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Queries for the period beginning 13 February 1999

Query Surnames: Williams

Date: 9 Mar 1999

Query: I am looking for information about the Williams' found on the page 122 of Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co, KS, Vol. I: Patrick McCorkle Williams, his wife Lieucetta Perren Williams--these people lived in IL in the mid 1800's. On the same page is Susan Williams and Carol Colleen Williams. Can you tell me what their relationship is to Patrick and Lieucetta? Or if it doesn't say how they are related, does the book mention why Patrick and Lieucetta are in it? I know they died in IL, but maybe some children moved to KS that I don't know about.

Sally WilliamsJSWARIES@aol.com

Response: Vol. 1 - "Histories and Stories of Miami County, Kansas" - page 122 - Carol Colleen WILLIAMS and her husband, Howard Kenneth BLEDSOE, were the parents of Howard Randall BLEDSOE, born 17 September 1956, at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas. Howard Randall BLEDSOE married Kathy Ellen CARAWAY on 26 June 1976. Her parents were: Kenneth LeRoy CARAWAY and Loreen Elizabeth WALDEN. There is more information on the descendants of Kenneth LeRoy and Loreen, if you want it.

Also from p. 122 -Susan WILLIAMS and Edward CARLIN were the parents of Dwight Patrick CARLIN, born 22 November 1884 - died 30 January 1950. Susan WILLIAMS was the daughter of Patrick McCorkle WILLIAMS and Lieucetta PERREN. Edward CARLIN was born in Leurickshire, Scotland and came to America as a boy. There is more information on the descendants of Dwight Patrick CARLIN and his wife, Paradine BASHAM, if you want it.

Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Roseberry

Date: 8 Mar 1999

Query: Would you please look up Frances Roseberry page 127 in Family Histories and Stories Vol. I and look up Betty M. Roseberry in Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS, Vol 3, page 276. We would like to know where she is buried and when she died. She is our great grandmother. Also looking for her son's death records, James T. Roseberry. We do not have a vol. or page for him. We do know that he died in June of 1965 in Kansas City, KS.

Hazel Murray Hazel.Murray@PSS.Boeing.com

Response: From Vol. 1 - "Histories & Stories of Miami County, Kansas" p 127 - There is a story about John Melvin CHITWOOD. His mother was Margaret Catherine ROSEBERRY and his father was Joshua Melvin CHITWOOD. There is a picture of the CHITWOOD family about 1923. In the picture John's Aunt Frances ROSEBERRY HALL and John's mother Margaret Catherine ROSEBERRY CHITWOOD are the first two on the left hand side. There is no other information about the ROSEBERRY family.

From Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS, Vol. 3, p. 276, Paola Cemetery, Sander's Addition I, Row 5, Lot 40 - Roseberry, Betty M. 1903-1981, Roseberry, Marion D. 1903-1975.

Sean Furniss, Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Beeson

Date: 5 Mar 1999

Query: I am seeking the place of burial of Herman (actually the name is Harmon) V. Beeson 1809-1886 who died in Paola. He is listed in the index under Vol. 3, page 470.

Bill Mitchell mitchell@netwalk.com

Response: Vol. 3 - "Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas" - Paola Cemetery, Oak Grove Addition, p. 469, Row 2, Lot 202, Beeson, Jesse Dore - son of John S and Dora A. Beeson d 25 Dec 1874. p. 470, Row 3, Lot 202, Beeson, Rachel A. b 16 June 1812 Hagerstown, ME; Beeson, Richard H. b 25 Sep 1841 d 15 Oct 1869 Vicksburg, MS, Co D 1st KS Inf.; Beeson, Herman V. b 15 Jan 1809, d 28 May 1888; (Beeson) Mother (Mrs. J. S.); (Beeson) Father (John S.); Blank stone against tree (possibly Ellen G. Beeson); p. 471, Row 4, Lot 202, Beeson, Glendora 5 Mar 1861 - 10 Feb 1904.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Antisdel

Date: 1 Mar 1999

Query: I would like to get a copy of the Antisdel family information from p. 84 of Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co., KS, Vol I.


Response: In Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co., KS, Vol I, p. 84-85, there are approximately 6 column inches relating to the family of Robert A. Antisdel (b 29 Sep 1923 Corning, IA, son of Harley C. Antisdel and Fern Erickson) and Bonnie Peckenpaugh (b 6 Aug 1925 Omaha, NE, dau of Frank A. Peckenpaugh and Jessie Burkholder).

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Dale, Roberts

Date: 28 Feb 1999

Query: I am researching Alice Viola ROBERTS (b 16 Jan 1860, d 1 Dec 1934) mar 9 Dec 1880 to John L. DALE (b 24 May 1855, d 9 Aug 1937). Both Alice and John were supposedly born and married in MO but arrived in Miami Co., KS in the mid 1890's. They lived in Miami and Franklin Co., KS, and were living in/near Wellsville at the time of their death. Alice's father was William ROBERTS. Any help would be appreciated.

Steve Maul stevemaul@bigfoot.com

Query Surnames: Slatten

Date: 27 Feb 1999

Query: Would like whatever info you have on L. Slatten and Mary Slatten index 236v1


Response: Vol. 3 - "Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas" p. 236 - Stanton Cemetery, located SW 1/4 of NW 1/4 of NW 1/4 of SW 1/4 of Section 26, Township 17, Range 21 in Miami Co, KS - Row 14 - Lot 19 - SLATTEN, L., 1814-1892; Lot 20 - SLATTEN, Mary, 1816-1910 "wife"

Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Chandler

Date: 27 Feb 1999

Query: Please lookup Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co, Kansas Vol.1, Chandler, J. F. 11, 430, Chandler, J. L. J. 430, and Chandler, T. J. 11. I'm looking for any info on the John Chandler family. He was born about 1856 in KS. He was a farmer. I believe his father was born in NC, and his mother born in MO., she was supposed to be Indian according to my grandmother. He married Margaret McCamish, and had at least one child, Dove Edna b.1889. She was my great grandmother.

John Watts 5jwatts@gte.net

Response: From Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co, KS, Vol I, p. 11, Information relating to the settlement of Mound Creek Township. "J. F. and T. J. Chandler moved in on July 3, 1856. ... The first child born was Frances M. Chandler, September 14, 1856." p. 430, Information related to the Miami County National Bank. "Original shareholders were: ... J. F. Chandler, J. L. J. Chandler, ..."

From Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co, KS, Vol II, p. 124. J. L. J. Chandler is John Landon Jefferson Chandler (born 7 Nov 1826 Stewertstown, Coos Co, NH, father Jonathan Chandler, mother Sarah Small) married 1st Clarrinda Husted, married 2nd Mary Ann Wagner (born 14 Aug 1847 Elkhart, IN, father Jacob Wagner, mother Susan Arnold), brother J. F. Chandler (no additional information about him)

From Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS, Vol. I, p. 252, Chandler Cemetery, Mound Township: Catherine wife of J. F. Chandler, d 3 Feb 1868, age 32y 8m 27d; Mary E. P. M. dau of J. F. and C. Chandler d 22 Oct 1868 age 1y 5m 21d. From Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS, Vol III, p. 429, Paola Cemetery, Oak Grove Addition, Row 16, Lot 262: Chandler, Emma A. Mother 3 Jan 1857 - 30 Dec 1938; Chandler, Emily J. dau of J. F. and G d 5 Dec 1879 age 15y 9m 3d; Chandler, Jonathan d 26 Oct 1881 age 85y 5m 12d; Chandler, J. F. d 1 Apr 1886 age 52y 11m 4d; Chandler, Nancy B wife of J. F. Chandler d 6 Aug 1883 age 52y 5m 23d.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Long

Date: 25 Feb 1999

Query: I am seeking information about my grandfather Edward E. LONG. I am descended from David LONG and Miron (Myron) LONG, and Madison, brothers that immigrated to Miami Co c1857/58 from Ohio. Sons of Abner LONG. Originally were in Linn Co but kicked off Indian Land to Miami Co. We are from Ware LONG of Culpepper, VA. I find David and Myron in 1870 census Sugarcreek Twshp as farmers with families but no Madison. David is my great grandfather. David died 23 Jan 1890 and is buried in Pleasanton Ks Cemetery in GAR section.

David was married three times that we know of: Barbara ? w/5 children, John, Olive, Barbara, Nancy (1870 census-domestic, age 14 w/John Coleman Family), Lourda. Next wife was Mahaleth DIXON BAKER (BARKER) married 9/20/1862 in Middlecreek Twshp, divorced, w/4 children, J. William, George G., Ulyses (Uleases in 1870 census), and Alfred.

On May 16,1886 he married Mary E. HOUGH in Trading Post Ks. We are attempting to find children she brought into the marriage. Her previous surnames were (as we know them) KYLE, (KILE) Freeman (husband married 30 May 1865), HOUGH, and KENNEDY after David died. Mary KENNEDYdied in 1938 and is buried in Pleasanton w/her daughter Estelle (born 1868-d 1940) in lot 388 along with her husband, ? KENNEDY. Mary was born 8 Oct 1845 in Shelby, IN.

Bob Long sbear5360@aol.com

Query Surnames: Fowler

Date: 25 Feb 1999

Query: I am looking for info on John Wilson Fowler who lived in Spring Hill, Miami,KS. I know he was there in 1875 to 1880. He was born 1842 died 1921. First Wife Cynthea Swartz Fowler.1840-1881. I would like information about his 2nd marriage, if he died there.

Evelyn ohwell@pacifier.com

Query Surnames: Hagen

Date: 25 Feb 1999

Query: I am looking for burial record for Cordelia Hagen 85-V2. Also, if you don't mind, there are four other Hagen's listed in index (all 85-V2). Charles B; Henry; John; Wilhamenia. Also looking for the info on Mardel Green Hagen and Kelly Hagen listed in the family history index, page 292.

Steve Stroh strohsix@email.msn.com

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS, Vol II, p. 85, Old Louisburg Cemeterey, Row 2, Lot M143: Hagen, Wilhamena 1871-1887; Hagen, Henry 1872-1900; Hagen, John 1840-1908 Co D 4NY Vol Cav; Cordelia E. 1841-1929; Charles B. 1882-1944. You should check the Miami Co Newspapers for possible obituaries and the Natl Archives Military Records for possible information.

In Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co., KS, Vol I, p. 292 Mardel GREEN married Kelly HAGEN. Mardel's parents were Louise and Richard GREEN. Her grandparents were Helen PATTERSON (b. 11 July 1910) and Willard DOWNING and her grandparents were George Lewis "Lou" (b. 5 July 1876) PATTERSON and Minnie Elton (b. 13 Jan1884) WHITAKER m 27 Nov 1907. The great-grandparents were Alexander and Ellen PATTERSON; and John William Whitaker and Mary Evaline (PITMAN) WHITAKER.

Sean Furniss, Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Cooper

Date: 24 Feb 1999

Query: I am requesting a lookup from the Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas. I would like to get any available information on Michael Cooper who is listed in the index as being on Page 41 of Volume 3. His wife, Mary A. Cooper is also listed on the same page, and I would also like to get information on her.

Dave Ziegler dziegler@rssm.com

Response: Cemeteries of Miami County Vol. 3 - Elmdale Cemetery - Osawatomie, KS at Main & 169 Hwy - Row 13 - COOPER, Michael, 1847-1928 (I.H.S.) separate stone "Father", COOPER, Mary A., his wife, 1846-1927 separate stone "Mother" There is a possiblity that the Miami County Genealogy Society, P. O. Box 123 66071 may have the funeral home records from Osawatomie for that time period.

Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Grover, Gruver

Date: 19 Feb 1999

Query: I am interested in the Gruver/Grover records in Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS. Vol. II, that are found on pages 28, 29, 36, 46, 47, 149, and 198.

Rena Worthen doreatr@rbnet.com

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, Vol II, Old Hillsdale Cemetery (includes all the records for pp 28, 29, 36, 46 and 47), p. 28 Gruver, Homer S. 5 Feb 1873 - 22 Jul 1964; Gruver, Alethia E. 7 Aug 1882 - 26 Mar 1946; Gruver, John B. Missouri Lieutenant (JG) USNavy WWI 13 Feb 1912 - 15 Oct 1971; Gruver, Isaac Henry sone of Homer S. and Alethia E. Gruver, 12 Jul 1913 - 30 Oct 1913; p. 29 Gruver, dau of B. and M. d 28 Dec 1879; Gruver, Isaac d 16 Oct 1886 age 77y 6m 27d; Gruver, Nancy wife of Isaac d 28 Jan 1880 aged 71y; Campbell, Nina 1871-1889 [buried in Gruver lot]; Gruver, George W. d 4 Nov 1876 aged 43y; p. 36 Gruver, Pliny son of Isaac and Martha 19 Oct 1868 - 4 Feb 1908; Gruver, Isaac 1845-1913 Civil War; Gruver, Martha his wife 1847-1940; Gruver, Charley 1878-1942; Gruver, Perry 21 Feb 1871 - 14 Feb 1945;; Gruver, Nellie M. 6 Sep 1872 - 19 Feb 1948; p. 46 Gruver, A. D. 14 Feb 1840 - 6 Oct 1903; p. 47 Gruver, Glennie B. dau of A. D. and S. M. Gruver 8 Apr 1892 - 11 Jan 1904; Gruver, Susan M. 1856-1929. Scott Valley Cemetery, p. 149 Gruver, James I. 1886-1967; Gruver, Minnie E. 1889-1965; Gruver, Charles E. son of J. I. and Minnie 6 Jun 1920. Lane Cemetery, Franklin Co, p. 198 Grover, F. and M. (twins) 1904-1904; Grover, Farris B. 28 Aug 1875 - 10 Oct 1944; Grover, Manda M. 22 Oct 1875 - 17 Dec 1967; Grover, W. T. 1841 - 6 (16?) Jan 1915; Grover, Ephra 1856-1918; Grover, Ina Mae Servais 1916- 13 May 1981; Grover, Thomas no dates.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Gerken, Kettler, Kriethe, Tinken

Date: 14 Feb 1999

Query:My great great grandmother was Geshe Gerken. She was born near Bremen, in Hannover Province Germany. She married Friederich Wilhlem Tinken (Tienken) who was born at the same place. In 1857 they emigrated to America to near Cole Camp, Benton Co., MO (according to the obituary of their son Martin Tinken). They had six known (to me) children: Martin, Fred, Geshe Adelheit (my great grandmother), Louis, Meta & Anna. In 1865 they moved to Block community, near Paola, Kansas. Can anyone connect Gesche Gerken Tinken to any other Gerkens, either at Block, Paola or Benton/Morgan Counties, MO.?

I am researching the Friederich TIENKEN (TINKEN) family: Friederich Wilhelm TIENKEN b.15 Jan 1816 Hanover, GE, + Gesche GERKEN b. ca. 1822, near Bremen, Hanover, GE. They emigrated to Missouri (Benton County) in 1857. Moved to Miami County ca. 1865. Children: Friederich (Fred), Meta (m. Jacob Timken, Nov. 1869, Block, KS), Martin, Louis, Gesche Adelheit (m. Frederick Louis 'August' (Gus) Kettler 3 Dec 1885, Block), Anna (Wendte), and Heinrich (Henry). Friederich ("Fritz" in Morgan County MO Census 1860) was a blacksmith. I have consulted the Block Cemetery records as transcribed by Louis Reed.

I seek information on the death of and burial place of (Johann) Louis Kettler, b. 1821, Hanover Province, Germany. Moved to Block, KS, from Wheeling, WVa, by way of LaHarpe, IL, in 1870. Father of William b. 1849, Louis b. 1855 & Augusta b. 1857? (by first wife, name unknown); of Henry b. 1860, Frederick Louis 'August' b. 1862, Christian H. b.1864, Louise (Woodbury) b. ca. 1867, & Child b & d. Mar 1870 (by second wife Rosine Helene Groska Kettler, who died 1873); and of Jacob George Louis Heinrich 'Arthur' Kettler b. 1876 Block (by third wife Marie Elise Engelbert, married 21 Feb 1875, Trinity Church, Block). All of (Johann) Louis's children except the unnamed Child and Arthur were born in Wheeling. The family seems appear as "Hattler?" in the transcription of the 1870 census, Miami Co., Osage Twp. I do not know when, how or where (Johann) Louis Kettler died or was buried. I have information on the descendents of his sons Louis, Henry, August & Christian. Would also appreciate information on descendents of his other children.

I am interested in the records in Cemeteries of Miami County Kansas, vol. III: Kettler, Louis 321-V3, and in Vol. I: Tinken, Friedrich p. 24, Tinken, Heinrich p 24, Kriesthe, Gesthe p. 27. I would like to know if Index of Miami County Residents and Taxpayers of 1878 has any references to Kettler (or Ketler), Louis; Kettler, Mary (or Elise Marie).

Mary Ann Kettler Mulford hmulford@eos.net

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami County Kansas, vol. III, p. 321, Paola Cemetery, North Adition I, Row 9, Lot 146: Kettler, Katie Durst 1862-1937 Mother, Kettler, Louis 1855-1940 Father. From Cemeteries of Miami County Kansas, vol. I, Block Cemetery of Trinity Luthern Church, p. 24, Row 2, Tinken, Friedrich b 1816 d 16 May 1870, Tinken, Friedrich b 1850 d 19 Sep 1881, Tinken, Heinrich b 1858 d 16 May 1870, p. 25, Row 4 Timken, Theodore E. b 1893 d 5 Jun 1894, Tinken, Clarence M. b 1889 d 22 Apr 1889, Row 7 Kriethe, Gesthe b 1828 d 7 Oct 1908.

From the book Miami County Residents and Taxpayers of 1878, published by the Miami County Genealogy Society. In Miami Township, page 5, there is a mention of KETTLER, W (age 41) and M (age 39). In Valley Atlas Township, page 34, there is mention of KETTLER, Louis Est (Estate(?)).

Sean Furniss , Sean Furniss, John M. Baker JBaker1516@aol.com, http://members.aol.com/JBaker1516/index.html
Query Surnames: Legner, Thomas

Date: 13 Feb 1999

Query: I am looking for the records from the Miami County Cemeteries publication. Looking for Joseph Legner and Mary Goebel Legner listed in Cemeteries of Miami County, V2, page 101 and for George A. Thomas and Dora A. Thomas V3, page 604.

Rosemary Crouchrjcrouch@uswest.net

Response: From Vol 2 - "Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas" - Page 101 - Old Louisburg Cemetery - located in Louisburg, KS - Row 20 - Lot C 78 - MEINECKE, Nora C. (LEGNER) wife of L. A., Apr 25, 1884-Dec 15, 1907 LEGNER, J. (Joseph) T., Jan 22, 1853-Aug 16, 1931, LEGNER, Mary A., his wife, Sept 4, 1856-Feb 16, 1930, McGUIRK, Edward J. (Joseph), Apr 22, 1883-Jul 17, 1952, McGUIRK, Nettie Rose, 1886-1973

From Vol. 3 - "Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas" - Page 604 - Glenwide Cemetery (Job Addition) - located in West Line, Cass County, MO - THOMAS, Dora A., 1852-Apr 17, 1947, THOMAS, George A., Mar 21, 1842-Nov 29, 1922

Lorene Fort

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