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Query Surnames: Hanna, Shores

Date: 23 Dec 1999

Query: From the Miami County births 1884-1911, could you look up Cecil Shores for me?

Margot Christman VIIMCMLXI@aol.com

Response: Information from Vital Records of Miami County, Kansas, as abstracted and indexed by Patricia Merrill Hollingsworth. Births - p. 54 "31 Oct 1897 Unnamed Hanna, female, b. Osawatomie, Miami Co., KS; father - Frank P. Hanna, age 22, no birthplace listed, American, grocer; mother - Cecil Shores, age 22, no birthplace listed, American, first child of mother, res. Osawatomie, KS."

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Downs, Longley

Date: 19 Dec 1999

Query: Longley, Ava Ellen. 152+p...am interested in the article. Had..relative, Abner Longley...died in Paola , Kansas, May 9, 1879. Could Ava Ellen be a daughter?

Therese Ruddy Longley Anlauf TAnlauf@aol.com

Response: From Family Histories and Stories of Miami County, Kansas Vol. I, page 152, in a story about George William DOWNS, it says, "George W. DOWNS was born May 1, 1900 to Minnie WILSON DOWNS and John DOWNS on the family homestead farm northerast of the Wagstaff Community. His grandparents were George W. and Rebecca DOWNS. ... George married Ava Ellen LONGLEY, February 11, 1929. They were the parents of three daughters, Virginia Ellen, Jo Ann and Betty Lou. ... After the death of Ava on October 9, 1950, George married Lela NICHOLAS on September 4, 1954, therefore having a stepson, Earl NICHOLAS. George had twelve grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren. ... George worked for Unified School District #368 until his death in February 1977. George had four sisters, Jeanette LLOYD, Osawatomie; Vera MATTHEWS, Kansas City; Carolee TUNKS, Paola; and Estaleen NEWTON, Spring Hill, Kansas."

In the 1878 Miami County, Kansas, Residents and Taxpayers, I found the following two listings for residences of persons living in Paola City: LONGLEY, A.H., Jr. (age 24) A.V. (age 24); LONGLEY, A.H., Sr. (age 81) A.S. (age 60)

John M. Baker
Query Surnames: Blakley, Jones

Date: 15 Dec 1999

Query: My step granddad's name is Henry Barker Jones and not Henry Blakely Jones. Burial records Vol II page 28, (I think) Miami Co., Old Hillsdale Cemetery. His wife, My great Grandmother the Mother of my Grandmother Aletha (Oletha) Ellen Blakely Gruver was married to Henry Barker Jones for 28 years. His wife's name was Cynthia Ellen Hittle, Yoder, Blakely, Blakely, Jones. She is also buried in Miami Co. Old Hillsdale Cemetery along side Grandpa Henry Barker Jones.

Ellen Louise Gruver-Magee lmagee@pacbell.net

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS, Vol. II, p. 28, Old Hillsdale Cemetery, Rows 3 and 4 - Blakely, John H. 31 Oct 1843 -29 Jan 1890; Jones, Ellen Blakely 5 Feb 1851 - 4 Nov 1931; Jones, Henry Barkley 15 Oct 1861 - 30 Sep 1936.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Buchanan

Date: 3 Dec 1999

Query: I am requesting info from the Cemetaries of Miami County, Kansas Volumes I, II, III. John W. Buchanan 187-V3, born 1857 and died in 1922. Also W. J. Buchanan 48-VI, 71-VI. I am hoping John W. is John Wesley Buchanan, and W. J. his brother or father, I have birth year for brother as 1859, and birth year for father 1833, and deathyear 1878 for either one.

Sharon Weller SharonWeller@aol.com

Response: From the book Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas, Volume I, published by the Miami County Genealogy Society. Page 48, which is for the Fontana Cemetery, Grave # 21, lists the following: BUCHANAN, W.J. - born 1856, died 1928. Page 71, which is for the Fontana Cemetery, Grave # 94, lists the following: BUCHANAN, Andrew, son of W.J. - born 1904, died 1905

From the book Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas, Volume III, published by the Miami County Genealogy Society. Page 187, which is for the Osawatomie Cemetery, Row 11, lists the following: Buchanan, John W. - born 1891, died 1947; Buchanan, Minnie - born 1888, died 1955; Buchanan, John H. - born March 17, 1916, died January 4, 1979

From Family Histories and Stories of Miami County, Kansas Vol. I, published by the Miami County Historical Society and the Miami County Genealogy Society. On page 117, in a story about the William Johnson and Maggie ERPS BUCHANNAN family, it says, "William Johnson BUCHANAN was born September 6, 1851 in Barnesville, Ohio. ... moved to Kansas in 1881, settling in Fontana ... On December 12, 1900, he married Maggie Irene ERPS, who was born in Bloomington, Illinois on November 1, 1881. Nine children were born to this union ... The father died in 1928 and Maggie and her children moved to Osawatomie ... then Paola ... Maggie or Margaret as she was called after she bacame a Catholic, married Thomas Francis Coughlin in 1931. He died in 1947. In 1953 Margaret married Ott WILLIAMS of Enfield, Illinois where they lived until his death in 1962. Margaret moved back to Paola ... She died in 1980. Submitted by Viva G. Buchanan"

John M. Baker
Query Surnames: Beagle

Date: 3 Dec 1999

Query: I am trying to locate information on a family I believe lived in Miami County around 1870. Strauder Beagle (possibly shown as William Strauder Beagle) B: 1816 VA, Wife Sarah B: OH, Noah B: 1842 OH, James B: 1844 OH, Charles B: 1846 IN, Sarah Jane B: 1850 IN, Isaac B: 1853.


Response: A Sarah Beagle is mentioned in two stories in Family Histories and Stories of Miami County, Kansas Vol. I, and two stories in Vol. II, published by the Miami County Historical Society and the Miami County Genealogy Society.

On page 255, Vol I, in a story about George Frederick MATNEY, it says, "George Frederick MATNEY, eldest son of Elisha McDaniel and Sarah Jane BEAGLE MATNEY, was was born November 1, 1863 in Wyandotte County, Kansas. His father, Elisha, and grandparents, Charles and Abigail BROWN MATNEY, were among the first settlers in Wyandotte County, emigrating from Tazewell, Virginia in 1844, when Elisha was six years old. ... On January 27, 1891, in Mound City, Linn County, Kansas, he married Izora (Ida) Bell RAZEY, daughter of Daniel Begorania and Susan HERMAN RAZEY, who was born January 24, 1869 ... The MATNEYs reared eight children [lists children] ... In addition to their own children, Mr. and Mrs. MATNEY provided a home for several foster children ... Mr. MATNEY died October 13, 1927 ... buried in Elmdale Cemetery, Osawatomie, Kansas ... submitted by Elsie Stowe"

On page 256, Vol I, in a story about the James Franklin and Laura MATNEY family, it says, "James Franklin MATNEY, February 9, 1872 - July 24, 1941, was born in Wyandotte County, Kansas, the son of Elisha, September 9, 1838 - June 1916, and Sarah Jane BEAGLE, January 10, 1844 - July 14, 1953, of Shawnee Township, Johnson County, Kansas and grandson of Charles and Abigal BROWN. Frank married Laura Ellen McCABE January 24, 1882, daughter of Mary Catherine McCABE. ... submitted by Cleda Matney Beck"

On page 212, Vol II, in a story about Elisha (McDANIEL) MATNEY, it says, "Elisha (McDANIEL) MATNEY was born September 9, 1838, in Tazewell County, Virginia. He came to Westport when Kansas City was only a landing where steamboats that were able to navigate the Missouri during the "June rise" came up from St. Louis ... He came by wagon with his parents, Charles and Abigail (BROWN) MATNEY, to Missouri in 1844. ... During the summer of 1863, he served in the Johnson County Home Guards ... served in the Civil War from September 3, 1863, until October 19, 1865 when he received an honorable discharge at Fort Leavenworth. He married Sarah Jane BEAGLE, daughter of Milton BEAGLE and Elizabeth Adeline HICKMAN on April 5, 1860, in Shawneetown, Johnson County, Kansas, and they became parents of 11 Children [lists children] ... They resided in Linn and Miami counties. Sara Jane died November 7, 1900 and is buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Centerville, Kansas. ... He [Elisha] died in Osawatomie June 17, 1918 and is buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Centerville, Kansas. Submitted by Judith Matney-Barrett"

On page 212, Vol II, in a story about Orrin Howard MATNEY, it says, "Orrin Howard MATNEY was born February 21, 1909, on a farm three miles east and one and one-half miles south of Osawatomie, Miami County, Kansas, the youngest child of George Frederick and Izora "Ida" Bell (RAZEY) MATNEY. His grandparents were Elisha McDANIEL and Sara Jane (BEAGLE) MATNEY and Daniel Begorania and Susan (HERMAN) RAZEY. ... submitted by Judith Matney-Barrett"

John M. Baker
Query Surnames: Lemon, Sheehan

Date: 27 Nov 1999

Query: I would very much appreciate a lookup in Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas of the following people: Vol I, p 55 - Lemon: Effie May, Grover, John, John Wilbur; Vol III, p 109 - Sheehan: Anna C. Kettler, Dorothy, Helen Elizabeth, John D., John L., Pauline, Rosemary; Vol III, p 652 - Lemon, Effie May.

Mary Ann Kettler Mulford hmulford@eos.net

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS, Vol I, p. 55, Fontana Cemetery, Second Addition, Lot 26 - Grave 16 Lemon, Grover 1890 - 1962; Grave 17 Lemon, John d 1962; Grave 18 Lemon, John Wilbur 1869 - 1938; Lemon, Effie May 1867 - 1954. From Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS, Vol III, p. 652, Corrections and Additions to Vol. I, Lemon, Effie May 1867 - 1959.

From Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS, Vol III, p. 109, Holy Cross Cemetery, Paola, Row 12, Lot 101 - Sheehan, John D. 18 Jul 1893 - 17 Jul 1988; Sheehan, Anna C. Kettler 11 Feb 1895 - 6 Apr 1929, Married 2 Jul 1913, parents of John L., Pauline, Helen Elizabeth, Dorothy and Rosemary.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Morehead, Myers

Date: 25 Nov 1999

Query: I need information regarding Morehead, James Harvey 69-v2; Morehead, Laura Belle Burgess 69-v2; Morehead, Wanda 69-v2; Myers, Anna C. 90-v2; and Myers, Lena M. 90-v2.

Keith Burgess kemarlee@yahoo.com

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS, Vol. II, Louisburg cemetery, on highway 68 at west side of Louisburg. P. 69, Row 2, Lot E22 - Lay, Parley P. 1863-1914 father; Lay, Lillie M. 1863-1923 mother; Lay, John S. 1899-1919 20y; Lay, Joseph M. 1891-1896; Lay, Leonard P. son of J. H. and Edith (Leonard died 1922); Morehead, Allie M. Shields wife of G. G. 3 Jul 1874 - 18 Nov 1901; Shields, E. R. 1847-1933 Co. I, 12th KS Vol Inf; Shields, Ida H. 1855-1919; Smith, W. H. (no dates); Shields, Louis 28 Jan 1857 - 26 Nov 1941; Morehead, Wand (no dates). Row 2, Lot E24 -Steinick, Frederick 1850-1928; Steinick, Malissa J. his wife 1857-1934; Steinick, Walter A. 1874-1951; Steinick, Alda C. his wife 1885-1960; Morehead, James Harvey 1859-1932; Morehead, Laura Belle Burgess his wife 1864-1943; Crosley, Charles Guy 15 Nov 1879 - 15 Jul 1965; Crosley, Della M. 18 Feb 1889 - 7 Feb 1973. P. 90, Row 5, Lot M 101 - Myers, Lena M. dau of A. J. and Anna G. d 8 Aug 1886 1y 11m 2d; Myers, Anna C. mother 1 Jun 1863 - 26 Feb 1951; Myers, Adrian L. 1853-1895.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: McDonald

Date: 19 Nov 1999

Query: Under Cemeteries of Miami county, Kansas I found Rhoda McDonald in V1-161. Could you please send me the information on her. In the book "Family Histories and Stories of Miami county, Kansas, V2, pages 199, 200, your website shows the names Abram McDonald and Rhoda Harris McDonald. Could you please send me what information there is on them?

Ronna Rook rook@mhiconn.net

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS, Vol I, p 161, New Lancaster Cemetery, Row M, Lot 108 - McDonald, Rhoda d 1 Aug 1878, age 64y 7m 11d; McDonald, Harvey d 22 Jun 1877, age 45y 28d.

The following is from Family Histories and Stories of Miami County, Kansas Vol. II, published by the Miami County Historical Society and the Miami County Genealogy Society.On page 199, in a story about the Leroy "Roy" Jessie and Eldora "Dora" (HENSLEY) LONG family, it says, "Leroy Jessie LONG settled near Rockville (Jingo), Miami County, Kansas, in the year 1861-62. He was born October 3, 1859, in Linn County, Kansas Territory. He was the son of Myron and Rachel R. (McDONALD) LONG and the grandson of Abram McDONALD and Rhoda HARRIS and Abner LONG and Sarah "Salley" STOVER. He died September 17, 1917, at Rockville, Kansas and is buried at New Lancaster Cemetery, Miami County, Kansas. On March 13, 1889, at Paola, Kansas, he married Eldora HENSLEY. She was born September 7, 1871, at LaCygne, in Linn County, the daughter of William Wilson HENSLEY and Melvina MILLER and grandaughter of John MILLER and Iantha T. ROWLAND and Middleton HENSLEY and Jane WILSON. She died March 15, 1961, at Jingo and is buried at New Lancaster Cemetery. ... submitted by Harold R. Long (grandson)"

Sean Furniss, John Baker
Query Surnames: McFee

Date: 6 Nov 1999

Query: Listed in Cemetaries of Miami County is Henry McFee - 477 Vol 3. Also listed is McFee, Calphurnia -399 Vol 3. I believe they were married and wonder what if anything is listed about them.

Kathleen Brooks kbrooks@ebtech.net

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS, Vol III, Paola Cemetery, p. 398, Oak Grove, North Half, Row 6, Lot 20 - Brooks, Sarah d 26 Jul 1870, age 75; McFee, Calphurnia - wife of H. McFee - dau of Hiram and Sarah Brooks, d 28 Sep 1875, age 53y; Fleming, Frances McFee - wife of J. W. Fleming, b 17 Sep 1848, d 8 Sep 1900; Fleming, J. W. (Joseph) b 9 Jan 1841, d 19 Mar 1899. p. 477, Oak Grove, Southern Half, Row 19, Lot 254 - McFee, Henry - Our Father - b 20 Jan 1817, d 12 Feb 1885; Ferguson, D. M. b Cambridge, OH 6 Feb 1837, d 17 Apr 1917, Mason, GAR; Ferguson, Laura McFee - wife of D. M. Ferguson, b IL 2 May 1842, d 1 Nov 1922.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Blackburn

Date: 5 Nov 1999

Query: Cemeteries of Miami Co. KS, Robert Blackburn, Vol. 3, pg. 317.

Keith Johnston kjay6@webtv.net

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS, Vol. III, p. 317, Paola Cemetery, North Addition 1, North Half, Section II, Row 2, Lot 112 - Blackburn, Robert 1945 (date in middle of stone); Blackburn, Royce L. 1939-1943.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Jackson

Date: 3 Nov 1999

Query: Miami Co. Lookup-Cemeteries Vol.I I am interested in : Jackson, Curtis 100-V1; Jackson, M. L. 193-V1; Jackson, Andrew 241-V1

Mary Riley rootdiggin@go.com

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS, Vol. I, p. 100, Indianapolis Cemetery, Row 2, Grave 1 - Jackson, Curtis died --, 1855, aged 56 y -- [stone broken]. p. 193, Spring Grove Cemetery, Row B, Lot 7 - Jackson, Martin T. 6 Aug 1882 - 27 Dec 1892, son of M. L. and S. F. p. 241, Stanton Cemetery, Row 18, Lot 26 - Jackson, Andrew Civil War Veteran [no dates].

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Ewbank(s)

Date: 3 Nov 1999

Query: Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas, Volumes I, II and III: Eubanks, Jessie Lee 78-V2; Ewbank, Cora Lillian 444-V3; Ewbank, Ella V. 57-V2; Ewbank, Florence K. 289-V3; Ewbank, Herbert 61-V2; Ewbank, Katie 136-V1; Ewbank, M. I. 136-V1; Ewbank, Maggie 444-V3; Ewbank, Mary Ann 414-V3; Ewbank, Mathew, Jr. 289-V3; Ewbank, Matthew 444-V3; Ewbank, May E. 58-V2; Ewbank, Robert 58-V2; Ewbank, Roxie S. 61-V2; Ewbank, T. T. 136-V1; Ewbank, Thomas 136-V1, 414-V3; Ewbank, Thomas A. 57-V2; Ewbanks, infant 565-V3

Sharon K Haennelt shaen@jps.net

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS, Vol. I, p. 136, Mound Creek Cemetery, Lot 9 - Ewbank, Thomas [no dates, possibly owner?]; Ewbank, Katie d 26 Feb 1892, age 17y 1m 23d, dau of T. T. and M. I.

Vol. II, New Hillside Cemetery: p. 57, Row 11, Lot 163 - Geiger, Lloyd Kenneth 25 Jun 1908 - 12 Nov 1973 "Father"; Geiger, Mabel A. 26 Mar 1921 - 24 Nov 1975 "Mother"; Ewbank, Ella V. 29 Jul 1877 - 11 Mar 1940; Ewbank, Thmas A. 29 Jul 1869 - 17 Oct 1934. p. 58, Row 12, Lot 34 - Ewbank, May E. 2 Dec 1866 - 24 Jan 1934; Ewbank, Robert 28 Dec 1862 - 18 Aug 1939. p. 61, Row 14, Lot 89 - Ewbank, Herbert 1876-1929 "Father"; Ewbank, Roxie S. 1877-1945 "Mother".

Vol II, Louisburg Cemetery: p. 78, Lot 294 - Payne, Phillip D. 1911-1985; Payne, Sue A. 1914-1983; Eubanks, Jessie Lee 30 Jul 1908 - 11 Nov 1968.

Vol III, Paola Cemetery: p. 289, North Addition II, Row 6, Lot 712 - Ewbank, Mathew, Jr. 1891-1954 (Mason); Ewbank, Florence K. 1891-1979 (Order of Eastern Star). p. 414, Oak Grove, Row 31, Lot 142 - Barnhill, Albert Omer 1869-1940; Barnhill, Mabel I. Ewbank - his wife 1883-1929; Ewbank, Thomas 11 Feb 1827 - 27 Oct 1905; Ewbank, Mary Ann - his wife 12 Apr 1843 - 5 Dec 1912; Atkinson, Matthew A. d 16 Oct 1877 (G.A.R.). p. 444, Oak Grove, Lot 15 - Ewbank, Matthew 1859-1942; Ewbank, Maggie 1858-1927; Ewbank, Cora Lillian - (In memory of) Daughter of Matthew and Maggie Ewbank 1885-1889. p. 565, Oak Grove, Lot 142 - Ewbanks, infant [no dates].

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Carr

Date: 1 Nov 1999

Query: Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas, Vol. III: Carr, Charles W. 578-V3; Carr, Frank 679-V3; Carr, James L. 610-V3; Carr, John 145-V3; Carr, LaRue 194-V3; Carr, Mary L. 194-V3; Carr, Mr. 679-V3; Carr, Mrs. 679-V3; Carr, Ronald 610-V3; Carr, Rose 610-V3; Carr, Sarah 145-V3

Judy Ryden jryden@rogue.cc.or.us

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS, Vol III, p. 145, Oakwood Cemetery, Lot 81 - Carr, Sarah wife of John Carr d 22 Jul 1876, age 66y; Carr, John d 22 Feb 1859, age 50y. p. 194, Osawatomie Cemetery, Row 18 - Carr, LaRue 25 Sep 1885 - 16 Feb 1941 (Mason); Carr, Mary L. 14 Feb 1888 - 30 Aug 1987 (Eastern Star). p. 578, Paola Cemetery, Elmwood, Lot 160 - Carr, Charles W. [no dates]. Sharon Cemetery, Drexel, MO, p. 610 - Carr, James L. 1869-1961; Carr, Ronald [no stone]; Carr, Rose 1885-1970; p. 679 - Carr, Mr. [no dates]; Carr, Mrs . [no dates]; Carr, Frank d 7 Jul 1990.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: McBride

Date: 31 Oct 1999

Query: I am looking for William Newton McBride. He was located in Osawatomie in 1890. He traveled from Miami County, Kansas to near Rhondo, Missouri. His family traveled by covered wagon to Missouri except for William and his small daughter Atlanta Georgia McBride. They traveled by train. Thanks for any help with these ancestors of mine.

Stehanie Burke burke@ruraltel.net
Query Surnames: Combs, Ring, Whitaker

Date: 29 Oct 1999

Query: Family history book -jacob noah combs pages: 123, 132, 300, 317, 391. Jacob was the father of 21 children. One of them was Lucinda Combs my great grandmother, she married Benjamin James, Jr. They had my grandmother Mary Etta James. She married George Spencer Weeks. They had my dad Stephen Elbert Weeks. He married Catherine Leona Malcolm. They had 7 children.

Eileen Huberehuber8979@aol.com

Response: From Family Histories and Stories [Vol. I].

p. 123-4 - Information about the family of Clarence W. Carter by Martha Good. Approximately 8 column inches. "Clarence Walton Carter, son of Matthew and Martha Frances Coleman Carter, was born September 26, 1882 near Fayettesville, West Virginia. ..." "On September 17, 1917, he married Elizabeth Emmaline (Bessie) Whitaker, daughter of Joseph Riley and Elma Maloda Combs born July 2, 1890 near Louisburg, died August 15, 1974. Bessie was the granddaughter of Asbury and Emaline McKee Whitaker and Jacob Noah and Elizabeth Pitman Combs. ..." 4 children from this marriage - Clarice Nadine b/d 20 Oct 1918, James Walton b 19 Apr 1920, Riley Darrel b 29 Jun 1921, Martha Jean b 25 Nov 1924.

p. 132 - Information about the family of Jacob Noah Combs by Susan Price, also Thomas Jefferson Combs by Susan Aiken Price. The two articles are approximately 8 column inches. Summarized as follows: Jacob N. Combs b 17 Jun 1819 Ross Co, OH, d 30 May 1907, bur Moniter Cem., Conway. Son of Willam Combs and Barbara Baum. M 1st 6 Sep 1837, OH to Sarah Ann Vangundy (d 1852 Winterset, IA). 11 children from 1st marriage - not named. M 2nd 20 Nov 1853, Des Moines, IA, to Elizabeth Pitman Morrow (b 7 Oct 1827 IN, d 17 Jul 1907, bur Moniter Cem., Conway, father Isaac Norh Pitman, mother Mary E. (Betsey) Grant). 10 children from 2nd marriage - Issac Gibson, George Wesley, Sarah Ann, Lyman J., Mitchell R., Thomas Jefferson, Ursala C., Jennie Alice, Elma Melodia, Newton Foster.

George Wesley Combs b 21 Dec 1856, IA, m 25 Oct 1883, Paola, KS, to Mary Jane Crotchett (dau of Lorezno Dow Crotchett and Elizabeth Tanner), 6 children - Denton b 22 Jul 1884 Mcpherson Co; Arthur Wesley b 5 Apr 1886 Burlington, KS; Charles Franklin b 25 Sep 1889 Louisburg, KS; L. D. b 27 Jun 1891 Louisburg, KS; Edna Zora b 21 Nov 1894 Louisburg, KS; Mary Ruth Hazel b 2 Apr 1897 Louisburg, KS.

Thomas Jefferson Combs b 1863 IA, m 20 Nov 1883 Louisburg, KS, to Louizie Ann Crotchett (dau Lorenzo Dow Crotchett and Elizabeth Tanner), 3 children McPherson Co. - Levi Dow b 25 Jul 1884; daughter b/d 25 Jul 1884; Perry Allen b 13 Feb 1886. 3 children Louisburg, KS - Vernade Wade b 15 Apr 1888; Isabella b 18 Aug 1890; George Floyd b 20 Jul 1892.

p. 300 - Information about the family of Isaac Noah Pitman and Mary E. (Betsy) Grant by Susan Price. Approximately 3 column inches. Dau - Elizabeth b 7 Oct 1829, m 1st -- Morrow (d cholera), m 2nd Jacob Noah Combs.

p. 317 - Information about Joseph Henry Ring by Susan Price. Approximately 4 column inches. Summarized as follows: Joseph Henry Ring b 23 Oct 1854, Bloomington, IL, d 16 Nov 1941, bur Monitor Cemetery, Conway, McPherson Co., KS, son of Samuel Patch Ring and Susan Senff, grandfather Ira Ring, m 15 Nov 1874 to Sarah Ann Combs (b 7 Oct 1854 Winterset, IA, d 6 Mar 1942, bur Monitor Cem, Conway, McPherson Co, KS, dau of Jacob Noah Combs and Elizabeth Pitman Morrow, 12 children - Clarence Lyman, Samantha Irwessa, Fulton Dixon, Alva, Myrtle June, Ray B., Elma Adina, Susan Mable, Bessie Lola, Jacob Noah, Vera Ethel.

p. 391 - Information about Joseph Riley Whitaker and Elma Melodia Combs by Susan Price. Approximately 3 column inches. Summarized as follows: Joseph Riley Whitaker b 29 Jul 1862 near Lerna, IL, d 1 Apr 1937, bur Bucyrus Cemetery, son of Asbury Whitaker and Emmaline McKee, twin sister Ellen, m 28 Dec 1886 Gridley, KS to Elma Melodia Combs b 6 Mar 1868 IA, d 25 Dec 1954, bur Bucyrus Cemetery, dau of Jacob Noah Combs and Elizabeth Pitman, 13 children - Tassie Ora b 2 Oct 1887, d 14 Jan 1896; Clarence Alva b Apr 1889, d 3 Jan 1896; Elizabeth Emmaline b 2 Jul 1890; Ruby Eva b 17 Jun 1892, d 1 Jan 1896; Riley Dean b 1 Feb 1895; Esther Grace b 21 Jan 1897; Leura Adeline b 23 May 1899; John Wesley b 11 Dec 1900; Gladys Marie 29 Jul 1902; Walter Glen 23 Dec 1904; Truman Orval 16 Jun 1907; Leonard Laverne 5 Dec 1908; Genevia Elma 28 Jun 1910.

Sean Furniss

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