Union Cemetery

Wayne, Grant Township, Republic Co., KS

On acreage formerly owned (prior to 1900) by Olaf Englund

Cemetery Listing provided by Jane Campbell Maddy

See notes below pictures.

Grave - Carrie Englund - Union Cemetery - Wayne, Grant Twnship, Republic Cty, KS.JPG

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Grave3 - Ernest and Mae Salmon England - Union Cemetery, Republic Cty.JPG

Grave4 - Orville McKenzie - Union Cemetery - Republic Cty, KS.JPG

Grave6 - Albert McKenzie - Union Cemetery, Republic Cty, KS.JPG

Tuthill - James G.JPG

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Carrie Englund (born Catharina Olsdotter - 11 November 1810 - Östra Kyrkbyn, Alfta Parish, Gävleborg Län, Sweden and died 31 January 1900, buried in Union Centery) is the Great, Great Grandmother of the Republic County Coordinator.) On Memorial Day, 2002, we visited her grave. A lady born in Sweden has descendents visiting her grace and paying their respects 192 year later. Turns into quite a small world.

James G. Tuthill - He was one of the founding father of this area and fought Indians in the Salt Marsh. He is featured in Cutler's History of Kansas and is an ancestor of Jane Campbell Maddy, a descendent of the Tuthills are living in Wayne in 2002.