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Recommended Reading

The links below (in the recommended reading list) will take you to various places: exerpts from the book, online purchasing, online translations, etc.

For reading: Don't forget about using Inter-Library Loan at your nearest public library. You may be able to bring the book in on loan, if your library does not have it. Quite a savings as opposed to purchasing the book, and your librarian should be able to help you with your search.

For purchasing: Be sure to check Amazon or your nearest, favorite bookstore on pricing before purchasing. You may also find that you can purchase a good, used copy of a more expensive book.

NOTE:  Please remember that the conclusion about the content of published material and its accuracy is up to the reader to determine.  You always have freedom of thought and mind.  The conclusion you draw is "your" conclusion.

  1. Alba: Celtic Scotland in the Middle Ages by Edward J. Cowan and R. Andrew MacDonald

    Introduction Information

    Hebridean Sea Kings: The Successors of Somerled, 1164-1316 by W. D. H. Sellar

  2. Rebels without a Cause? The Relations of Fergus of Galloway and Somerled of Argyll with the Scottish Kings, 1151-1164 by R. Andrew McDonald

  3. American Newspapers, 1821-1936 - A Union List of Ones Available in the US and Canada by Winifred Gregory
  4. Ancestry's "Red Book" by Alice Eicholz, Ph. D., C.G., Maps by William Dollarhide - American State, County & Town Resources (EXCELLENT) - Information (including where to secure records) on census records, probate court records, land records, tax records, church records, military records, newspapers, periodicals, archives, libraries and societies with special focus categories on immigration, naturalization, Black Americans, Native Americans and county resources.
  5. Anglo Saxon Chronicle
  6. Annals: Ulster, Ulster, Four Masters, Inisffallen, Connaught, Tighernach, Lough Ce, Boyle, Clonmacnoise, Chronicon Scotorum
    Also: On the Life of St. Columba, Miscellaneous Irish Annals
    Annals:  How the Annals were compiled, tests of accuracy, consistency of records
  7. Artúr mac Aedan of Dalriada by Michelle Ziegler
  8. Cemeteries of the US - A Guide for contact information for US Cemeteries and Their Records by Deborah M. Burek, Editor
  9. Clans and Families of Ireland and Scotland: An Ethnography of the Gael, A.D. 500-1750 by C. Thomas, Ph.D.
  10. Clans, Septs, and Regiments of the Scottish Highlands by Frank Adams, revised by Sir Thomas Learney, Lord Lyon, King of Arms
  11. The Chronicle of Man and the Sudreys from the Manuscript Codex in the British Museum with historical notes by P. A. Munch, Professor of History in the Royal University of Christiania, HON. F.R.A.S.S.
    Revised, annotated, and furnished with additional documents, and English translations of the Chronyca, and of the Latin Documents by the Right Rev. Dr. Goss
  12. A Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants before the Confederation by Donald Whyte
  13. Directory of Royal Genealogy Data
  14. Family Origins in Cowal and Knapdale by W. D. H. Sellar
  15. Highlanders: A History of the Gaels by John MacLeod
  16. History, Archaeology, Classics, Celtic Studies (University of Colorado at Boulder)
  17. The Kingdom of the Isles Scotland's Western Seaboard, C.1100 - C.1336 by R. Andrew MacDonald

    ISBN 1 898410 85 2 - paperback - 2nd reprint 2002

    This important study explores the history of the western seaboard of Scotland (the Hebrides, Argyll and the Isle of Man) in a formative but, until now, neglected era: the central middle ages, from the mighty Somerled to his descendant, John MacDonald, the first Lord of the Isles (C.1336).

    Drawing on a variety of sources, this very readable narrative deals with three major and closely interrelated themes: first, the existence of the Isles and coastal mainland as a kingdom from C.1100 to 1266; second, the rulers of the region, Somerled and his descendants, the MacDougalls, MacDonalds, and MacRuairis; and third, the often complex relations among the Isles, Scotland, Norway and England.

    While political history predominates, the changing nature of society in the Isles is emphasised throughout, and separate chapters address the church and monasticism as well as the monuments of the western seaboard - the castles, monasteries, churches and chapels that form an enduring legacy of the Kingdom of the Isles.

    A fully rounded history emerges, and it is one that transcends national viewpoints. No such study has been published for at least fifty years.

  18. Kings of Celtic Scotland by Dr. Benjamin Hudson, Greenwood Press, 1994, ISBN 0-313-29087-3 
  19. Leabhar Chlainne Suibhne by Rev. Paul Walsh, M.A., Dollard Printinghouse, Dublin, Ltd., 1920
  20. MacFarlane's Geographical Collections, Vol II: Scottish History Society, 1907
  21.   North Knapdale in the XVII and XVIIIth Centuries by Alexander Fraser, B.D. 
  22. Outlaws of Medieval Scotland: Challenges to the Canmore Kings, 1058-1266 by R. Andrew MacDonald Illustrated Paperback - ISBN: 1 86232 236 8

    The history of the so-called Canmore kings in Scotland, from the reign of Malcolm lll (1058-93) down to that of Alexander lll (1249-86), is marked by an array of insurrections led by discontented dynasts and native warlords with grievances against these kings. Although none of the challenges ultimately proved successful, they nevertheless form a much-neglected theme across a formative era of Scottish history, which they in part define. This book, the first on its subject, demonstrates that the Canmore kings maintained their grip on power in large measure through crushing rivals and quashing numerous insurrections; their claim to be the founders of the medieval kingdom is valid, but the roles of violence and military confrontations in the consolidation of their power and the formation of the medieval kingdom are given new emphasis here.

    From well-known events like the invasion of Somerled of Argyll in 1164 to lesser-known challenges like that from Donald MacWillliam in the 1180s, the book offers a systematic exploration of the leaders of insurrection, their aims and motivations, their military capabilities, and the reasons behind their failure as well as the overall impact of insurrection upon the Scottish kingdom.

  23. R. Andrew McDonald is Assistant Professor of History at Brock University in St Catharines, Ontario, Canada. He is the author of The Kingdom of the Isles: Scotland’s Western Seaboard c. 1100-c.1336 and co-editor of Alba: Celtic Scotland in the Middle Ages, both published by Tuckwell Press.

  24. Periods in Highland History by I. F. Grant & Hugh Cheape, 1987
  25. Place-names of the Isle of Man with their Origin and History
  26. Scotland, a Concise History by James Halliday
  27. Scotland (Dalriada, Gododdin, Picts, & Strathclyde) (bibliography listing)
  28. The Scottish Nation by William Anderson, A. Fullarton & Co., 1860, 1863
  29. Scottish Surnames by Donald Whyte
  30. Studies in the History of Dalriada, Professor John Bannerman, Edinburgh 1974
  31. Surnames of Scotland by Professor George Black
  32. United Kingdom:  Academic Societies and Associations

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