr1884.htm Douglas County Marriages - 1884 (Alphabetical order by Groom's Surname) 123k 06/27/2002 Irma Ward
marr1885.htm Douglas County Marriages - 1885 (Alphabetical order by Groom's Surname) 121k 06/27/2002 Irma Ward
marr1886.htm Douglas County Marriages - 1886 (Alphabetical order by Groom's Surname) 108k 06/27/2002 Irma Ward
marr1887.htm Douglas County Marriages - 1887 (Alphabetical order by Groom's Surname) 115k 06/27/2002 Irma Ward
marr1888.htm Douglas County Marriages - 1888 (Alphabetical order by Groom's Surname) 119k 06/27/2002 Irma Ward
marr1889.htm Douglas County Marriages - 1889 (Alphabetical order by Groom's Surname) 112k 06/27/2002 Irma Ward
marr1890.htm Douglas County Marriages - 1890 (Alphabetical order by Groom's Surname) 122k 07/24/2002 Irma Ward
marr1891.htm Douglas County Marriages - 1891 (Alphabetical order by Groom's Surname) 119k 06/27/2002 Irma Ward
marr1892.htm Douglas County Marriages - 1892 (Alphabetical order by Groom's Surname) 126k 07/24/2002 Irma Ward
marr1893.htm Douglas County Marriages - 1893 (Alphabetical order by Groom's Surname) 133k 07/24/2002 Irma Ward
marr1894.htm Douglas County Marriages - 1894 (Alphabetical order by Groom's Surname) 142k 07/24/2002 Irma Ward
marr1895.htm Douglas County Marriages - 1895 (Alphabetical order by Groom's Surname) 128k 07/24/2002 Irma Ward
marr1896.htm Douglas County Marriages - 1896 (Alphabetical order by Groom's Surname) 125k 07/24/2002 Irma Ward




Cemetery Inscriptions
tmound.htm Twin Mound Cemetery Inscriptions 36k 06/25/2001 Irma Ward
washingt.htm Washington Creek Cemetery Inscriptions 75k 07/04/2001 Irma Ward
clinton.htm Clinton Cemetery Inscriptions (page may load slowly) 149k 07/28/2001 Irma Ward
sjhcem.htm Swedish-Johnson-Hellstrom Cemetery Inscriptions 11k 11/05/2001 Irma Ward
rockcree.htm Rock Creek Cemetery Inscriptions 54k 11/05/2001 Irma Ward
appanoos.htm Appanoose Cemetery Inscriptions 100k 11/05/2001 Irma Ward
colyer.htm Colyer/Fairview Cemetery Inscriptions 73k 03/02/2002 Irma Ward
union.htm Union Cemetery Inscriptions 109k 03/31/2002 Irma Ward
stull.htm Stull Cemetery Inscriptions 138k 06/10/2002 Irma Ward
highland.htm Highland - Dodder Cemetery Inscriptions 19k 01/03/2003 Irma Ward


baker94.jpg Photograph of Graduating Class of Baker University 475k 06/20/1997 Linda Lipp
baker94.txt List of Graduating Class of Baker University, 1894 from above photograph - Look Here First!! 1k 06/20/1997 Linda Lipp


1883.txt Douglas County Pensioners on the Rolls, January 1, 1883 26k 11/1997 Judy Lutt
honor.txt World War II Honor List of Dead and Missing Personnel, Douglas County List. 5k 11/1998 Kenneth Thomas

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