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Query Surnames: Madison

Date: 13 July 1998

Query: I would like information on the following individuals from Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS: Madison, Caleb 328 V 3, Madison, Caleb J. 394 V 3, Madison, Charles A. 173 V 2, and from Family Histories and Stories -Madison, Caleb 69p.


Response: "Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas Vol. III" page 328 Lot 200 lists: MADISON, Maudie E. - August 26, 1899 - August 30, 1958, Caleb - February 26, 1902 - February 12, 1973; BURTON, Elizabeth Emily - 1881 - 1965, Charles O. - 1879 - 1961. These two couples are side by side. Also on the same Lot 200 are: SCHAEFER, Rudy - May 17, 1894 - December 27, 1959 (Amer. Leg.), HACKETT, Emma D. - 1902 - 1996, William E. - 1900 - 1979. These four surnames may not be related in any way.

"Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas Vol. III" page 394 Lot 18 lists: MADISON, Clara - 1832 - 1913, Caleb J. - 1860 - 1914, Huell - 1867 - 1914. Also on the same Lot 18 are: BARNES, Esther Corrine - 1916 - 1917, Roy E. 1914 - 1916 Children of W. F. & Marie Barnes. These children may or may not be related. If you no longer needed the cemetery lot, you could sell the unused portion.

The "Swan River Museum Family Histories & Stories of Miami Co, KS" page 69 contains two pictures. The top picture shows students of Davenport No. 101 School taken in 1916. Davenport was 8 miles east of Paola. The building was torn down recently. Caleb Madison is standing on the last of three rows.

Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Johnson

Date: 12 July 1998

Query: I would like information for Sam Johnson - 112-V1 and for S. A. Johnson - 23-V3 from Cemeteries of Miami County Kansas. Full name: Samuel A. Johnson, d. 06/20/1904 Miami Co., KS. (Struck by lightning). Wife: Sarah Katherin (Childers) Johnson, Ch.: Ruby M. Johnson, Kittie Ellen Johnson

Janice Rae Cohan

Response: From Vol. I of Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, p. 112, Jingo Cemetery, located on Highway 69, 14 miles south of Louisburg, Row 12, Lot 38, Johnson, Sam. From Vol. III of Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, p. 23 - The stone reads: "Mary A. - wife of S. A. JOHNSON - July 3, 1912 Age 66 yrs We will meet in heaven"

Sean Furniss and Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Middleton

Date: 11 July 1998

Query: I am looking for someone who would be willing to look for an obit. Do you know anyone in the area who would be willing to look for an obit or death notice for the following person: Horace Middleton, b. 23 Dec 1882 in Arizon,d. Nov. 1973, 66026, Fontana, Miami, Ks

I recovered the date of death from the SSDI. It only had the month and year. I have been looking for this person for some 10 years now and want to see if any family is listed that might be living. I have photo's of this man's mother to share with them. I am willing to pay someone to find any information on this man or living family members.

Linda Scanlon-Hayton

Response: You have two basic choices. You can request the newspapers on microfilm through interlibrary loan (see or ask the Miami County Genealogy Society for research assistance (see

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Bowman

Date: 27 June 1998

Query: I am seeking information about BOWMAN, Hiram Roy, page 105, Family Histories and Stories of Miami County, Kansas, 1987.

George L. Bowman

Response: The "Family Histories and Stories of Miami County, Kansas" Vol I p 105: "Ronald Ralph BEETS was born at Burson's Nursing Home at Paola, Kansas, July 21, 1943, the son of Duard Duke and Patsy Jean BOWMAN BEETS, and the grandson of Hiram Roy and Lillie Belle BROWN BOWMAN of Spring Hill, Kansas, and Ralph and Hazel Rose DENNY BEETS of Hillsdale, Kansas." There is no more info on the Hiram BOWMAN ancestry. The info was given by Eva L. JENNINGS STILES.

Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Sage

Date: 19 June 1998

Query: I am looking for my gggggrandfather's burial site. He was Charles Comer Sage and died in 1879 supposedly in Miami County. A previous genealogist reported him buried in the Thorp Graveyard below Jingo in the town of Lancaster. I have been to both the Jingo and Lancaster cemeteries and couldn't find a stone nor could I find his name in the cemetery index unless the "C" was an "S" on the stone. I also noted the Thorp cemetery wasn't listed on the index. Any information or help you could give would be appreciated. If it helps his son was William Washington Sage and lived in Sugar Creek township in 1880. They buried their children in the cemetery near Amsterdam, MO.

Janie Burleson

Response: The Sages listed in the index for the 3 volumes of cemetery records were all buried in the 1936, 1958, 1963 and 1967, so it is unlikely that they are the person you are looking for. I would suggest that you write to the Miami Co. Gen. Soc. P.O. Box 123, Paola, Kansas 66071, Phone: (913) 294-4940. They may be able to help you.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Werner

Date: 17 June 1998

Query: Please e-mail any information regarding Elizabeth C. Werner, Infant Son Werner, Joseph W. Werner. All are on page 421 of Cemetaries of Miami County, Kansas - Vol III. If this Elizabeth is my Great-Grandmother this will provide a huge piece of the puzzle of a 30-year search begun by my father (who is now 92 years).

Pat Bishop

Response: "Cemeteries of Miami County Kansas" Vol III page 421-WERNER family North side of stone-Elizabeth C. wife of Joseph W. WERNER January 9, 1842 - April 23, 1938, East side of stone -J. W. Died January 11, 1886 40y 10m 7d May He Rest In Peace Co. A 86 Indiana Vol. Inf., South side of stone -Otto C. Died March 2, 1871 Aged 4ms 16ds. Infant son - Died June 28, 1877. Children of J. W. & E. C. WERNER - Buried at Laketon, Indiana.

Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Gunyon, Howard

Date: 16 June 1998

Query: William C Howard b 15 Jan 1834 in OH/MI and died 22 Jan 1892 in Paola, Miami Co, KS. Marr Sarah Gunyon 14 Jan 1855 in IN. Both bur in Paola Cem. Can anyone tell me parents of this man? There is another William Howard in same County, but different family. Have visited there & have maps, photos, etc.


Query Surnames: Kirk

Date: 16 June 1998

Query: I am searching family information for Robert Kirk, who lived in Paola around 1860. He served with the 15th KS Cav. I do not know anything about parents or siblings. He married (Chyna-China-Roxy-Roxie) Adams in 1868, and at some point I believe they moved to Rest, KS. It no longer exists, but I believe it was in Wilson Co.

I see a Robert Kirk listed for page 250 in the Family Histories, I don't recognize any of the other Kirk names, but wonder if they were part of the same family. Would this information be available at the DAR Library down in DC?

Barbara Yurkshat

Response: From Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co., KS, p. 250: Jennie Kirk (b 3 May 1845, dau of Robert and Jane Kirk of Scotland) married William E. Mannen 24 Dec 1862. From Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, Vol. I, p. 117, Mannen Cemetery, Stanton Twp., Lot 30 - Kirk, Harry W. d 20 Jul 1872, age 9y 7m 2d, Kirk, child d 31 Mar 1875, age 2m 8d (children of R. and C. B. ); Lot 31 - Kirk, Jane b 1872 [likely a typographical error] in Glasgow, Scotland, d 15 Nov 1881, aged 66y [b about 1815], wife of Robert Kirk; Lot 32 - Kirk, Robert b 19 Jun 1802, Scotland, no death date.

Based on this information, I would have to guess that the children in lot 30 are the children of your Robert and his wife. If that were the case, then I would say that Robert and Jane were his parents, that Jennie, who married William Mannen, was his sister, which is why there are Kirks in the Mannen Cemetery.

If you visit the DAR library, they have Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co, KS, and Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS, Vol I and II. They didn't have Vol. III the last time I looked. The KS records are up in the balcony area over the center part of the library.

As far as other recommendations go, you should use the KS State Library search engine to look for the names of interest. The KS Historical Society may have information about the 15th KS Cav. For many units they have physical descriptions of the troops. Also not to be overlooked are the lists of soldiers in the various units and the pension records in the Natl Archives.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Stephens/Stephenson

Date: 10 June 1998

Query: I am looking for information about Evaline (Sprague) STEPHENS or STEPHENSON (?) who was married to a John STEPHENS/STEPHENSON (?) about 1867. She died 31 Dec. 1922 in Miami Co. KS. Her parents were Stephen and Rebecca Sprague from Iowa. Are there any ancestors living in Kansas who might help me out?

Diane Esperson

Query Surnames: Purdy

Date: 10 June 1998

Query: Can you tell me which Cemetery Daniel Milton Purdy and his wife Mabel are buried in. They are in Volume 3 page 124 of your Cemetery Books.


Response: Daniel Milton PURDY and his wife, Mabel PURDY are buried in Miami Memorial Gardens just north and east of Osawatomie, Kansas on Old Kansas City Road. Daniel Milton PURDY (1885 - 1963). Mabel PURDY (1888 - 1983).

Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Fickle, Grauel

Date: 26 May 1998

Query: I am researching Andrew Jackson GRAUEL. He was born on 18 April 1862. His father's name was Samuel GRAUEL and I believe that his mother was named Martha FICKLE. They were married on 6 April 1846. Andrew died in Paola, Miami Co., Kansas on 28 April 1950. He had been a resident of Hillsdale for 10 years and Rantoul for more than 50. I believe his wife's name was Etna. I would appreciate any information on Andrew and his family that anyone may have. Thank you for your help.

Sally Evans

Query Surnames: Moore, Shannon

Date: 21 May 1998

Query: I am looking for information from Cem. of Miami Co, KS, Vol. III, about Dora Moore (p 45-46) and Effie Andrews Shannon (p 48).

Russell Andrews

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami County, KS, Vol. III, Elmdale Cemetery, Osawatomie: p. 45 , Row 19, Moore, Norman E., son of H. and Dora Moore, 1901-1919; p. 46, Row 20, Moore, Dora C. mother 1875-1948, Moore, Herbert father 1864-1937; p. 48, Row 23, Shannon, Effie Andrews 1880-1924. You may be able to obtain additional information by getting copies of the death certificates and checking the Osawatomie newspapers during the years of their deaths. The newspapers are on microfilm and available through interlibrary loan, see the MiCo KSGenWeb page for the index.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Prouty

Date: 19 May 1998

Query: I am looking for any information on my g-g-grandparents. I understand that they moved to Miami Co. from Fond du Lac, WI, in 1863 or 4. They moved to Wilson Co. 1872. Alva Prouty died 1872 and his wife, Emma Fanchier Prouty, died 1873. Their children were Addie (my g-grandmother), Fannie (married Cook and went to Missouri), James and Jason.

Sandy White Heinrich
Query Surnames: Johnson

Date: 18 May 1998

Query: I found the following names (Johnson, Albert T. 214, 215+p, 342, Johnson, Charles 215, 405, Johnson, Charley 209, Johnson, Florence 369, Johnson, James T. 158, Johnson, Ruth 95, 99), in the Name Index of Family Histories and Stories of Miami County, Kansas, Paola, Kansas, Miami County Historical Society, 1987 (reprinted 1996). 472 p. As JOHNSON is a common surname, I'm not sure they are mine, but I do know my kin migrated in a round-about way from Perry/Washington Co., IL to Miami Co., KS in the latter part of the 19th Century. If any of these folks were born after 1890 or are the Swedish JOHNSONs of the area, they aren't my kin and just have the same given and surnames.

Steve Watts

Response: From Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co., KS: David JOHNSON (b. 23 Mar 1948 in Waterloo, IA) son of Everett & Ruth JOHNSON p 95; Loss STREIT married Anna JOHNSON (no date) p 99; Michael JOHNSON (b. 18 Feb 1944) married Leona Nadyne Block 17 Nov 1963 p 111; Harold Earl JOHNSON (b. abt 1931) married Jo Ann BRIGHT 29 May 1950 in KC, KS; Juanita JOHNSON married Brand BRYAN in 1935; Pleasant & Melvina JOHNSON KINKAID were the parents of Sallie KINKAID. She was married to Mason CARTER on 8 Jul 1888; Johnnie JOHNSON married Margaret COUGHLIN sometime after 1858; Ora JOHNSON (b. 8 Apr 1875 near Nashville, TN) married Joseph ELLIOTT, her parents were James T. & Mary D. JOHNSON, her father was reared in GA & her grandfather Bettis was in the Confederate Army; Fred JOHNSON married Harriet ELLIS after 1874; Kenneth & Helen JOHNSON, natives of WI, came to Miami Co, KS in 1936; Ann Caroline JOHNSON (1829-1918) married David Taylor HEWITT, p 200, They settled in Miami Co, KS about 1860; Richard JOHNSON (1845-1902) married Caroline ALSUP, p 209; T. N. JOHNSON (1866-1955) married Caroline BROCKER, p 215; Elizabeth JOHNSON married a RICHARDS, p 220; Edith Caroline JOHNSON (b. 1937) was the daughter of Norman & Kate Samuella CASSIDY JOHNSON, p 246; Clara JOHNSON (b. abt 1875) married William Orval RUSSELL, p 327.

Lorene Fort
Query Surnames: Justice

Query:I am researching the John Hamilton Justice family who came to Miami Co., KS in 1863 from Lawrence Co., KY. Could you please sent me the cemetery records of the Justice Family: William, Mary, Martha Ann, J.H. (John Hamilton), Alvin D., and Garland 144-V2, John and Mrs. John 570-V3, J.H. 445-V3, Earl V. 12-V3

Terry Anderson

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Terrell

Date: 17 May 1998

Query:I am looking for information about the following cemetery records: Terrell: E. A., J., son 202-V1, Terrell: Elizabeth Beals and John 206-V2

Jerri Lewis Barton

Sean Furniss

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