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Graduates of Wichita County

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The list of graduates by year from Wichita County Community High School/Wichita County High School was prepared from several sources including Annuals, Graduation Programs, and Photo Panels. The sources did not always agree, so there may be some discrepancies and is not to be considered for official verification of graduation.

1909 was the first official graduating class from the county organized high school.

The first high school was held in the Leoti Grade School building. First it was called Leoti High School and was supported by Leoti City. May 11, 1894 was the first class graduated. The members were:

W. C. Dickey

Clyde Allphin

William Caldwell

Dave Riley

Maude Jones

James Ford

The graduation exercises were held in the M. E. Church. F. E. Gordon was principal and delivered the commencement address. The school board members were:

C. R. Allphin, President, who presented the diplomas

G. A. Williamson, Treaurer

J. R. Martin Secretary

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