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Query Surnames: Hitchcock

Date: 9 Feb 1999

Query: Sarah Ann Price HITCHCOCK, wife of Isaac Perdue HITCHCOCK died around Paola, Miami Co KS in 1874. Son, Milton Monroe was born February 13, 1874. Younger broth Walter L. was born 1872. More complete dates or other data needed. Harvey CUNNINGHAM raised or adopted Milton HITCHCOCK.

Hitchcock c/o Robert Hawkinshavveye@execpc.com

Query Surnames: Wyrick

Date: 4 Feb 1999

Query: I am doing Wyrick family history, and found a Leo Wyrick in your Miami County cemetery index. There was a Wyrick who moved to that area but everyone in the family has lost contact with him and his descendants. The number beside his name was 495-V3. I wondered if you could tell me anything about this person, his birth or death dates, if they are available in the index? Thank you

Debbie WyrickDebWyrick@aol.com

Response: Vol. 3 - "Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas" - Page 495 - Paola Cemetery Elmwood Addition (North half) - Row 3 - Lot 160 - WYRICK, Leo - 1892-1915 "Gone But Not Forgotten", AUSTIN, Harold - 1919-1922, JOHNSON, Rev. C. H. - January 10, 1892-April 12, 1915, (ELI), Marjory - Infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Bryan ELI 1923 (Angel). The other people are buried in the same Lot 160, but may or may not be related.

Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Binns

Date: 4 Feb 1999

Query: Thanks so much for offering your help in Miami Co. - never thought I would find them here!....Looking for Richard and Luna Lee Binns p 262 V3 of Cem recs and Clara Ellen Binns in Family Histories p 207, 208+p....really appreciate this - g. uncle of my husband....this is great. This is wonderful but mysterious - Ella is not in our family tree and it as opened a real can of worms here....thanks for the lead, another path to tread.

Laurane Nash familyties@rttinc.com

Response: Vol. 3 - "Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas" - Page 262 - Osawatomie Cemetery - located Northwest of Osawatomie, KS at the intersection of Osawatomie Road and 327th Street - Row 21 (going North) - BINNS - Richard G. - March 28, 1876-March 4, 1959, BINNS - Luna L. - November 22, 1882-February 25, 1957 (Eastern Star) Vol. 1 - "Family Histories & Stories of Miami County, Kansas" - Pages 207-208 - Frank Alvin HOPPE was born to William F. and Ella BINNS HOPPE on October 25, 1899 in Stephenson County, Illinois. In 1919, the HOPPE family moved to a farm 5 miles North of Fontana, after a short stay in Texas where they had resided for 2 years, having moved there from Illinois. There are 3 more paragraphs, but no more mention of any BINNS family members. They are a listing of the family of Frank Alvin HOPPE.

Lorene Fort, John M. Baker
Query Surnames: Baptiste, Dagenette, Peoria

Date: 3 Feb 1999

Query: I am seeking information about the Peoria's from Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS - Peoria, Baptiste 441-V3, Peoria, Elizabeth 441-V3, Peoria, Nancy 441-V3


Response: Vol 2 - "Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas" - Hillsdale Cemetery (New) - located in Hillsdale, KS on South side of road and East of church - Pg. 49, Lot #108 - DAGENETT, Victor, 1899-1975 "Uncle", REIMAN, Fred E., Mus 2 U.S. Navy July 13, 1893-Dec. 17, 1974 Amer. Leg.; Lot #142 - DAGENETT, Mary E., 1899-1986 "Mother"; Pg. 60 - Lot #161 - DAGENETTE, Donald, 1888-1969 "Father", DAGENETTE, Minnie, 1898-1934 "Mother"; Pg. 61- Lot #160 - CROW, J. Herschel, 1868-1947, LYON, James M., 1852-1933, DAGENETT, John B., 1860-1944 "Father", DAGENETT, Laura B., 1868-1932 "Mother"

Louisburg Cemetery - Located in Louisburg, KS - Pg. 101 - Row 20 - Lot 581 - DEJARNETTE, Marie, 1913-1973; Pg. 115 - Row 4 - Lot 346 - DAGENETTE, Robert E., 1871-1934 "Father" Leg., DAGENETTE, Della L., 1876-1964 "Mother", Pg. 118 - Row 7 - Lot 349-DAGENETTE, Charlie, May 7, 1864-Dec. 15, 1951, SMITH, Leona B., 1894-1958, MASON, James LeRoy, 1882-1954 Military marker, BRITT, Thomas Oscar, Oct. 5, 1884-Jan. 19, 1952 (These may or may not be relatives!)

St. Mary's Cemetery - located in Louisburg, KS - Row 3 of SW Section - DAGENETT, Noel, Nov. 19, 1827-Dec. 26, 1911

Vol. 3 - "Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas" - Paola Cemetery - Oak Grove Addition, southern half - Section I - (According to City Hall Records - All Indian graves in Lot 397 were moved from the Old Cemetery in the North part of town in 1910 by David Lykins Peery who was adopted by the Confederated Peoria tribe in 1854 (his Indian name was Me Shin Go Me Shia), and was married to Elizabeth Peoria, daughter of Baptiste Peoria.) This move was approved by the City Council. - Row 3 - Lot 397 - BAPTISTE, Samuel F. (Kil Son Sah) son of Baptiste Peoria - Died Dec. 11, 1861, age 21 yr 9 mo - The grandfather of the deceased was a Piankishaw Chief & his grandmother a Miami woman. BAPTISTE, unknown, Died Oct. 17, 1861, aged 1 yr 1 mo 17 days, WADSWORTH, James, died March 6, 1866, aged 26 yrs, PASCAL, Amanda (Ke Ge Tah No Quah) wife of Luther Paschal, died May 23, 1859, aged 30 yrs (According to the history of Paola, Kansas, Amanda was the daughter of Baptiste Peoria), MELSEY, John, died March 23, 1867, aged 25 yrs 13 days, PEORIA, Nancy - Sacred - died Feb. 14, ___? (Top part of stone unreadable), ROGERS, Thomas (Che Swa Wa), died May 1, 1867, aged 48 yrs (Thomas Rogers was the chief of the Peoria Indians, in 1854), (BRIDGES) "FATHER" (Solomon), (BRIDGES) "MOTHER" (Catherine), (BRIDGES) Homer, (BRIDGES) Frank, BRIDGES, Christopher C., died Dec. 24, 1887, aged 33 yr 8 mo 6 days (verse unreadable)

There has been so much written about the Baptiste Peoria family. One thing that comes to mind is the fact that "Mother" BATISTE (note spelling) did not move to Indian Territory (OK) with her husband, Baptiste Peoria. She stayed in Miami County and is buried here. Like Eleanor Roosevelt, "Mother" BATISTE was a person in her own right. She had her own ideas and was valued for the person she was. Not for the person her husband was!

Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Debrick

Date: 1 Feb 1999

Query: My great grandmothers relatives came to Paola, Kanas where they lived . Her name was Pauline Alvina Debrick (born 3 Mar 1871 Paola, KS) and her parents were John and Elizabeth A. (Cebart) Debrick. In Germany the name was spelled Debrich. They came to the states on 14 Mar1863. Any information would be appreciated.


Query Surnames: Kyle

Date: 29 Jan 1999

Query: I am interested in the information on Kyle found on p. 200-V1 and p. 151-V2 of Cemeteries of Miami Co. KS. My great grandmother Sara Rose Kyle married Henry Benjamin Laffery on 24 Mar 1873.

Walter R. TuckerWTucker42@aol.com

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas, Vol. I, p. 200, Spring Grove Cemetery, 5.5 miles sw of Osawatomie, KS, Row M, Lot 9, Kyle, Phillip d 8 Aug 1872, age 64y 7m 8d, Kyle, Catharine d 22 Jan 1872, age 58 y 4m 4d wife. From Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas, Vol. II, p. 151, Scott Valley Cemetery, Highland Twp, Row 5, Lot 30S, Kyle inf dau 1870, Kyle, James A. 1842-1871, Kyle, Samuel 1837-1924 Civil War, Kyle, Eliza H. wife 1836-1912.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Brand

Date: 29 Jan 1999

Query: I am searching for information on the Brand surname. Fred and Mary BRAND.

Brenda Bradley bb@iland.net

Response: I did not find Fred & Mary BRAND in the Miami County Residents and Tax Payers of 1878. I also checked the three cemetery books I have for Miami County and did not find them there either. The closest I came to what you're looking for was Fred (b. 1911) married to Fern.

John M. Baker
Query Surnames: Johnson

Date: 25 Jan 1999

Query: I'm looking for one Walter B. Johnson. Somewhere I've got page 200 of Miami Co. Genealogy Society 1988m Vol. II. I think he was killed in the Spanish-American War.

Rose RMcRR3@aol.com

Response: This information is from the book Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas, Volume II, published by the Miami County Genealogy Society. Page 200, which is for the Lane Cemetery, in Franklin County lists the following: JOHNSON, Walter B. September 15, 1911 - December 5, 1924

Walter is listed among several other JOHNSONs, which I include here in case they are related. I cannot tell from the book if they are all contiguous graves. It appears to simply be a listing of all JOHNSONs in the cemetery (much like an index listing). Is says the information in parentheses is from death records and not from the headstone reading. Arrena 1841 - (May 1) 1907, Nelson 1813 - (April 12, 1910), Phillip September 7, 1844 - March 15, 1930, Mary E. November 13, 1847 - April 9, 1904, E.V. December 15, 1873 - December 9, 1901, Sarah F. (Ross) January 17, 1882 - March 15, 1966, Wyatt W. December 8, 1877 - October 11, 1931, Walter B. appears here in the listing, Delores Fern Infant daughter of L.B. & F. 1933, Joe (Joseph H.) May 10, 1867 - April 25, 1928, Nora February 27, 1880 - June 3, 1949, Lyle 1918 - 1950, Amanda Lucinda June 28, 1866 - December 23, 1938, George F. June 10, 1863 - October 15, 1954, Arthur J. 1902 - (December 2) 1960, Mary G. (Servais) 1899 -----

John M. Baker
Query Surnames: Dessert

Date: 23 Jan 1999

Query: I am trying to find cousins that are related thru Wilma S Dessert and Louis C Dessert who lived in Osawatomie, Kansas. They owned a gas station there I have been told. I checked the cemetery index and found them listed with the reference 216 V 3. I know they had children so I am hoping to find an obit once I get a good date of death and from the obit perhaps a clue to where their children might be. Do you have any further information on them in your resources?


Response: Volume III of the Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas, for the Osawatomie Cemetery, which is northwest of the town at Osawatomie Road and 327th Street. The DESSERTs you seek are listed as being in Section III, Row 11, with the following information: DESSERT, Wilma S. 1899 - 1985, DESSERT, Louis C. 1897 - 1975 Married 1921 In "A Town Between Two Rivers, Osawatomie, Kansas, 1854-1954", published in 1954, it reads, "There are ten oil and gasoline service stations in the city ..." and continues on to list them along with their owners/operators. The DESSERT surname is not among them.

John M. Baker
Query Surnames: Rose

Date: 22 Jan 1999

Query: Can you look in Family Histories Book information on: Rose, Charles E. 263, Rose, Samuel Edward 263

Norma Karternckarter@flash.net

Response: Here is an abstract of the information: "Family Histories and Stories of Miami County, Kansas" Vol I, p 263. Charles E. ROSE married 25 February 1891 (place unk.) to Mary Virginia McKEE (8 Dec 1868 Lafayette Co, MO - 2 Apr 1965 Lawerence, KS) Mary's father, Samuel Edward McKEE (20 Jan 1843 Frederick Co, VA - 5 Dec 1923 Miami Co, KS) promised to give a good mule to each of his grandson's, including Samuel Edward ROSE. Mary's mother was Martha Ann EMMART (b. 17 Feb 1844 Hampshire Co, VA) married Samuel 15 Dec 1864. Samuel was the son of Robert McKEE & Elizabeth McMORRIS. Martha Ann was the daughter of Abraham William EMMART & Elizabeth Jane VANCE.

Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Day, Genthe, Rowe

Date: 18 Jan 1999

Query: Can you please send me the information for the Family History and Stories of Miami county on Susan A. Day page 67 and Susan Scholfield Day page 145 and the information from Cemeteries of Miami Co for Frank C Rowe and Mattie Rowe on Page 195 Volume 1? I am also looking for information about Frank ROWE who was in 1903 in Miami County, KS. His mother died and he and his sister were taken to the Children's Friend Orphanage in Topeka by his grandmother. He was adopted by Herman and Barbara Genthe. They changed his name to Edwin Genthe. Frank does not know his birth parents names, but his grandmother's name was Susan Day.

Norma Karternckarter@flash.net

Response: From Family Histories and Stories, Vol. I. p. 67 has a picture of District No. 94 School (Deer Creek) Mound Township, the captions says "August 10, 1882, one acre of land was deeded to the school district by David F. Day and Susan A. Day, his wife. $5.00, for Deer Creek School. p. 145 about 3 column inches related to Travis and Nancy Day written by Dorothy Barrett Keeler. Information about him, his parents, his wife, her parents and their children. Information about the children includes the following: "David married Martha Hayes, afterward Susan Scholfield." No further information about David or Susan is shown. Also noted is that Travis and Nancy Day were "... buried in the Old Day Family Cemetery on their farm near Beagle. This cemetery is in poor condition. In 1981, three headstones, Travis Day, Martha Day and baby Day, were found among 38 family members buried there."

Volume I of the Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas, for the Spring Grove Cemetery, which is 5.5 miles Southwest of Osawatomie, Miami Co., KS, on Highway 169, then 1 mile West. The ROWEs you seek are listed as being in the West Section, Row G, Lot # 2, with the following information: ROWE, Frank C. 1854 - 1937; ROWE, Mattie 1869 - 1946. In Lot # 3, there is listed: ROWE, Elvira, who died January 22, 1888, aged 73 years, 3 months, 28 days.

Sean Furniss, John M. Baker
Query Surnames: Lee

Date: 16 Jan 1999

Query: I am looking for information on Samuel Viers Lee. He supposedly had children born in Miami Co. in 1878 and 1879. His wife's name may have been Emma. His children were Harry Edward Lee b. Apr 8, 1878 and Cora May Lee b. Sep. 27, 1879.

Darrell G. Lee leedg@worldnet.att.net

Query Surnames: Pettibone

Date: 15 Jan 1999

Query: I would like information from the cemetery records - Pettibone, Elizabeth 139-V2, Pettibone, John 139-V2.

Steve and Connie Hodson connie_hodson@bc.sympatico.ca

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas, Vol. II, p. 139, Rock Creek Cemetery located in Section 30, Twp 15, Range 22. Row 1: Woodward, C.A. 1850-1924; Woodward, Abigail Pettibone his wife 1861-1918; Pettibone, John 20 Dec 1827 - 6 Aug 1898 Mason; Pettibone, Elizabeth his wife 1832-1914 Eastern Star.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Bratton

Date: 14 Jan 1999

Query: I am interested in the following Cemetery Record - Carl A Bratton, 91-V2

Becky Cockrum showtime@centex.net

Response: Vol. 2 - "Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas" - Page 91 - Louisburg Cemetery - Old Section - Row 6 - Lot M 93 - BRATTON, Carl A. - 1181-1908 (The 1st date is obviously a typo. Could be 1811 or 1881?) PETERS, Stella Isabell, of Jefferson Co, IN - Aug. 11, 1881-Dec. 11, 1898 HUTCHINISON, Charles Lewis - 1886-1964 (*American Legion marker - means military) HUTCHINSON, Ethel L. - 1892-19__ (Stones read in 1976 & 1988. She probably died aft 1988)

Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Cox, Hobbs

Date: 9 Jan 1999

Query: Seeking information on Martha Ellen Hobbs (b. 3 Apr 1856 Miami Co, KS; d. 28 Aug 1948 Longrun, Ozark Co, MO), believed to be the daughter of Henry Cox, brother Fred Cox. On 13 Dec 1876, she m. Newberry Hobbs (b. 18 Apr 1856; d. 20 Nov 1928 Longrun, MO). Children: 1) Henry Martin (1877-1936) m. Cora Gladden; 2) Mary Ellen (1880-1944) m. James Barton Sallee; 3) Alexander Hobbs (1882-1957) m. Millie Derrick; 4) Joel Zeb (1884-1971) m. Elizabeth Pratt; 5) Ada Bell (1887-1925) m. Jack Smith; 6) Benjamin Harrison (1889-1970) m. Martha Taber; 7) Thomas Blaine (1891-1970) m. Eliza Hampton; and 8) William Kelley (1896-1961) m. Nellie Robertson.

Joyce Willhoit willhoit@sound.net

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