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Queries for the period beginning 1 July 1999

Query Surnames: Dyer, Gowing

Date: 30 July 1999

Query: Family Histories and Stories of Miami County, Kansas [Vol I] would you check on the Dyer and Gowing families they appear on pages: 163, 253, 287 and advise me.

Steve Williams steven_w_williams@yahoo.com

Response: From Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co, KS, Vol I, p. 163 - Family History for Anthony and Catherine Fenoughty. Their daughter Mary Fenoughty b 1 May 1839 Co Mayo, Ireland, m John Dyer, d 26 Jan 1921 at home of son Charles near Paola, buried Catholic Cemetery at Baldwin. p. 253 - Family History of Eugene and Ethel Massey. On 1 Jan 1930 Eugene Massey married Ethel Nevol Gowing (b 29 Sep 1909, d 29 Sep 1985). She was dau of Dow Dyer Gowing and Minnie Belle Hughes, gdau of Thomas B. Gowing and Arminda E. Dyer. p. 287 - Family History of Jack O'Brien and Betty Massey. Betty Massey dau of Eugene Massey and Ethel Nevol Gowing.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Lackey, McAllister, Savage

Date: 30 July 1999

Query: I am looking for info from the obituary of a distant cousin , Keith Lackey, who died just recently on July 23, 1999. He is a decendent of the Savage-McAllister line in Johnson County Ks.

Cheryl Searsgsears@sound.net

Response:Try checking the Miami County Republic at http://www.micoks.net/~republic/.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Henshaw, Taylor

Date: 28 July 1999

Query: Looking for info. about my great grandfather, Thomas Taylor m Nancy Henshaw. My info says he resided in Miami County in the 1880's.

Query Surnames: Smulling

Date: 27 July 1999

Query: I am interested in the reference to Darlene Smulling from Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co., KS, p. 365.

Wendy Smuling w.smuling@bazic-orange.com

Response: From Family Histories and Stories, Vol. I, p. 365 - Information about the family of Rex Eugene Sutherland and his wife Darlene Smulling. There is approximately 6 column inches and a small photograph of their grocery store in Paola, KS. The information related to Darlene Smulling states that she was born in Lyon County, Kansas, on 10 Sept 1920 and was married to Rex Eugene Sutherland on 11 February 1946.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Cherry, Sloan, Windisch

Date: 26 July 1999

Query: I am looking for the cemetery record for Windisch, Della B. 115-V2, Windisch, George A. 115-V2, Sloan, Edith 116-V2, Sloan, George R. 116-V2, Sloan, John 116-V2, Sloan, Lucy A. 116-V2, Sloan, Neal 116-V2, Cherry, Delbert E. 120-V2, Cherry, Edna M. 120-V2

Jack Starry starry1@prodigy.net

Response: Vol. 2 - "Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas" - Old Louisburg Cemetery, located on 68 Hwy in Louisburg, KS - Page 115 - Row 4 - Lot 426 - Windisch, George A., June 10, 1884-Sept. 25, 1972, Windisch, Della B., Mar. 20, 1887-Dec. 4, 1971. Page 116 - Row 5 - Lot 387 - Sloan, John, Oct. 3, 1873-Jan. 3, 1938, Sloan, Edith, May 5, 1878-Feb. 10, 1952, Sloan, Neal, Sept. 11, 1877-Feb. 27, 1952, Sloan, Lucy A., Aug. 16, 1882-Mar. 21, 1966, Sloan, George R., July 11, 1911-May 2, 1941. New Louisburg Cem., located same - Page 120 - Row 4 - Lot W43 - Cherry, Delbert E., 1915-1985, Cherry, Edna M., 1916-1971 (Mar. 14)

Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Corlew, Roberts

Date: 25 Jul 1999

Query: I would like a lookup for Thomas Roberts, found in index, 142-v3.

Nancy nlb88@hotmail.com

Response: Vol. 3 - "Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas" - Oakwood Cemetery, located in the northeast corner of Osawatomie, KS - Page 142 - Lot 69 - (ROBERTS) CLARA; CORLEW, Lula ROBERTS (west side of stone) Died Sept. 15, 1960, Aged 77y 5m 19d; CORLEW, Carrie M. (south side) Died June 19, 1868, Aged 1y 8m 9d; CORLEW, Albert (south side) Died Dec. 16, 1868, Aged 4m 27d; CORLEW, Alonzo (south side) Died Aug. 4, 1874, Aged 1y 7m 1d; ROBERTS, Clara (east side) dau. of T.F. & R.L. ROBERTS, Died May 29, 1889, Aged 19y 4m 24d; CORLEW, Munice, 1884-1965, (_______) Father; ROBERTS, Clarinda, wife of Thomas ROBERTS, Died Jan. 20, 1894, Aged 76y 4m 5d; ROBERTS, Thomas, Died Aug. 1, 1892, Aged 76y 4m 8d; ROBERTS, Thomas F., 1842-1923; ROBERTS, Roxley L., 1846-1935; CORLEW, Lula Roberts, 1883-1960

Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Babb

Date: 24 July 1999

Query: I am looking for information about Babb, Anna Provin pg. 181 Family Histories and Stories of Miami County, KS Vol 2

Kathy Behrman katbehr@dmi.net

Response: The following is from Family Histories and Stories of Miami County, Kansas Vol. II, published by the Miami County Historical Society and the Miami County Genealogy Society. On pages 181, in the story for Floyd and Gladys (JONES) JACOBS it says, "Floyd A. Jacobs was the eldest of three sons of William Thoedore and Gertrude J. (PROVIN) JACOBS. He was born July 15, 1895, and lived most of his life in Valley Township, Miami County, Kansas. William's parents, John Franklin and Elizabeth (CLAWSON) JACOBS, had come to Osawatomie from Iowa in 1883; Gerturde's father, Hiram Hubbard PROVIN, came from Ohio in 1865. Floyd's brother, John Hiram, lives in Paola at the present time. Gladys was born in Illinois July 11, 1895, and lived in Linn County as a child, the only daughter and oldest of seven children of Roy A. and Amelia (ACTON) JONES. Floyd's grandmother, Anna (PROVIN) BABB, was a charter member of the First Christian Church of Osawatomie which was established in 1892." Submitted by Gert (JACOBS) VESS.

John M. Baker
Query Surnames: Babb, Knight, Wallace

Date: 23 July 1999

Query: I would appreciate your checking the Cemeteries of Miami County Vol 1 p 200 for a Woodson Wallace and Curtis F. Knight in Vol 3 page 568.

Would like to contact anyone who has information on the WALLACE family. Woodson Wallace died in Miami County in 1906 and his second wife Ailey Patterson died in Wapello Co. IA. Woodson is the father of Edward Wallace who married Sylvania Babb. Edward his wife and 2 daughters lived in Osawatomie KS. Edward died in 1923 and Syvania died in 1913. Would like to get a copy of Woodson, Edward and Sylvania's obituaries.

Kathy Koepp kathopp@earthlink.net

Response: Vol. 1 - "Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas" - Spring Grove Cemetery, located SW of Osawatomie, KS on US Hwy. 169, then 1 mile west - Row N - Lot #4 - WALLACE, Edward - 1848-1923, WALLACE, Sylva - wife - 1852-1913, WALLACE, Bernice, departed this life July 26, 1889, Aged 16y 1m 4d, dau. of Edward and Sylvania WALLACE, Woodson - 1826-1906 (Civil War marker)

Vol. 3 - "Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas" - Page 568 - Paola Cemtery, located in Paola, KS - Oak Grove Addition - Lot 256 - KNIGHT, Curtis F. & John - no dates. After looking through the rest of the book, I found the following people on Lot 256 - Page 476 - Row 18 - SPENCER, Emily J. - 1859-1943, SPENCER, William G. - 1856-1929. Page 477 - Row 20 - (LUKENS), Ida - 1861-1947, LUKENS, Thos. E. - 1825-1875, LUKENS, Lucretia J., his wife - 1832-1911

Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Griffith

Date: 20 July 1999

Query: Griffith - Seeking information on Zillah Griffith, listed as a resident of Paola, Miami County, Kansas and named as an heir to Theodore Barton of Lyons County, New York, when his will was probated in 1906. Griffith is believed to have been Barton's niece and her maiden name was probably Barton.

Jack Hammell hammell2@birch.net

Query Surnames: Morgan

Date: 19 July 1999

Query: Seeking any information on the family and descendants of Sterling and Margaret Morgan who left Daviess County, MO in 1859 and settled in the Middle Creek area of Miami (then Lykins) County, KS. Sterling died there in 1873 and in 1874, his youngest son, Thomas McBride Morgan packed up his family, including Mother Margaret, and followed one of his older brothers (unidentified) to Oregon. The older children of Sterling and Margaret were Riley (1829), Susan (1831), Francis [male] (1833), William (1835), and Caroline (1837) -- all born in Chariton or Daviess Counties, MO and suspected, but not known, to have followed Sterling to KS.

James K. Morgan kayem@silverlink.net

Query Surnames: Homrighausen

Date: 17 July 1999

Query: I was wondering if you would have a chance to look for the following in the Miami Co. Cem. Records: Henry and Mary Strackbein - Vol. I, pg. 45 Louis Homrighausen and wife (dau of Henry and Mary). Vol. III, pg. 52, pg. 200, there are 2 Louis Homrighausen's.

Brendon Duffy irishboy74@hotmail.com

Response: Vol 3 - "Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas" - Page 52 - Elmdale Cemetery in Osawatomie, KS, located on the east side of town - Section VII - Row 8 - HOMRIGHAUSEN, Louis - Apr. 2, 1828 - Nov. 29, 1914, HOMRIGHAUSEN, Amelia, his wife - Oct. 27, 1832 - Sept. 16, 1904, HOMRIGHAUSEN, Henry - Mar. 14, 1869 - Mar. 24, 1905, HOMRIGHAUSEN, Henry H. - 9 mo. (small stone) (stone gone by June 1993)

Page 200 - Osawatomie Cemetery, 3 miles north of Osawatomie, KS - Row 24 - HOMRIGHAUSEN, Louis - Father - 1860-1932, HOMRIGHAUSEN, Amelia - Mother - 1867-1945, HOMRIGHAUSEN, Katherine Lois - Dau. - 1893-1938

Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Price

Date: 16 July 1999

Query: Miami County Cemetery Records - Price, Sarah Ann pg. 560 Vol 3

Kathy Behrman katbehr@dmi.net

Response: The only information in Vol. 3 - "Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas" - Page 560 - Paola Cemetery, East Addition, Northern half - Lot 5 - is: PRICE, Sarah Ann. No additional information is available.

Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Claxton, Johnson

Date: 13 July 1999

Query: Would you please send me the information (as Indexed) Johnson, Chas. 84 Date of birth, Mother and father.

Ken Hollowell kholowel@greene.xtn.net

Response: Information from Vital Records of Miami County, Kansas, as abstracted and indexed by Patricia Merrill Hollingsworth p. 84 - "28 Sep 1909 unnamed Claxton, female, b. Louisburg, Miami Co., KS; father - Chas. Johnson, age and birthplace unknown, American, farmer; mother - Maud Claxton, age 20, no birthplace listed, American, first child of mother, res. Louisburg, KS."

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Burton

Date: 12 July 1999

Query: I am looking for information found in the Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, p 85, V2 - Burton: Emma, Clarence E., G.W, L.D, Son

Steve Stroh strohsix@email.msn.com

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, Vol. II, p. 85, Old Louisburg Cemetery, Row 2, lot M 143 - Hagen, Wilhamena 1871-1887; Hagen, Henry 1872-1900; Hagen, John 1840-1908, Co. D 4 NY Vol Cav; Hagen, Cordelia E. 1841-1929; Hagen, Charles B. 1882-1944; Burton, Emma 1880-1953. Row 2, lot M 13 - Burton, Amanda J. 1844-1913; Burton, Dr. G. W. died May 24 1877 32Y 8 M 10D; Burton, infant son of G. W. and A. died June 27 1874 9D verse; Burton, Clarence E. son of G. W. and A. died July 19, 1897 22Y 2M 26D YMCA; Burton, L. D. died May 1876 57Y 7M 8D father scripture.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Leazenby

Date: 11 July 1999

Query: I am looking for information found in the Everyname Index Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co., Vol. 2, specifically the LEAZENBY surname. Gincy Ellen LEAZENBY Warmoth page 303, Susan Mary Burns LEAZENBY page 120 (she was my GG GM). Could you please check in "Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS. Vol III" page 155 for James Leazenny. This could most possibly be my long lost GG GF, James M. Leazenby, as I recently discovered from another Leazenby researcher, that James died in Osawatomie, KS.

Kim Leazenby Russell Msplcdtex@aol.com

Response: The following is from Family Histories and Stories of Miami County, Kansas Vol. II, published by the Miami County Historical Society and the Miami County Genealogy Society.

On pages 120, in the story for Caleb and Sidney (WILLIAMSON) BURNS it says, "Caleb Burns, who came to Osawatomie Township in Miami County about 1859, was born in 1808 in Berkeley County, Virginia. He was the son of William BURNS Jr. and Magdalena VAN METER and grandson of William BURNS, immigrant from Scotland., and Johanna VAN METER. Caleb was married November 18, 1820 to Sidney WILLIAMSON. Their children were Susan Mary LEAZENBY BURR*, buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Osawatomie**; Morgan V.; Margaret Jane ROSS; Rachel A. HEATON; Sarah E.; Rhoda W. BELL; Magdalena "Maggie" HUGHES; Lavena R.; and Lorena E. ..." Submitted by Margaret (SHIVELY) SMITH.

* Susan's name in the book is shown as BURR, not BURNS -- could be correct, or a typo, just wanted to point out that it was not a typo on my part. ** I looked in the information I have for this cemetery, hoping to find something more for you, but I did not find anything on Susan as a BURR or a BURNS.

On pages 303, in the story for Waldo W. and Gertrude (WARMOTH) WINSLOW it says, "Waldo Winslow, only son of Carlton S. and Anna Matilda (BOLAR) WINSLOW, was born April 16, 1881, in Atwood, Kansas. He married Gertrude WARMOTH May 28, 1902, in Bethany, Missouri. Her parents were Millard Fillmore and Gincy Ellen (LEAZENBY) WARMOTH. Three children were born to them in Bethany. The family moved to Miami County in 1925. ..." Submitted by Eunice BRADLEY.

Vol. 3 - "Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas" - Oakwood Cemetery, located located at 6th and Carr Streets in Osawatomie, KS - Page 155 - The graves are located west of northwest corner Lot 148 - (________) unreadable, (________) unreadable, LEAZENNY, James ____ - Died April 30, 1893 Aged 69y 9m 3d. That would make his birthday 27 July 1823. Unfortunately, there is no more local information about the burial. The cemetery records are non-existant and the funeral home records do not go back that far. There is a possibility of finding some information the the tax records and/or land records, or even the census.

John M. Baker, Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Higgins

Date: 9 July 1999

Query: From the Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co. KS Vol 1, Isaac Higgins page 25. I am searching for an Isaac Higgins, Civil War Veteran, b. about 1841 Cass Co Michigan, married in Carroll Co, IA in 1859 and drafted there.

Carma Astleford castlfrd@netins.net

Response: Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co., KS, Vol I, p. 25, Somerset Dutch Reformed Church by Don Huitink. Isaac Higgins was reported to be a member of the Reformed Church and transplanted from New Jersey. Also a William Addison Higgins who transferred his church membership from East Millstone Reformed Church of New Jersey to a Presbyterian church in St. Louis in 1867, listed in Somerset in Feb. 1872.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Dixon

Date: 9 July 1999

Query: How do we get copies of the pages from this index or books. I see there are # next to the names, Mahala Dixon Long 393, etc....Can we buy copies?

Kim Browning browning@cameron.net

Response:The information about the family of John William White, Sr., has two lines about the brothers and sisters of his second wife Mary Elizabeth Edwards Dixon on p. 393 of Family Histories and Stories Vol. I. "Brothers and sisters of Mary E. who also settled with families in this area are J. W. Dixon, Lewis Dixon, Mahala Dixon Long." There are about 8 column inches of text about the John William White, Sr. and Jr., families with photos of each man. The text is found on pages 393 and 394.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Cragg, Wynn

Date: 8 July 1999

Query:Would you please lookup the following individuals: Cragg, Alfred O. 54-V3; Cragg, Charles A. 245-V3; Cragg, Elford E. 244-V3; Cragg, Eugene 54-V3; Cragg, Lida M. 54-V3; Cragg, Mary L. 244-V3; Cragg, Winnie B. 54-V3. If this is my Alfred O. Cragg, he was born Dec. 29, 1861.

I found also found Wynn, Sadie listed on p. 568-V3 and would like more information. Her parents are also listed: Wynn, Thomas J and Wynn Violet M both on p. 477-V3. I know Thomas and Violet were buried in Paola Cemetery but I am not sure about Sadie.

Dana Weeden Dana_Weeden@hotmail.com

Response: Vol. 3 - "Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas" - Page 54 - Elmdale Cemetery, located on the east side of Osawatomie, KS - Section VII - Row 12 - CRAGG, Winnie B. - 1890-1935; CRAGG, Alfred O., "Father" - 1861-1938; CRAGG, Lida M., "Mother" - 1867-1952; CRAGG, Eugene, son of A.O. & L.M. Cragg - 1901-1908 (lamb on stone) Others buried in Row 12 have the surnames: WRIGHT, WINGFIELD, WATSON, TROXEL.

Vol. 3 - Page 244 - Osawtomie Cemetery, located 3 miles north of Osawatomie, Kansas - Row 28 - CRAGG, Elford E., "Father" - 1908-1959; CRAGG, Mary L., "Mother" - 1909-____. Others buried in Row 28 are: FLANNIGAN, DONOHUE, HUSTED, LYONS, ANDERSON, WOOLS, SPELLMAN, ASMUS, KIDDER, FICKEL, ELLIS.

Vol. 3 - Page 245 - Row 29 - CRAGG, Charles A., "Husband" - 1889-1959. Others buried in Row 29 are: BUCKMAN, PRYOR, SHIVELY, BUMGARNER, WHITNEY, ANGLETON, ROHRER, TROXEL, JUDD, BLAKE. I hope this is what you wanted. You can write to the Eddy-Birchard Funeral Home, 203 Main Street, Osawatomie, KS 66064 to see if they have the full death dates. Obituaries would probably be in the "Osawatomie Graphic" newspaper which is available by Inter-Library loan, I think.

From the Paola City Hall Cemetery Records - Book A, page 86 - WYNN, Thomas J. - born Fayette County, PA - buried 8 January 1896; WYNN, Violet M. - died Iola, KS - buried 13 October 1909; WYNN, Sadie A. - born 1860 Guernsey Co, O (Ohio?) - died 2 December 1882 - buried 4 December 1882; HUDDLESON, Willie (infant) - no dates - Parents Jno. and Mollie HUDDLESON.

I found Mrs. WYNN's obituary in the "Miami Republican" of Paola, KS, page 1, column 4, item 2. She was born in Guernsey Co, Ohio, and married there in 1854 to Thomas J. They located in Miami Co, Kansas in the early 1870's. After her husband's death, she and her son George moved to a farm near Lone Elm, Anderson County, Kansas. She was survived by seven children: Bert & George in Pawnee County, Kansas, John and Mrs. Thos. KINZEY in Allen County, Kansas, Mrs. John HUDDLESON in Humboldt, Kansas, Mrs. Geo. D. VOGLESONG and Mrs. Harry COTT of Iola, Kansas

Vol. 3 - "Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas" - Page 477 - Paola Cemetery, located on the west side of Paola, Kansas (on Miami Street) - Oak Grove, Southern half, Section II - Row 20 - Lot 257 - WYNN, Thomas J. - November 16, 1829-January 6, 1896 (G.A.R.-Civil War);WYNN, Violet M., his wife - May 15, 1834-October 11, 1909. Now comes the hard part: On the same Lot 257, but with no stones are: WYNN, Sadie; HUDDLESON, Willie. Page 568 - Lot 257 - Wynn, Sadie - no additional information.

Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Bell

Date: 6 July 1999

Query: In the Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas, Vol. I, II and III, there are two James Bell's listed, and I wondered if you could send me the information on them. I found my g-grandfather on the 1900 census in Miami county, and am hoping one of these is him. They are: Bell, James, 126-V1, Bell, James H., 564-V3

I found this list of Bell births in the index for Miami County Births 1884-1911. I found my g-grandfather on the 1900 census in Miami county, and I know he had a daughter b approx 1910 in KS. Not sure she was b in Miami county, though. I am most interested in the first listing, but would appreciate anything you can send on these names. Bell, - 7, 48, Bell, Inez May 34, Bell, Lola M. 42, Bell, Waren S. 42, Bell, Warren S. 34

Belinda Forgy peculiar@ktis.net

Response: Vol. 1 - "Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas" - Page 126 - Miami Cemetery, located in Miami Township about 10 miles southeast of Paola in Northwest Quarter of Section 36, Township 17, Range 24 - Row Q, North Section - Lot 6 and 7 - BELL, Jane F. Dec. 23, 1848-Dec. 17, 1879, dau. of James Bell, aged 30 yrs 11 mos 26 days, BELL, James, 1832-1906. Vol. 3 - "Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas" - Page 564 - Paola Cemetery, located on the west side of Paola, KS - Oak Grove Addition - Lot 103 - BELL, James H., (no other information in book)

Information from Vital Records of Miami County, Kansas, as abstracted and indexed by Patricia Merrill Hollingsworth p. 7 - "05 Nov 1884 Unnamed Rice, male, b. Middle creek Twp., Miami Co., KS; father - Nathaniel Rice, age 24 (or 29), b. TN, farmer; mother's maiden name - Bell, no age listed, b. TN, second child of mother, res. Middlecreek Twp., KS." p. 34 - "12 Jan 1890 Inez May Bell, female, b. Osawatomie, Miami Co., KS; father - Warren S. Bell, age 32, b. Mich., carpenter; mother - Lola M. Wilson, no age listed, b. PA, third child of mother, res. Osawatomie, KS." p. 42 - "13 Feb 1892 unnamed Bell, female, no birthplace listed; father - Waren S. Bell, age 32, b. Mich., carpenter; mother - Lola M. Wilson, age 24, b. PA, fourth child of mother, res. Osawatomie, KS. Return by E. C. Pace, Osawatomie, KS." p. 48 - "19 Aug 1894 Unnamed Keller, male, b. 2 miles N. of Louisburg, Miami Co., KS; father - Robert Keller, age 35, no birthplace listed, American, farmer; mother's maiden name Bell, age 26, no birthplace listed, American, fourth child of mother, no residence listed."

Lorene Fort, Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Barnes

Date: 5 July 1999

Query: Please look up Family Histories & Stories of Miami Co., Ks, Vol. 1, page 97 Ruth F. Barnes, p. 98 George Barnes, Martin Barnes, and Vol. 2, page 239 regarding George Barnes.

Phyllis Wise pilldus@gate.net

Response: The following is from Family Histories and Stories of Miami County, Kansas published by the Miami County Historical Society and the Miami County Genealogy Society. From Vol. I, p. 97 - Ruth F. Barnes was the youngest child of George Gordon Barnes and Lauretta Keown. She was born in Miami Co., KS, on 14 Apr 1910. She graduated from Paola High School in 1928, married Otis A. Sims on 22 May 1932 and taught school in the rural schools of Miami Co. p. 98 - George Barnes and Martin Barnes are simply listed as being two of the 16 children of Noah and Roxanna Barnes.

From Vol. II, on pages 239, in the story for William Ivan and Irma Marie (WRIGHT) PLAYER, it says "... Irma was born near Fontana, Kansas on April 17, 1919. She is the daughter of Clifford C. and Etta (BARNES) WRIGHT. Her grandparents were George and Lauretta BARNES and Charles and Alice Tenny WRIGHT..." Submitted by Irma M. Player.

Sean Furniss, John M. Baker
Query Surnames: Campbell

Date: 3 July 1999

Query: I am interested in the following information: Campbell, Charles H. 118-V2 Cemeteries of Miami County

Josi Campbell t-j-hacienda@worldnet.att.net

Response: The book is typed in such a way that I am unsure which lot Charles CAMPBELL is on....so I am sending you all of the people from Lot 349, 369, 389. Some of them may be relatives. This is what I found: Vol. 2 - "Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas" - Page 118 - Old Louisburg Cemetery, located on the north side of K68 highway in Louisburg, Kansas - North end of West side - Read from the middle North - Row 7 - Lots 349, 369, 389 - DAGENETTE, Charlie, May 7, 1864-Dec. 15, 1951 (87y); SMITH, Leona B, 1894-1958 (Runyan funeral home marker); MASON, James LeRoy, 1882-1954 (Military marker); BRITT, Thomas Oscar, Oct. 5, 1884-Jan. 19, 1952; CAMPBELL, Charles H., "Unc", 1912-1959; PAYTON, Albert F., June 11, 1905-May 5, 1960; YORK, Leslie Colleen, (Aug. 10) 19;62-(Oct 27) 1962 (Runyan funeral home marker) There is a possibility that more information may be found in the Runyan Funeral Home, 120 S. Broadway, Louisburg, KS 66053 Telephone (913) 837-4310.

Lorene Fort

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