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Queries for the period beginning 10 March 1999

Query Surnames: Cooper

Date: 30 Mar 1999

Query: The 1880 Kansas census from Miami County shows a James Cooper ,47, W, M from VA married to Mary, 39, W, F also from VA. It lists the following children; Hubert 19, Emma 17, Anna 16, Mary 13 from VA. and Edward R. 7 and James 3 both from KS. Can anyone help me with this family. I especially need the birthdate and middle name of son Edward R.

Bernie Cooper bcooper@grda.com

Query Surnames: Rathbun

Date: 30 Mar 1999

Query: I am interested in getting information about Paul, Nora (Johnston), Doloris and James Rathbun found on page 216 of Family Histories and Stories Vol. I.

Rob Rathbun Rathcrest@aol.com

Response: The information about the Rathbun family is contained within the information about the Robert Bradly Johnston Family prepared by Ethel Barnes. There is a picture of the Robert and Mary Johnston family which includes Nora Johnston Rathbun. The complete family information about the Johnstons is approximately 8 column inches.

Nora Johnston (dau of Robert Bradley Johnston b 27 Sep 1850, m 1875 Cass Co, MO, and Mary Jane Frances Reed b 17 May 1856) m Paul Rathbun, two children Dolores and James. All the children of Robert and Mary went to California. No other information is included about this family.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Elam

Date: 29 Mar 1999

Query: Would you be so kind and lookup a Tillman Cantrell ELAM on your 1878 taxpayer's list. His mother Leah Elam died in Miami Co., KA in 1879 and I don't know if she was living with Tillman or not.

Shari Cox rael@best.com

Response: On page 16 (Residents List of Osawatomie City, Osawatomie) in the 1878 Miami County, Kansas, Residents and Taxpayers book, I found the following entry: ELAM, T.C. (46) Susan A. (44) OC. This would mean that T.C. was 46 years old and Susan was 44. The OC stands for Osawatomie City. There was one other ELAM entry, it read: ELAM, Jas. L. (22) A. (20) OC. I did not find a mention of Leah ELAM anywhere.

John M. Baker
Query Surnames: Slocum

Date: 29 Mar 1999

Query: Could you send me info on Eva Slocum from Miami County Cemeteries, V3 page 7.

Rosemary Crouch rjcrouch@uswest.net

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS, Vol. III, p. 7, Elmdale Cemetery, Osawatomie, KS, Section 1, Row 1 - Slocum, Helen M. 1904-1983, Slocum, Eva 1871-1970, Slocum, A. M. 1861-1909.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Payne, Taylor

Date: 28 Mar 1999

Query: Would appreciate it if you could look up these people in Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS. Vol 1. p 108 - Taylor: Willie, Sarah, Lillie, Ruth. Vol 1, p 130 - Taylor: William Harrison (also looking for his wife Lydia Katherine). Vol 1, p 125 - Payne: J. M., M.A., Adda J, William H. Vol 2, p 52 - Taylor: William H., Junior, Maude May

Sharon Davis sdavis1647@aol.com

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, Vol. I, p. 108, Jingo Cemetery, Row 6, Lot 44 - Taylor, John T. Co K, 117 Ind Inf; Taylor, Ruth 1872-1971; Taylor, Jacob Co G, 33 IA Inf 10 Sep 1844 - 19 May 1926; Taylor, Sarah F. 16 Nov 1836 - 18 Feb 1905; Taylor, Little Willie son of J. W. and Lillie Taylor 14 June 1903 - 17 July 1903. Vol. I, p. 125, Miami Cemetery, Row Q, Lot 3 - Payne, William H. d 6 Oct 1871 age 1y 2m 9d son of J. M. and M. A. Payne; Payne, Adda J. d 1 July 1871 age 3 y 5m 7d dau of J. M. and M. A. Payne. Vol. I, p. 130, Miami Cemetery, Row Q, Lot 2 - Taylor, William Harrison 26 Mar 1876 - 4 Mar 1958. Vol. II, p. 52, New Hillsdale Cemetery, Row 7 - Taylor, Maude May 2 Feb 1878 - 20 Mar 1914; Taylor, William H. 28 Aug 1869 - 17 Apr 1964; Taylor, Junior 1911-1975.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Kiser

Date: 27 Mar 1999

Query: I am looking for the tombstone inscriptions for the following Kisers from Vol. II Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS. p. 41 Kiser - Jacob W, Christina, Dora, Elizabeth M. Cullen, Madora Florence. p. 60 Kiser, Bertha M. p. 78 Kiser - Alice, Jerry p. 101 Kiser - John W. p. 102 Kiser - Alexander, Ida, Ida May, Joanna, Otis A. p. 107 - Kiser, Walter G.
John Starry starry1@prodigy.net

Response: Vol. 2 - "Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas" - Old Hillsdale Cemetery, located on North side of road in Hillsdale, Kansas - Pg. 41 - KISER, "Father" (small stone), KISER, "Mother" (small stone), KISER, Christina, 1872-1954 (small stone), KISER, Dora (small stone) On back of large stone: KISER, Jacob W., 1835-1910, KISER, Elizabeth M. CULLEN, his wife, 1838-1899, KISER, Madora Florence, 1861-1871

Vol. 2 - "Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas" - New Hillsdale Cemetery, located on South side of road in Hillsdale, Kansas - Pg. 60 - Lot 59 - UPTON, Mary E., 1854-1945, UPTON, Joseph T., 1857-1948, KISER, Bertha M., 1887-1969

Vol. 2 - "Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas" - Louisburg Cemtery, located in Louisburg, Kansas (East side, from Fence to East Drive) - Pg 79 - Lot 335 - KISER, Jerry, 1848-1920, KISER, Alice, his wife, 1851-1920

Vol. 2 - "Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas" - Old Louisburg Cemetery, located in Louisburg, Kansas (Middle Section - North Part) - Pg 101 - Row 20 - Lot W 5-8 - SNAKEY, Harry, son of J. W. & M. A., March 2, 1884-Oct. 20, 1885, KISER, John W., Sept. 25, 1833-April 5, 1882 48Y 6M 11D, HYATT, R. H., Co M(?) 1st N. Mex. Cav. *Civil War marker, CROW, Jane, (concrete formed shape). (West side - reading from South to Middle) - Row 2 - Lot C 119 - KISER, Alexander, Feb. 21, 1842-Oct. 29, 1908 Co E 86 Ind. Vol. Inf., KISER, Joanna, wife, April 5, 1848-May 31, 1915, KISER, Ida May, daughter of A. K. & J. A., died Nov. 13, 1876 11M 18D, KISER, Otis A., 1882-1932. (West side - reading from South to Middle) - Row 6 - Lot C 123 - KISER, Walter G., 1890-1937 *Military marker

Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Hink

Date: 27 Mar 1999

Query: I am looking for Solomon Hink from Blue Springs, MO, who may have come to live with family during the Civil War. He went back to Blue Springs after the Civil War was over. Looking over the Family History Index and Cemetary List, I find several names that might be his children. Wm. Melvin Hink b. Dec. 15, 1824 d. Feb. 11, 1887 Wm Melvin listed Miami County Family History Index 315 John Hink b. 1824 Listed 1865 KS state census John Frank (Arthur) 216 Family History Index John F. Cemetary Index (Miami) 83-V2 Elizabeth Hink b. 1837 d. 1888 married Peter Speas Betty Family History Index Elizabeth Cemetaries 39V1 Charity Hink Johnson b. about 1832 d. KS plains cholera May be the Charity Malinda Family History Index 315+p Wife's name also Charity.

Sharon Smith sssharon@cmc.net

Response: Vol. I - "Family Histories and Stories of Miami County, Kansas" - Pg. 216 - "Cleo Johnston was a World War I veteran. He married Mabel Grey HINK when she was only 15 years old. She was the daughter of Charley Pearl Ament and John Frank (Arthur) HINK. Mabel's mother died when she was seven and when she was ten years old, she came to Miami County to live with Aunt Charity Richardson, neighbors of the Johnstons."

Vol. I, Pg 315 - "On March 12, 1878, Richard Augustus Richardson married Charity Malinda HINK born April 17, 1861 at Jackson County, Missouri. She was the daughter of William Melvin and Nancy Elizabeth (Waller) HINK. She died August 13, 1933 at her home near Louisburg, Kansas and is buried at the Louisburg City Cemetery."

"Richard Augustus Richardson was born at Munfordville, Hart County, Kentucky. In 1869, he came with his parents to Ft. Scott, Kansas by covered wagaon train. There the units divided, some traveling to Wilber, Washington, and the remaining (including his family) settling at Blue Springs, Jackson County, Missouri. The family moved to Miami County, Kansas around the turn of the century."

Vol. 1 - "Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas" - Cashman Cemetery, located SouthEast of Louisburg, Kansas, in Middlecreek Township, Section 5, Township 17, Range 25 - Pg. 39 - Row B (East of drive) - Grave #12 - HINK, Elizabeth, 1842-1901 "Mother", Grave #13 - HINK, Baby, 1905-1906 (no stone, unmarked)

Vol. 2 - "Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas" - Louisburg Cemetery, located in Louisburg, Kansas - Pg 83 - East Drive East side (Reading from Fence to East Drive) - Lot #531 - JOHNSTON, Cleo W., Oct 2, 1896-July 28, 1966 KS Pvt Co A Amo Train WWI *American Legion Marker, JOHNSTON, Mable HINK, Feb. 6, 1904-Oct. 23, 1986, HINK, John F., Oct. 7, 1878-March 8, 1953 (John Frank), JOHNSTON, Edward O., Jan. 26, 1925-Feb. 23, 1980 PFC US Army WWII

Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Armstrong

Date: 27 Mar 1999

Query: I was wondering if you could do a lookup for me on James H. Armstrong listed in 58-V1.

John Charles Tippet JohnDoeTippet@csi.com

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS, Vol I, p. 58, Fontana Cemetery, located in the northeast corner of northeast quarter of Sec 3, Twp 19, Range 23, Osage Twp, Second Addition, Lot #12, Grave 122 Armstrong, James H. 1844-1930, Grave 123 Armstrong, Gillian 1845-1930, Grave 124 Armstrong, Walter C. 1877-1899, Grave 125 Armstrong, Willis H.1868-1920, Grave 126 Armstrong, G. Kate 1867-19__.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Beaver

Date: 25 Mar 1999

Query: Can you please provide me with death and / or burial information on Clarence and Mary Beaver from page 358, Vol 3 of the Miami Cemetery Records? Two of my family, Clarence E. Beaver and his wife, Mary Harvey Beaver died in Osawatomie. She may have been born there. If available, I am looking for the names of her parents.

L. McCalmon McCalmon@aol.com

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS Vol. III, p. 358, Paola Cemetery, North Addition 1, Section 1, South half, Row 42, Lot 209 - Beaver, Mary V. 1906-1975, Beaver, Clarence E. 1898-1967.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Waller

Date: 24 Mar 1999

Query: I'm looking for imformation on Henry Thomas Waller listed in Family Histories and Stories Vol. I, pages 378 -379. I was wondering if he might have come from North Carolina? I know the Speace came to Paola around 1860 and Squire W. Speace's mother was a WALLER--Elizabeth. Elizabeth WALLER married Issac Speace in North Carolina. Her sons Squire W. and Peter SPEACE were both in PAOLA in 1860. So I'm wondering if this WALLER family is related?

Robin Millis wesm@the-bridge.net

Response: Vol. 1 - "Family Histories and Stories of Miami County, Kansas" - pp 378-379 "Henry Thomas WALLER, b. Jan 1817, in Forsythe Co, NC, was the son of Henry and Nancey (DYAL) WALLER. In 1858, he came to Miami Co, Wea Twp and resided there 26 yrs before moving to Osawatomie Twp where he died Feb 27, 1902. He is buried at Green Valley Cem in that township."

"On Apr 21, 1840, he married Charlotte MOSER at Stokes Co, NC. She died 1852/54 in NC. Their children were: 1) Squire James, (Jan 28, 1841-Aug 24, 1888), 2) Nancy Elizabeth HINK, (June 22, 1842-Jan 27, 1901), 3) Gaston Jonathan, (Oct 19, 1843-Mar 7, 1925), 4) Catherine Mary GLENDENING, (Apr 7, 1845-Nov 11, 1923), 5) Martha Rebecca, (Aug 21, 1856-died & buried in NC), 6) Malinda Ellen GRAYBILL LEE, (Jan 10, 1849-?), 7) Julia Belle CADLE, (Dec 22, 1850-?), 8) Henry Jacob, (Sept 28, 1852-Oct 2, 1878). All children born NC.

On May 8, 1855, in Forsythe Co, NC, he (Henry Thomas) married Mary VEST. They had 9 more children.

Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Toler

Date: 24 Mar 1999

Query: I hope you can help me to find out about my gggrandma Lydia Toler. She was born in Marion Co OH, married 20 July 1871 in Noble Co OH. I believe she died in 1920, this came from a great aunt. The last actual record I have found on her was the 1900 census, Miami Co, Osawatomie TWP, Kansas...Enumeration no. 128, sheet 5, for the Kansas State Insane Asylum, number 28 on that page. I am looking for three things, her date of death, where she is burried and any information I can find on her medical history. I would appreciate any help possible, anywhere you might know where I can find such information.

Jeanie Williamsjeaniewm@kskc.net

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS Vol. III, p. 12, Elmdale Cemetery, Row 4, Toler, Lydia M. 1853-1944.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Shelton

Date: 19 Mar 1999

Query: Could you give me death dates for Shelton, Archie 368 V3, Shelton, Madge 308 V3, and Lucy 91 V2?


Response: From Vol. 2 - Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas - Old Louisburg Cemetery, located in Louisburg, KS - Pg. 91 - Row 6 - Lot No. M59 - SHELTON, Sarah H., died Jan. 3, 1887 (71 years), SHELTON, Lucy, daughter of Stephen & Marilda, July 30, 1878-July 29, 1879 (could be other children), SHELTON, Stephen, 1846-1930 *GAR marker, SHELTON, Marilda L., 1857-1930

From Vol. 3 - Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas, p 368 - Paola Cemetery, North Addition 1, Section 1 (south half) - Row 57 - Lot 293 - GILLIHAN, Ada, 1899-1945, PRITCHARD, Laverne, July 23, 1917-Dec. 17, 1940, SHELTON, Archie Edgar, "Father," 1874-1962, SHELTON, Mary Eliza, "Mother," 1880-1938 "May Thy Will Be Done"; p. 308 Paola Cemetery - North Addition I - Section 1 (North half) - Lot 6 -SHELTON, Madge, 1892-1969, (ERICKSON) Ian Scott, infant son of Paul & Judith Erickson, Dec. 13, 1970, EMMONS, Katherine, 1913-1982 daughter, COWART, Mary Lee, June 12, 1911-August 6, 1985, JOHNSON, James, 1905-1986 (Wilson & Son Funeral home marker).

Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Hardsaw

Date: 17 Mar 1999

Query: What information do you have on a Carlton L. Hardsaw, found in the Miami County Cemetery Index, V1, 190?

David L. McMonigle davemcmo@ucnsb.net

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS, Vol I, p. 190, Rockville (Wm. Cameron Cemetery), Sugar Creek Township, 1 mile east of Highway 69, 12 miles south of Louisburg, Lot 14 owned by Delbert Toncray: Toncray, Helen M. 24 Mar 1932 - 21 Dec 1947; Hardsaw, Carlton L. 1898-1972.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Thomas

Date: 17 Mar 1999

Query: I would like to know what there is in the Miami County Family Histories on Thomas. The names I see in the index are Dora, George, and Margaret Wells on page 278. Could you tell me what information there is about them.

Rosemary Crouch rjcrouch@uswest.net

Response: Vol. 1 - "Histories & Stories of Miami County, Kansas" - Pg. 278 - Herman and Margaret THOMAS MURRAY family - "Herman Jerome MURRAY was born September 11, 1894 in Louisburg, Kansas, the son of Elizabeth and Thomas MURRAY. He married Margaret Wells THOMAS on November 21, 1917, at the Catholic Rectory in Louisburg. Margaret born August 13, 1894 in Cass County, Missouri, the daughter of George and Dora THOMAS."

"To this union three children were born: Vivian Maxine, December 26, 1917 at West Line, Missouri, married T. J. KIRKPATRICK, son of John & Ida KIRKPATRICK, August 26, 1939, in Kansas City, Missouri. Their second child, a son, was born May 29 1926 and died the next day. Gene W., born June 29, 1928, Louisburg, married Helen Earlin BROWN, daughter of Tom and Helen BROWN." There is some other personal information about Herman MURRAY, but nothing about Margaret.

Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Hind

Date: 16 Mar 1999

Query: Could you please give me the death date of Hind, Anna M. 68-V2.


Response: From Vol. 2 - "Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas" - Louisburg Cemetery, located in Louisburg, KS - Pg. 68 & 69 - Row 1 - Lot E-18 - HIND, S. S., 1849-1941, HIND, Anna M., his wife, 1850-1909, HIND, C. O., "Father", 1882-?, HIND, Edna E., his wife, 1881-1912, TILTON, Albert W. 1852-1932, TILTON, Mary I., his wife, 1858-1939

Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Ross

Date: 16 Mar 1999

Query: I would like information on Martha Ross 48-V1 in your cemetery index. I have found this name in my grandmothers bible and trying to figure out the connection. I do know that my great grandmother, Mary J Shook Page, and at least one of her children , Elizabeth Powell Smith, were in Miami Co in the 1880 census.

Sue Clinton sclinton@poncacity.net

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS, Vol. I, p. 48, Fontana Cemetery, located in the northeast corner of the northeast quarter os Sec 3, Twp 19, Range 23, Osage Twp, Lot No 70, Grave 5 Ross, Morgan, Grave 6 Ross, Martha, Grave 7 Ross, Samuel. There was no other information available about these three burials.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Jamison

Date: 16 Mar 1999

Query:I am looking for information from Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS, Vol II, Flora Lee Jamison p. 77, and Milton M. and Mary A. Jamison p. 116.

May Geneology2@aol.com

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS, Vol. II, p. 77, Louisburg Cemetery, Lot 214 Jamison, Flora Lee wife of M. S. 1840-1905. p. 116, Louisburg Cemetery, Lot 207 Jamison, Milton M. father 1855-1932, Jamison, Mary A. wife 1861-1932 mother.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Taylor

Date: 14 Mar 1999

Query: Searching for information on descendants and ancestors of the following: Richard Taylor mar Mary Piper Children: Elma S. Taylor mar Barkley; John C. Taylor; Thomas Burton Taylor (b 18 Jan 1858 IA, d 24 Apr 1932 Cherokee Co, KS) mar (1st)Sarah Norton (d abt 1881), child: (i) Clarence Edward Taylor (b 5 Nov 1881 Miami Co, d 5 Jan 1965 Cherokee Co, KS), mar (2nd) Mary Condra, Children: (ii) Lewis Elmer Taylor mar Maybelle Frances, (iii) Samuel Taylor mar Annie Cowell, (iv) Walter Taylor mar Glenda Riley, (v) Clifford Taylor mar Glenda Riley, (vi) Henry Taylor mar Lillie Rohl.

Susan Kay Taylor Bruce Skb02@aol.com

Query Surnames: Frank, Kline

Date: 13 Mar 1999

Query: I am interested in the entries for Frank and Kline in Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS, Vol. I, p. 77-78, Vol. II, p. 161, Vol. III, pp 318, 319, 344. I am researching Dora Mildred FRANK b.April 23, 1897, d. May 18, 1957, in Iowa, m. November 4, 1916, Omaha Nebraska to Carl Willam WETTERLIND; John William FRANK b. March 3, 1865, m. to Mattie BROOKS Frank; John E. FRANK b. January 8, 1838, d. September 1, 1907, m. Harriet E. PRICE Frank (b. January 20, 1839; d. August 2, 1919); John William FRANK b. December 20, 1817, d. December 21,1891; Martin PRICE b. October 3, 1796 m. Judith EDWARDS Price (b. June 18, 1798)

Donna Allen donnallen@webtv.net

Response: Vol. 1 - "Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas" - Frank Cemetery, located on a farm in East Valley Township, Section 31 Township 17 Range 24 - Pg. 77 & 78 - Grave B - FRANK, John, Sr., owner when cemetery was started, Grave C - FRANK, Wilmina, 2nd wife of John, Grave L - FRANK, Baby of Fred, Grave M - FRANK, Mrs. John, his first wife, Grave N - FRANK, Anna, daughter of John Frank, Sr., Grave O - ________, sister of John Frank, Sr., Grave P - ________, sister of John Frank, Sr.

Vol. 2 - "Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas" - St. Mary's Cemetery, located in Louisburg, KS - Pg. 161 - Row 2 - FRANK, Susanna E., 1859-1951 (Mrs. F.) FRANK, Francis J., 1845-1926

Vol. 3 - "Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas" - Paola Cemetery, located in Paola, KS - North Addition I (North half) Section II - Pg. 318 & 319 - Row 4 - Lot 115 COURTER, Millie (FRANK), May 29, 1893-Dec. 22, 1950, MAISCH, Clifford Frank, March 16, 1913-June 13, 1975 (Records show ashes), MAISCH, Gus A., Jan. 17, 1880-Jan. 1, 1950, MAISCH, Anna (FRANK), Oct 10, 1886-March 16, 1913, FRANK, Elizabeth (BROKER), Sept. 21, 1895-July 29, 1982, FRANK, William A., Nov. 18 1891-June 5, 1958, FRANK, Ralph W., May 10, 1917-June 13, 1948 S/Sgt HQ Btry 1 70th F A BN (American Legion), FRANK, John H., Aug. 10, 1896-Nov. 21, 1932, FRANK, Minnie, 1863-1917, FRANK, August, 1859-1937

North Addition I (South half) Section I - Pg. 344 - Row 17 - Lot 71 HEIDECKER, P. H., 1872-1952, HEIDECKER, Lillie A., 1878-1943, JOHNSON, Elsie L., 1887-1931 "Rest in Peace", FRANK, Fred, Jan. 3, 1856-Feb. 18, 1933, FRANK, Eunace, Nov. 18, 1858-March 17, 1939

Same as above - Lot 75 AKER, W. J., 1872-1929, AKER, Kate, 1871-1947 JONES, C. Chester, July 11, 1881-Sept. 22, 1955, PARKS, Stella, Jan. 4, 1878-March 29, 1960, PARKER, Elsie, July 31, 1886-Aug. 8, 1956, KLINE, Elsie L., 1888-1920, KLINE, Chester J., _________, KLINE, Cassie, 1860-1947, KLINE, George H., 1856-1931

Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Knepp

Date: 13 Mar 1999

Query: I am looking for William (Wm) Knepp 4/22/1823-5/7/1889, Sophia (Peters) Knepp, 6/10/1824 - 12/13/1888, other Knepps listed on p131, Vol I of Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS.

Jerry Everett everettjk@yahoo.com

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS, Vol. I, Miami Cemtery, Middle Creek Township, located approximately 10 miles southeast of Paola, KS, in the northwest quarter of Section 36, Township 17, Range 24, behind the Miami Presyterian Church building, Section 1 (North Side), Row R - lot 6, Knepp, Walter S. 1881-1958 "husband", lot 7 Knepp, Mary E. 1 Jan 1860 - 12 Nov 1951, lot 8 Knepp, A. Ross 3 June 1859 - 3 Sep 1944, lot 9 Knepp, Lizzie M. 23 June 1888 - 4 Mar 1889, lot 12 Knepp, E. F. 1866-1947, lot 13 Knepp, Sarah E. 1865-1916 "his wife", lot 14 Knepp, W. H. d 28 Sep 1870 age 21y 5d, lot 15 Knepp, Sophia d 13 Dec 1888 wife of Wm. Knepp "Our Mother" age 64y 6 m 3d, lot 16 Knepp, Wm. d 7 May 1889 "Our Father" age 66y 15d.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Cobb, Diehl, Duncan

Date: 11 Mar 1999

Query: Could you please tell me death date of C. L. Diehl 92-V2, Noah Duncan 95 V2, Julia Cobb 92 V2.

Shirley msbr@netscape.net

Response: From Vol. 2 - "Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas" - Old Louisburg Cemetery, located in Louisburg, KS - Pg. 92 - Row 7 (Middle Section, south part) - Lot M 80 thru M 83 - STOUGH, Dr. Samuel, died June 9, 1885 95 yrs. 20 days, DIEHL, Mary F., daughter of C. L. & L. M. DIEHL Jan. 20, 1887-Nov. 27, 1890, BORDERS, Mabel, wife of Hugh, 1889-1965, BORDERS, Hugh, Dec. 1, 1888-June 29, 1975, BORDERS, Mattie, wife of Hugh, 1893-1939, VANAMAN, Samuel E., died Dec. 22, 1872 24 yrs. 3 mos. *American Legion, VANAMAN, Sarah B., age 84 years, Howell (note: incorrectly shows Vanaman in book), John B., May 22, 1872 60 yrs. 11 mos. 5 days, VANAMAN, Francis A., age 41 yrs. Co K 106th Illinois Vol. Inf., COBB, Charles W., 1841-1886 Co K 68th Illinois Vol. Inf., COBB, Julia A., his wife, 1846-1908, HOWARD, James Harvey, 1867-1944, HOWARD, Katie Darling, 1867-1912, HOWARD, Lizzie Mary, their daughter, 1895-1896

Old Louisburg Cemetery (Middle Section, north part) - Pg. 95 - Row 5 - Lot 296, BROWN, James Wilson, Feb. 4, 1881-Nov. 8, 1947, BROWN, Cora E., June 12, 1884-March 13, 1978, BROWN, Baby son of J. W. & Cora, 1911, DUNCAN, Noah, father, Sept. 9, 1842-Nov. 18, 1916 Co I 46th OH Vol Inf. *GAR, DUNCAN, Jane E., his wife, mother, May 5, 1852-Sept. 29, 1931

Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Andres

Date: 10 Mar 1999

Query: I am looking for a Henry Andres-405 and Margaret Andres-405, Kathrine Andres 405-p from Miami CO Histories and Stories.

Jannita Weidenbach randal11@ix.netcom.com

Response: From Vol. 1 - "Histories & Stories of Miami County, Kansas" - Pg. 405 - Gerald Dale and Katherine WOOLSEY story - Gerald Dale WOOLSEY was born 1919. While at Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS, "he met Katherine ANDRES, daughter of Henry and Margaret (WEART) ANDRES of Nemaha County, Kansas who was attending St. Mary's School of Nursing. They were marrried February 14, 1942 at Sabetha, Nemaha County, Kansas." This article was submitted by Mrs. Roger BENEDICT.

Lorene Fort

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