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Query Surnames: Childs, Tomlinson

Date: 18 Nov 1998

Query: I did find in the cemetary index the following people evidently buried in the same plot - 443-V3: Daniel Childs, John Childs, Sarah B. Childs, Ralph Tomlinson, Allie E. Tomlinson. Sally C. Childs is listed as 442-V3. I wonder if V3 is for Oak Grove Cemetary in Paola? I would really like to find out more about my roots along these lines. Do you have any suggestions?

Ralph Tomlinson came to this county some time before 1889 from somewhere "up north". He married Allie Eona Childs 2/14/1889. Allie was daughter of Daniel Childs and Sally C. ?, long time residents of the area. Allie died 10/11/1895 in Paola and left my grandfather, Clifford Childs Tomlinson without a mother. Some time later Ralph remarried to someone called "Lizzie". This is about all I know about this family.

Robert M. Tomlinson Badge600@ix.netcom.com

Response: In Cemeteries of Miami County, KS, Vol. III, pp. 442-443, Oakgrove Addition, Paola Cemetery - Row 5, Lot 10: Williams, Orran - 1886-1918; (Tomlinson) A. E. T. (footstone); Young, Alex - Born in Troy, NY, b 13 Feb 1789, d 6 Jan 1871, "He built the Lady Elgin which was lost on Lake Michigan, by collision, and nearly 400 excursionists on board drowned"; Row 6, Lot 11: Childs, Sally C. - (North side) wife of Daniel Childs, d 7 Jan 1867, aged 43y 8m 26d (verse); Childs, John (West side) d 26 Oct 1896, aged 50y 7d; Childs, Daniel (South side) d 7 Jan 1895, aged 80y 6m 17d (At Rest); Childs, Sarah B. (East side) wife of Daniel Childs, 1822-1902; Mother Father in front of Childs headstone; Tomlinson, Allie E., wife of Ralph Tomlinson b 21 Mar 1861, d 11 Oct 1895 "Blessed are the young at heart for they shall see God"; S. C. (footstone); Williams, Malvina, daughter of Daniel Childs, b 19 Mar 1853, d 25 July 1910; Childs, John, Brother on top.

Vol. III, p 529, Elmwood Addition, Paola Cemetery, Row 22, Lot 193 - Tomlinson, Elizabeth (Walden), b 9 Oct 1868, d 17 Jan 1948; Tomlinson, Ralph, b 2 Dec 1860, d 18 Feb 1907. Vol. III, p. 313, North Addition I, Paola Cemetery, Row 10, Lot 60 - Tomlinson, Ralph W. - KS Wagoner Co. D 117 Ammo TN WWI, b 25 Aug 1892, d 4 June 1959; Tomlison, Susie, b 3 July 1885, d 8 Feb 1965 (The two stones are side by side but have different spellings).

Allie Tomlinson's was the daughter of Daniel Childs and Sarah Caroline (McKinney) Childs.

Sean Furniss, Lorene Fort, Gayle
Query Surnames: Quigley

Date: 15 Nov 1998

Query:I am looking for any information (graves, census, residents etc) on Joseph and Mary Quigley. The 1870 census of Wea Township, Miami County has them listed as residents. It also lists their daughters Ellen and Mary Quigley. I know that they had another son in 1875. However, sometime between 1875 and 1880, I have been unable to find out any information on them. In the 1880 census of Coffey County, Kansas all of their children are shown as living with their grandparents John and Mary McManus. I am trying to find any record I can of these two in Wea Township, Miami County, Kansas between 1875 and 1880. I would be so appreciative if you can find anything that would help me. Mary and Joseph Quigley are my great great grandparents.

Sue Hennershenner@home.com

Response: Joseph and Mary Quigley were recorded in the 1867 census for Wea Township but I didn't see them in the 1870 census for Wea. Also, an Olga Elizabeth Quigley married to William H. Smith is recorded in Family Histories and Stories, Vol. I, p. 307, under information shown for Howard L. and Mary Jane Becker Purvis. No additional information is shown.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Buffington, Eberhart

Date: 11 Nov 1998

Query: Jeremiah Buffington (b. 11 Sep 1827, spouse Anna Catherine Eberhart), after being discharged from the military in 1848, lists his residence as 5 years Osowatamie, Miami County, Kansas. I think it may have been between 1853 and 1860 , but it could have been between 1868 and 1878.. Are there any Buffingtons in Miami County, KS?

Trudy Spanier trudy@maui.net
Query Surnames: Buegel

Date: 5 Nov 1998

Query: I'm interested in Miami County because my 2ggrandfather John Buegel (after immigrating in 1858 or so, fighting in the Civil War (and keeping a diary later published), and then starting a family in St. Louis) moved to Block or Valley Twp in 1878 and farmed there and lived there until he died in 1916. They were a strong Lutheran family. They attended Trinity Lutheran in Paola, and John's sons by his first wife became a Lutheran pastor and a Lutheran teacher. Any information related to this family would be appreciated.

Paul Ramshaw pramshaw@csi.com
Query Surnames: Reynolds, Wilson

Date: 3 Nov 1998

Query: My Great Grandparents lived on a farm very close to John Browns look-out. I have fond memories of that farm in the mid 60's. My grandmother, who was from Paola, died in an accident in about 1942. Her name was Zada (Wilson) Reynolds. My grandfather, her husband, was Ernest Reynolds. After Zada's death the Wilsons (her parents) and my great grandparents Arthur and Faye Reynolds had a parting of the ways and never spoke again. As the result of this parting, Zada's three children never saw their grandparents, the Wilsons, again. I am the oldest child of one of Zada's children and would like to know my roots. I would like any information about my Wilson family.

Debbie (Reynolds) Bokelman bokels6@idir.net
Query Surnames: Craig, Ducket, Harris, Pringey

Date: 3 Nov 1998

Query: My ggrandfather Wyatt Mills DUCKETT, and Laura J. CRAIG were married in Miami County. On the marriage record it says they were married in Stanton, Miami Co. Is there such a town by that name yet? That could be where my grandmother lived with her parent's (Joseph CRAIG, and wife with maiden name of PRINGEY.)This could enable me to find out where they were from.

Could you please look to see if you have a Joseph CRAIG and wife as taxpayers of Miami County in 1878?

William Harris b Mar 1, 1826 d Jan 9, 1916, 116-Vol I

Marsha Clark jwmc51@usit.net

Response: Stanton is located in Stanton Twp, in the southwestern part of Miami County. Only a few buildings remain.

In the Index of Miami Co. Residents and Taxpayers of 1878 there were no listing under the name Joseph CRAIG. There is a listing for J. CREIG in Paola Township at PT1-17-23. Oddly enough, when looking on the maps, it shows 154.24 acres being owned by Mrs C.A. CRAIG. Also noticed other listings of an Archibald and a V.D. CRAIG while looking for Joseph, so there may be a lead for you here.

Volume I of the Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas, for the Mannen Cemetery in Stanton Township, Miami Co., KS, two references to a William HARRIS. In Lot #9, HARRIS, Susannah, died 11 Feb 1868, aged 42y 6m 5d "wife of Wm." In Lot #13, HARRIS, Mary M., died 21 Jan 1878, aged 43y, "wife of Wm."

John M. Baker, Lorene Fort, Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Fletcher, Horton

Date: 2 Nov 1998

Query: I am looking for information on my ggggrandmother, Elizabeth J. Fletcher, of Paola. She married Elgeva Victory Horton in 1850.

Ann Stone Stoneylane@aol.com

Query Surnames: Harrison

Date: 30 Oct 1998

Query: I am looking for any info on a Harrison family living in Lykins/Miami Co. during the years around 1850 to 1886? I've learned that sometime after 1850 a Harrison man and wife died on or about the same date, leaving children John, James, Silas, and Frances as orphans. The 1870 Kansas Census shows all children living with the Samuel Ball family; records show further that a William Culberson was made guardian of son Silas in 1873 and that Andrew and Martha Culberson adopted Frances about the same time. The two older sons apparently moved on soon and there is no trace found on their movements. The other two children were infants when their parents died and could not list the parents name on subsequent census'. Nobody knows the names of these parents.

Gary Collins Gcoll48820@aol.com

Response: I was browsing the recent queries, and saw your HARRISON post. I noticed the CULBERSON name and was wondering if you know of any connection between the William CULBERSON you mention, and mine (info follows)?

Husband: Frank Culberson, Wife: Ruhama (Ruth) Baker died at age: 96 (Born: 17 Jan 1873 in: Richland Twp, Warren Co., IA, Died: 29 Oct 1969, Buried: Beagle Cem., Beagle, Miami Co., KS, Father: William Winfield Baker, Mother: Elizabeth Jane Landon).

John M. Baker JBaker1516@aol.com
Query Surnames: Bell

Date: 25 Oct 1998

Query: I found my g-grandfather James BELL (b Dec 1858 IA) on the 1900 census for Marysville Twp. His wife was Prudence (b 1874 MO), sons - Alonzo (b May 1897 AR) and Ollie (b 1899 MO), my grandfather. I found a daughter, Ruth (b abt 1910 KS), living with Ollie in the 1920 census in Wyandotte Co. Am looking for any information on this family.

Belinda and Clint Forgy peculiar@ktis.net
Query Surnames: Rainey, Smith

Date: 23 Oct 1998

Query: Cemetery - Elsie G. Rainey 52-V 1, R.A. Smith 101-V 2 and Bessie Scott Smith 149-V1. I have an R.A. Smith that was married to a Bessie.

Kay Speigle Speiglemom@aol.com

Response: From Vol 1, p 52 - "Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas" - Fontana Cemetery - located in Fontana, KS - Second Addition - Lot #37 - Grave 156 - RAINEY, Ernest L. 1890 - 1951; Grave 157 - RAINEY, Elsie G. Dec. 28, 1893 - Apr. 27, 1972; Grave 158 - RAINEY, Kenneth L. May 7, 1917 - Apr. 18, 1918. From Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, Vol. I, p. 149 - New Lancaster Cemetery, Row E, Lot 205, Smith, Allen T. 1891-1945, "Our Dad" "Great Loves Live On", American Legion Marker, Lot purchased by Bessie Scott Smith. Also found in this lot but not necessarily related are two other individuals whose surname is believed to be Scott (Mary Elizabeth 17 May 1886 - 15 Mar 1970, Henry Rueben 15 Sep 1882 - 14 Oct 1925). From Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, Vol. II, p. 101 - Old Louisburg Cemetery, Row 1, Lot W 9,10, 5 names listed including Smith, infant dau of D. P. and R. A. d 4 Jan 1884.

Sean Furniss, Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Meek, Starry

Date: 21 Oct 1998

Query: Family Histories and Stories of Miami County, Kansas. I am looking for information for Beverly Starry, page 354. From Cemeteries of Miami County, KS, Vol. III, p. 135: A. F., David and Elizabeth A. Meek.

Jack Starry starry1@prodigy.net

Response: From Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co., KS, p. 354 - 355. There is about 11 column inches about the Nicholas, Nicholas, Jr. and Beverly C. Starry families under two family accounts written by Nin Mae Deniston. Also included is one 1 by 1.5 inch b&w photo of Beverly C. Starry. A summary of Beverly C. Starry information is as follows: b 1873, d 1941, son of Nicholas Harvey, Jr., and Sarah Jane, owned and operated a grocery store in Louisburg 43 years, married Elizabeth Greves, six children - Evelyn Starry Harbaugh, Wayne Starry, Ninae Mae Starry Deniston, Lucille Starry (d 1969, age 63), Beverly Starry, Jr., Dorothy Starry Tibbets.

Vol 3 - "Cemeteries of Miami County, KS" - Oakwood Cemetery - located next to the river bridge in Osawatomie, KS - Lot 32; ELDER, Nicholas D. - Mar. 1, 1868 - Apr. 3, 1936; ELDER, Minerva L. - Apr. 16, 1867 - Jan. 8, 1855; MEEK, A. F.; ELDER, Nickie - son of N. D. & M. L. Elder - Dec. 31, 1896 - July 28, 1906; ELDER, Ira O. - KS Corp US Army - Oct. 2, 1933 - Aged 45 yrs 7 mo; WRIGHT, Auber - 1881 - 1910; MEEK, A. F. (west side) 1854 - 1910; MEEK, Elizabeth A. (east side) wife of David Meek - Died Aug. 1, 1905 Aged 74 17 days; WRIGHT, Margaret (east side) - Dau. of E. A. Meek - Died Dec. 20 1891 Aged 40 yrs 4 mo 10 days (_______) Mother (Meek or Wright?)

Sean Furniss, Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Frakes

Date: 20 Oct 1998

Query: Could you please tell me the dates of death (and dates of birth if listed) for each of these people listed in the Miami County Cemetery books: Eliza Stanton and Jackson Frakes 95-V1; Clyde and Robert Frakes 1-V2; F. J., infant son and Nettie Frakes 549-V3; Edwin W., Ollie L. and Sterling P. Frakes 550-V3; Eben, Gerald S. and M. Ethel Frakes 598-V3.

Karen karen@fc.net

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, Vol. I, p. 95, Hodges Cemetery, 0.5 mi sw of Somerset - Row G, Lot 6, Frakes, Eliza Stanton d 28 June 1915, aged 81y 9m 25d; Lot 7, Frakes, Jackson d 9 Mar 1896, aged 66 y 10m 2d. From Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, Vol. II, p. 1, Antioch Cemetery 1 mi s of Spring Hill on Highway 169, A large memorial in the center front of the cemetery which reads "In honor of the boys of Dist. 11 who served in WW 1917-1918" Under Canadian Army are two names: Clyde Frakes and Robert Frakes. From Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, Vol. III, p. 549, Paola Cemetery, Row 16, Lot 394, Frakes, infant son of F. J. and Nettie Frakes, d 10 June 1930. From Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, Vol. III, p. 550, Row 19, Lot 394 - Frakes, Edwin W. 1894-1918 Evac. Amb. Co. 23 M.O.; Frakes Ollie L. 1867-1941; Frakes Sterling P. 1862-1936. From Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, Vol. III, p. 598, Glenwild Cemetery, West Line, Cass Co., MO, Frakes, M. Ethel 4 Feb 1898 - 15 Jan 1973; Frakes, Gerald S. 1926 - 1937; Frakes, Eben 1893 - 10 Jan 1933.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Copenhaver, Koppenheffer

Date: 18 Oct 1998

Query: I am interested in any information on Page 409 of the Families Histories and Stories of Miani Co.Kansas, about Henry Koppenheffer/Copenhaver or any other Copenhaver name that may be on that page. I think he may be a brother to my GG-Grandfather from PA.

Doris Rizza djrizz@westol.com

Response: From Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co., KS, p. 409, entry for Franklin Young, approximately 8 column inches, written by Nadine Eccles.

"Franklin Young, born in 1837, in Grayson County, Virginia, was the son of Fielden and Irena Phipps Young. He married Sarah Wolfe in 1860. Sarah was born in 1840, in Smyth County, Virginia, to Daniel and Elizabeth Copenhaver Wolfe. Her Palatine ancestor, Thomas Koppenheffer, immigrated to Pennsylvania from Rubligen, Germany, in 1732. The Koppenheffers (Copenhavers) later migrated to southwestern Virginia. Franklin served with the Virginia forces in the southern cause in the Civil War." Additional information about the Young family but no other mention of the Koppenheffers (Copenhavers).

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Sprague, Stephens

Date: 16 Oct 1998

Query: Evaline Sprague m. 1867 to John Stephens, lived in Miami Co. She was born in Noble Co.? OH, May 24, 1848 and died in Miami Co., KS, on Dec. 31, 1922. Would like any info on them and their family. She was a sister of our relatives that lived in Iowa. Are there any of of the Stephens relatives still living in Miami Co.?

Diane Esperson desper@netins.net
Query Surnames: Hess

Date: 14 Oct 1998

Query: I'm seeking birth place and parent names of Albert R. Hess who died in the asylum in Osawatomie, Miami Co. either on 21 or 22 Jan 1902. Burial is in Crawford Co, KS, Beulah Cemetery.

Donna Needels needels@hal-pc.org
Query Surnames: Boyle

Date: 6 Oct 1998

Query: I'm looking for anyone that has any information about Elizabeth W. and George A. Boyle. They are buried in the Miami County Cemetery. Referenced in Cemeteries of Miami County, KS, Vol. 2, p. 70.

Jim Stinson JStinson@mylink.net

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami County, KS, Vol. 2, p. 70, Louisburg Cemetery, Row 2, Lot E32: Boyle, William G. 24 Mar 1824 - 1 Jun 1904; Boyle, Marie Wallace wife of Wm. G. 22 Jan 1833 - 5 Jan 1900; Boyle, Dr. George A 13 Mar 1857 - 1 Jan 1924; Boyle, Annie Franham wife of Geo. A. 2 Mar 1863 - 25 Jun 1903; Boyle, William A. Apr 1872 - Nov 1957; Boyle, Elizabeth W. 13 Jul 1862 - 9 Jul 1941; Boyle, baby (two entries) no dates.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Colton, Daniels

Date: 5 Oct 1998

Query: Could you please look in volume III and send me the information for the following entries? Colton, G.A. 443-V3, Colton, Gussie 443-V3, Colton, Kenneth Crowder 443-V3, Colton, Lyman 443-V3, Daniels, H.B. 568-V3, Daniels, Maude 568-V3, Daniels, baby 568-V3

Karen Wiley karen@mail.fc.net

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami County, KS, Vol. III, Paola Cemetery, none of the records you seek have any dates. p. 443 - Row 6, Lot 11 - Colton, G. A. (G. A. R.); "Large concrete block embedded in the roots of tree Colton on west, according to records, Gussie and Kenneth Crowder Colton should be in this position; Colton, Lyman; Colton Mother (Caroline). p. 568 Persons buried in Paola Cemetery but no markers - Lot 246 Daniels: baby, Maude, H. B.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Billings, Cline, Clyne, Crouch, Goins, Houghand, Hougland, Hurst, Law, Shaw, Vanderslice, Waltrip

Date: 5 Oct 1998

Query:We are researching Lewis H. CLINE (1858-1948) and his father, James T. CLINE (abt 1820-aft 1870). Lewis married 1st Alice BILLINGS 31 March 1883 in Miami Co, KS. They had 2 children: Mabel E. (b. 1884 KS) and Lewis Earl (b. 1889 in KS). Alice died before 1895. Lewis married 2nd Mary E. WALTRIP in 1897 in Osage Co, KS. They had one son, Fred CLYNE, in 1898 and divorced in 1898.

James T. married 1st Thursey HOUGHLAND/HOUGLAND 18 June 1840 probably in Indiana. They had 9 children: Margaret E. SHAW (b. 1841), Daniel B. CLINE (b. 1843), Nora P. CLINE (b. 1845), Thomas M. CLINE (b. 1847), Salem T. CLINE (b. 1849), Melissa Ann LAW (b. 1851), Nancy J. CLINE (b. 1853), William F. CLINE (b. 1856) and Lewis E. CLINE.

James T. married 2nd Deborah Susan (VANDERSLICE) GOINS 5 Jan. 1864 in Scott Co, IN. They had 2 children in IN: Mary E. CROUCH (b. abt 1864) and Jacob S. (b. abt 1866) then they moved to Miami Co, KS and had 3 more daughters Lilly L. CLINE (b. Jun 1869), D. CLINE (b. abt 1872) and Martha CLINE (b. abt 1875). Deborah Susan already had one son (William G. GOINS) by her 1st husband and later had another daughter, Grace HURST, by her third husband .

Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Godfrey

Date: 3 Oct 1998

Query: My great, great grandfather, Washington Godfrey, is buried in the Paola Cemetery in Miami County. The cemetery index listing is G. W. Godfrey 522-V3. I believe that the G. stands for "George", but have been unable to confirm this. Please see if you can determine his date of death and any other information that might be listed.

Darryl Godfrey DAG031550@aol.com

Response: Vol III, "Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas", p 522 - Paola Cemetery, Elmwood Addition, North half, Section II, Lot 13 - G. W. GODFREY, born 1830, died 14 Sept. 1891, Co. I, 12th Kansas Inf.; Ann M. GODFREY, Mother, wife of G. W. GODFREY, 20 April 1838-15 November 1913. Also on the same lot, Ellen DONOVAN, 24 July 1844 - 15 Sept. 1919 and W. W. MORRISON, 14 May 1873 - 24 November 1903. These two people may NOT be members of the family.

Lorene Fort

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