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Submitter: Mike Sweeney (
Date: 5 Nov 1996

Searching ancestors and descendents of William Wesley RAMSEY, b. 1838 TN, and his wife Rebecca TARRANT. They settled in Stevens Co, KS in the late 1880's with their 6 children, most of whom were born in Effingham Co, IL. Their daughter, Hester Rose Ella Ramsey m. Arthur B. CAMPBELL; son, Albert Valentine Ramsey m. Angeline Francisca Campbell.
Any information appreciated.

Submitter: Jean Colman ( )
Date: 25 Feb 1997

I'm looking for information on Albert (Abner) BISHOP. Wife Lizzy (RIDDLE) Bishop died in Stevens County. Anyone know where I can get a copy of his obituary or a picture of his headstone?

Surnames: CLARENCE
Submitter: Jackye ( )
Date: 1 Jun 1997

Would like information on William CLARENCE b-Feb 1885 in Pulaski, KY. He homesteaded in Morton and Stevens Counties in the early 1900's.

Surnames: HANCOCK
Submitter: Rod Hancock ( )
Date: 28 Sep 1997

Stephen Monroe HANCOCK is my Great Grandfather who settled in (I believe) Stevens county or what would be that county in 1886. He was involved in education and I believe that he was the first supt. of schools in that county. He died while still a young man and I don't know where he is buried. Since I will soon be "coming home" to live in Kansas, I would like to know where my great grandfather was buried. It may be Liberal as that is where my Grandfather would settle and where my father was born. I think that Stephen died around 1888 to 1890. He was involved in trying to bring peace to the antagonists of the county seat wars at Hugoton at the time, but did not die as a result of the war but of illness.

Submitter: Eric Worthington (
Date: 31 Mar 1998

Looking specifically for the people who submitted the information on Monroe TRAVER s/o Ephraim, and Mark REEVE s/o Job Whitall in the Stevens Co. and Its People book in hopes of tracing the Traver line in Duchess Co., New York, the Reeve line in New Jersey, the GARLAND line esp. William and Rebecca in Eastern Tennessee. Any other information on these individuals also equally helpful. The names HOLLOWAY/WELLS from Indiana and WORTHINGTON are also included in my search of people who were in Stevens and Morton Counties by the early 1900's. Thank you.
Eric Worthington
2370 Fairview Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio 45219

Surnames: MILLER
Submitter: Linda Miller ( )
Date: 1 Jun 1998

Looking for information on MILLER, Edwin Clarence (or Clarence Edwin) b. abt 1894. Registered for WWI draft in Stevens County KS. Parents - Edwin Miller and Lou Bartley (I think)
Thank you, Linda Miller

Surnames: PARKER
Submitter: Jerry Parker ( )
Date: 20 July 1998

Leonard Seth PARKER, born near Hugoton, KS around 1917, (died California 1989) was my father. Very little is known about his family and their background, only that he had 5 sisters and he moved eventually to Calif. in the late 1930's. I would like to trace his family.

Submitter: Matthew Waack ( )
Date: 26 Jul 1998

Hello, below is some family tree info on my Great Grandfather who lived in Stevens County in 1888. My grandfather, Mathew BROWN, Jr, was born in Hugoton. I have more info on him and his family if anyone would be interested. Thank you, Matthew Waack

Matthew BROWN was born January 30, 1844 in Anthony, Armstrong County, PA, and died January 07, 1933 in Enid, Garfield Co., Oklahoma. He married Ella A. GRAVES February 13, 1867 in Lostant, (Ottawa) , LaSalle County, Illinois.

Children of Matthew BROWN and Ella GRAVES are:

Cora b. 1867, Livingston Co., IL
Mary b. 1869, Livingston Co., IL
Harvey b. 1871, Loda, Ford Co., IL
Rose b. 1873, Wheeler's Grove, Iowa
Alice b. 1875, Wheeler's Grove, Iowa
David b. 1877, Harvey County, KS
Frank b. 1880, Sumner County, KS
Ethel b. 1882, Sumner County, KS
Ivan b. 1884, Sumner County, KS
William b. 1885, Sumner County, KS
Matthew BROWN JR, b. August 18, 1888, Hugoton, Stevens Co., Kansas; d. May 27, 1975, Okeene, Blaine Co., Oklahoma.
Helen b. 1892, Chico Springs, New Mexico

Submitter: Duncan Morrow ( )
Date: 5 Aug 1998

Seek record of family and descendents of S.P. GALLOWAY, who moved to Moscow, Stevens County, between 1870 and 1890 from Ralls County, MO.

Thomas Fulton MORROW, born in Monroe Co, Ohio, enlisted in the Union Army. After service he joined his family in Ralls Co, MO, where he married in 1865. On June 22, 1866, Thomas' sister, Ruth Ann, married John A. Galloway in Ralls County.

Later, Thomas F. Morrow applied for a pension from Coffeyville, Montgomery County, KS. S.P. Galloway filed an affidavit from Moscow, Stevens Co, in support of the pension. James W. Galloway also filed an affidavit in support the pension from Benton, Butler County. Both Galloways stated that they knew Thomas F. Morrow in Ralls County from 1865 to 1869. The affidavits are undated, but appear to have been filed about 1890.

I am interested in tracking both Morrow and Galloway families.

Duncan Morrow -

Surnames: RIDPATH
Submitter: Jonnie Sue Pace ( )
Date: 17 Aug 1998

I am searching for information on my great grandparents, James Alanson and Emma Jane RIDPATH. The only information I have is they moved to Hugoton, Stevens Co, Kansas in 1886. They had three children: John, Jim, and Addie. I believe James Alanson RIDPATH may have been the sheriff in that county at one time. Your help is very much appreciated.
Thanks, Johnnie Sue Pace - Box 967 Antlers, OK 74523

Submitter: Phyllis Johnson (
Date: 14 Dec 1998

Searching John A. FIRMIN and Jonathan SCHAEFFER. They came to Stevens Co. in 1882.

Surnames: THORPE
Submitter: Everett Thorpe, Jr. (
Date: 05 Feb 1999

Seeking information in Stevens County regarding any THORPE, specifically Everett Thorpe (Sr), my father. He was born around 1887 and eventually migrated to New York, date and reasons unknown. Information verifying dates of birth, death, marriage, etc., would be helpful. Thank you.

Submitter: Margaret Weller (
Date: 23 Feb 1999

I am looking for information on Humphrey W. Willis, born 1857 and died 5/5/1921. Obit. in Hugoton newspaper, but part of the one I have is torn off. Humphrie's wife, Rebecca T. Smith, from Greene County, IL. They had 3 children: Eunice Willis (md. Louis Prine Hugoton, Ks.); George Wm. Willis (born 1898 & died 1969, buried Hugoton Cemetery); John Turner Willis (born 1892 and died 1961, buried Carrollton, IL City Cemetery). John was my step-grandfather and raised me from six months until adult. He died 7 days before my 1st child was born. Dad (John) had been in T. B. Sanitarium for several years. I need information on his parents and brother and sister.
Thanks. Margy (Shaw) Weller

Submitter: Shawneka Walters (
Date: 12 Feb 1999

Need to know if an Indian named Hardin H. Leach was in Stevens Co? He was born 1812 in KY >MO>Kansas. He married a white woman Eliza Jane Pedigo. Their daughter was Frances Jane Pedigo, born 1862 in Cass Co, MO. I have reasons to believe that Frances could have been adopted. Is there any way to find out if they were in Stevens Co and if she was adopted? Came to kansas in mid 1860's.

Submitter: Gary Parks (
Date: 08 Mar 1999

I am researching the William Elwood BUNDY family. He practiced medicine in Hugoton in the 1900-1928 period. His son Clyde BUNDY is listed as a newspaper man in the 1910 census for Stevens County. William's wife was Elmira COOK, and they were married in 1880. Their daughter Truellla BUNDY married my grandfather, George JOHNSON, probably in Hugoton, in 1910. He worked as a station agent for the Santa Fe Railroad.

Submitter: Marilynn Howard (
Date: 23 May 1999

I'm looking for the dates and places of death of Frances Marion MALONE, b. 6/6/1866 Wayne County, IL, m. to Martha PORTER, b. 3/23/1874 Wayne County, IL. He was a farmer and was living in Hugoton, Stevens County, KS when his brother died in 1940. I believe he lived in Hugoton until his death and is buried in the area, but I have no other information.

Surnames: ROBINSON
Submitter: Don Robinson (
Date: 04 Jun 1999

Records of a ranch owned by George W. ROBINSON in late 1800 to early 1900's. Location is somewhere in Stevens County. Any information you could provide would be of great help.

Surnames: SWAN KERNS
Submitter: Ronald E. Swan (
Date: 25 Jul 1999

Roy Melvin Swan b. April 1, 1884 m. Leona Marie Kerns b.? Ok or ?
Parents of Leona Marie Kerns, Parents of Roy Melvin Swan

Surnames: TRAVER
Submitter: Sonny Traver (
Date: 04 Aug 1999

Looking for info regarding the surname TRAVER. In particular I am looking for any info on a John E. Traver b. July 29, 1888 and a Paul M Traver born May 9, 1893 in Stevens County. Any info you could share regarding these two men would be helpful. Thanks

Surnames: MAXWELL
Submitter: Ila M. Hittle (
Date: 11 Aug 1999

Searching for a copy of a probated will in Stevens County in the year of 1973 for Joe D. Maxwell. I understand this was a dual companionship will. I need a copy of this will and would appreciate any help you could provide. Thank you

Submitter: Trudy Spanier (
Date: 07 Sep 1999

SARAH KATHERINE GADBERRY b. abt 1863 MO d. bet 1920-1938 Moscow, Stevens Co, KS. Spouse F.O. ODNEAL b. abt 1855-1865 Mercer Co, MO died unknown. Possible son? LESTER LEO ODNEAL b. 9-3-1896 KS d. December 1981 in Moscow, Stevens Co, KS.
Is there any way to get cemetery listing for ODNEAL or obtain obits? Anyone give me a 1920 census lookup? SARAH KATHERINE GADBERRY'S parents were HARRISON BENJAMIN GADBERRY and MARY AMELIA BAY.Thanks.

Surnames: CANN MOORE
Submitter: Andrea (Cann) Brown (
Date: 24 Oct 1999

Seeking info on Herman W. Cann and his wife, Mary C. Moore. Their son, Ralph Wendall Cann, was born in Hugoton, Stevens County, Kansas on October 7, 1891. My 2nd cousin showed me a history book (it was red if I remember correctly) when I was a teenager and I remember reading about Herman Cann. He was a United States Marshal with a reputation, "known to dodge a bullet". I am having difficulty finding any more information on Herman and his family. Where they originated from, when and where they married, thier parent's names, etc. How long did they reside in Kansas? Did their deaths occur in Kansas? Any and all information would be greatly appreciated. Herman is grandfather of many generations.
Thank You, Andrea

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