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Queries for the period begining 21 March 1998

Query Surnames: Miller

Date: 15 May 1998

Query: I am looking for information about Martha A. Miller. My grandmother, Cora Mae Dennis Horr was her daughter. Martha apparently was married David Russell Dennis in Michigan. After she moved to Osawatomie, Miami Co. KS., we lost all contact. She died in 1938. She had two other daughters living in the area. They were Bertha Martin and Ellen Hatfield. I would like to be able to contact any living relatives of these persons still living in the Miami Co. area.

I noted that a Martha A. Miller is listed in your cemetery index(47-V3) Any specific information would be helpful, such as birth and death dates, maiden name, and any other pertinent information.

Richard I. Chesley riches@riverview.net

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami County, KS, Vol. 3, p. 47, Elmdale Cemetery, Osawatomie, KS, Section IV, Row 21, Miller, George W. 1 Sep 1839 - 2 Jul 1916, Co. B. 54 Ohio Vol. Inf (Civil War Vet.), Miller, Martha A. 11 Mar 1850 - 30 Nov 1938.

Based on this information, I would check the Civil War pension records. Martha is very likely to be mentioned and very likely to have recieved a widow's pension.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Smothers

Date: 13 May 1998

Query: I am seeking information about Ervin Smothers in Fam. Histories and Stories, p. 180. How can I purchase one?

Ed Smothers smugs1@aol.com

Response: From Family Histories and Stories of Miami County, Kansas, p. 180. Ervin Smothers married Augusta Mae Anderson, daughter of Peter Luthebick Anderson (Anders) and Anna Louise Johnson. Peter was a stone mason from Denmark. Anna Louise was born in Burkhurden, Norway, emigrated to US in 1866, married in 1872.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Bingham

Date: 10 May 1998

Query: I am looking for information about the death of John Bingham referenced on p.678-v3.

Linda Gardner Lgard60513@aol.com

Response: This information is from the book Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas, Volume III, published by the Miami County Genealogy Society. Page 678, which is for the Sharon Cemetery, in Coldwater Twp, Cass County, MO, Bingham, John W. 1832-12/27/1910. Also listed is a Bingham, Julia 1827-12/24/1904. You may want to check microfilms of local newspapers to see if you can get obituary notices.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: McAnarney

Date: 27 April 1998

Query: Can you check page 152 of A centenary of Catholicity in Kansas for the information listed under the name of F.A. McAnarney?

Glenn McAnarney glennmcanarney@email.com

Response: From A Centenary of Catholicity in Kansas, 1822-1922, The History of our Cradle Land (Miami and Linn Counties); Catholic Indian Missions and Missionaries of Kansas; The Pioneers on the Prairies, page 152, which is a continuation of the listing of Families of Holy Trinity Parish, January, 1919 which begins on page 151: McAnarney, F. A. is listed -- not much, but hopefully it helps you in some way. No other McANARNEYs appear in the listing.

John M. Baker
Query Surnames: DeHart, Demo

Date: 26 April 1998

Original Query: From Louis R. Reed reedlr@ott.net 30 Nov 96 regarding DeHart, Demo, Dow, Grother, Prothe, Richardville, Schnackenberg, and Shirley

Response: I saw the information about your 30 Nov 1996 inquiry into the surnames, Demo and DeHart. I am trying to research these names, myself. My great-great grandfather's name was William Demo. He was a director at the Miami Mission in southern Miami County, Kansas. His daughter, Adaline "Addie" married my great-grandfather, Edward DeHart. His son was my grandfather, Fred DeHart, the father of my mother Helen DeHart Ross.

Since you are researching both surnames, I thought we might exchange information. My mother, believes that William Demo's, wife, mother of Addie, was a native american, but we are having trouble finding pertinentinformation.

The family line is confusing since they were all married at least twice. Other names in the story seem to be Masters, Reame, Grother.

Linda M. Stevens ladydarcey@usa.net

Query Surnames: Koehler

Date: 22 April 1998

Query: I would like to get the inf. found in V3 of "Cemeteries of Miami County" for the following individuals: Koehler, Frank, Sr. 106-V3 ( ?? - 1929?); Koehler, Mina 106-V3 ( 1860 - 1942 Married on 1929 in Paola Father was J. M. Johnston); Koehler, Fred J. 111-V3 (1884?-1937) Fredrick Joseph, son of Frank Sr above; Koehler, Maude M. 111-V3 (Married 1904 in Paola) Maiden name was Maude Mae Devins

I am also interested in finding the obit's for these. I have seen a copy of Mina and Fred J (Fredrick Joseph) but I did not know which paper they came from. There was also an article about Fredrick and his bakery, not an obit, but an article about his death from the paper. Apparently he was well known in the area at that time. Also Frederick had a bakery/restaurant downtown? during the 20's-30's He died in 1937. Mina, his mother died in 1942.

Don Loocke dloocke@aol.com

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami County, KS, Vol. III, Holy Cross Cemetery , p. 106, Row 3, Lot 74 - Koehler, Frank, Sr. - Father 1848-1929, Koehler, Mina - Mother 1860- 1942, Koehler, Frank, Jr. 1 Jan 1891 - 5 Sep 1975, Koehler, Lou A. - Husband 1886 - 1948, Koehler, Jessie Irene - Wife - 1891 - 1942; p. 111, Row 20, Lot 63, Koehler, Fred J. 1883-1937, Koehler, Maude M. 1885 - 1963.

In reference to newspaper articles, I would suggest that you check the microfilm newspaper indexes for Paola and order the appropriate rolls. You can find the indexes on the Miami Co. GenWeb site.

A photograph of the 1958 Miami County Extension Advisory Committee on p. 26 of Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co., KS, includes Mrs. Fred Kohler [shown as written]. Additional material about this family can be found in "The History of Our Cradleland, particularly p 65 and pp 77-79.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Holloway, Jackson

Date: 21 April 1998

Query: I am seeking information on Jackson, George W. the index code is 623-v3 and Holloway, J.M. 32-v2.

Linda Gardner LGard60513@aol.com

Response: This information is from the book Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas, Volume III, published by the Miami County Genealogy Society. Page 623, which is for the Sharon Cemetery, in Coldwater Twp, Cass County, MO lists the following JACKSONs: A.J., Dr. 1826-1929, Almira 1834-1915, Clara D. 1867-1958, Frank L. 1894-1919, George E. 1864-1959, George W. July 3, 1860 d. February 8, 1907 and Merlin 1896-1896

This information is from the book Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas, Volume II, published by the Miami County Genealogy Society. Page 32, which is for the Hillsdale Old Marysville Cemetery, located about 1 1/2 miles West & 3/4 miles North of the town of Hillsdale, Miami County, KS lists the following HOLLOWAYs: J.M. -- At Rest b. November 27, 1823, d. May 10, 1896, Martha -- Wife of J.M., b. February 6, 1826 d. December 24, 1898

John M. Baker
Query Surnames: Bearly

Date: 20 April 1998

Query: Family Histories & Stories of Miami Co, KS. I am looking for info on Irwin and Maxine Bearly, the index shows them both to be on pg. 21. I would appreciate your help.

Don Bearly DonBearly@Worldnet.att.net

Response: The index reference to Bearly, Irwin and Maxine is 21p, which was used to indicate that only a photographic reference to them was printed. The picture on p. 21 show the members of the Beagle United Methodist Church.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Iles, Pulley

Date: 18 April 1998

Query: I'm looking for information on Walter Iles who married Matillda Pulley in Bucyrus, Kansas, in Miami Co. in 1872. They also lived in Paola, where he had a blacksmith shop, and marysville. Her parents were William Pulley and Louisa Jane Hysham Pulley. His father, Thomas Iles settled in Larned Kansas.

Sue csiles8359@aol.com

Response: In Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, Vol. I, p. 143, New Hope Cemetery, Lot 22, Pulley, Emly Jane 1 Sep 1838 - 1 Oct 1883, wife of Carlos; Lot 23, Pulley, infant of Carlos and Emly 8 Jul 1883 - 23 Sep 1883; Pulley, Caroline 13 Jan 1870 - 8 Jan 1881, dau of Carlos and Emly. In Vol. II, p. 48, Old Hillsdale Cemetery, Iles, Walter B. 1860-1929; Iles, Matilda Pulley 1872-1959; p.148, Scott Valley Cemetery, Pulley, infant son of Ellis and Mary 19 Nov - 1 Dec 1910.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Freeman, Spain

Date: 17 April 1998

Query: William SPAIN and his wife, Penelope FREEMAN, were in Miami Co, KS during the 1870 Federal census and the 1875 Kansas State census. We need any info on this family.

Lorene Fort - fort@paola-online.net
Query Surnames: Finch

Date: 15 April 1998

Query: My great grandmother Delia FINCH is thought to have been born in Miami Co., about 1880. Her father was Curtis Luther FINCH who married Frances ALEXANDER. Their other children included Samuel, George, Nan, Frances, Kirk, John Walter. A check of the 1880 census may reveal this family but i don't have access to it.

I would be interested in making contact with any descendants of Curtis and Frances FINCH. I have some details for his ancestors, and most of thedetails for their daughter Delia's descendants.

Keith Flinders flinders@ihug.co.nz
Query Surnames: Smith

Date: 14 April 1998

Query: Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas - 114 V.1: Smith, Joseph N.; 114 V.1: Smith, Mary E.

Patrick M. Casey user62859@aol.com

Response: In Cemeteries of Miami County, KS, Vol. I, p. 114, Jingo Cemetery, Row 14, Lot 25, Smith, Joseph N. Sept. 8, 1856 - [no further data]; Smith, Mary E. July 30, 1859 - Jan 30, 1902 "wife." I would suggest that you also check the newspaper microfilms for Louisburg to see if there is an obituary.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Asher

Date: 14 April 1998

Query: I am researching the ASHER surname in Miami and Anderson Co., KS. I found your listing on the USGenWeb. These are the names I would like lookups for especially, James H. ASHER (606-V3) and Minerva ASHER (520-V3). These two individuals are my 2nd-great-grandparents.

I am also looking for two "lost" children who appear as numbers on the 1900 census, not knowing their names, I would be interested in finding out if any of the following individuals are children: Asher, Annie M. 198-V3; Asher, J. H. 520-V3; Asher, Emily 606-V3; Asher, Luke 606-V3; Asher, James Henry 677-V3.

Carole Merrill Lvmerrills@aol.com

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami County, KS, Vol. III, p. 198, Oswatomie Cemetery, Row 22, Asher, Annie M. 1 Feb 1914 to 22 Dec 1953; p. 520, Paola Cemetery, Elmwood Addition, North half, Section II, Lot 66 Asher, J. H. April 13, 1848 [no other dates], Asher, Minerva his wife 23 Mar 1852 to 14 May 1900; p. 606, Sharon Cemetery, Cass Co., Mo., Asher, James H. son of Luke and Emily Asher no dates 23y 5m 2y; p. 677, Sharon Cemetery addendum from Runyan Funeral Home Asher, James Henry 1869-1892. You may wish to check the newspapers which are available via interlibrary loan to check for obituaries.

Sean Furniss and John M. Baker

Query Surnames: Henderson

Date: 14 April 1998

Query: I am looking for: Henderson, F. P. 440-V3; Henderson, John Ross 28-V3; Henderson, Louisa 440-V3. John R. HENDERSON was married to Jennie B. ASHER. I did not see a listing for Jennie HENDERSON in the index. Does the volume state if he is buried next to his wife?

Carole Merrill Lvmerrills@aol.com

Response: This information is from the book Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas, Volume III, published by the Miami County Genealogy Society. Page 28, which is for the Elmdale Cemetery, in Osawatomie, Miami County, KS lists the following HENDERSONs: John Ross, May 22, 1903 - October 16, 1921 (book states that the picture on the headstone has been vandalized). The next listing just below John Ross, which you didn't ask for, but may be related, is for Roberta May, daughter of J.A. and E. HENDERSON, b. Feb 19, 1907 d. Aug 9, 1910 (there is a lamb on the headstone); John A. b. Nov 1, 1880 d. Dec 19, 1927; and Elva B. b. October 25, 1882 d. Dec 19, 1927. Jennie is not as being next to John Ross.

Page 440, which is for Oak Grove Addition (Southern Half) of the Paola City Cemetery, Paola, Miami Co., KS, lists the following HENDERSONs: Louisa, wife of F.P. HENDERSON, b. February 13, 1836 d. November 1, 1889. It is noted that the verse on the headstone is only partly readable. There is no listing indicating that F.P. is buried here.

John M. Baker
Query Surnames: Alderson

Date: 5 April 1998

Query: I would appreciate the details of the six Alderson listings in the Miami Co Cemetery Books -three in Volume II, page 108, one in Volume III, page 202, two in Volume III, page 600


Response: In Cemeteries of Miami County, KS, Vol. II, p. 108 - Louisburg Cemetery, Row 7, Lot W119 -Hoyt, Vern Francis 1909-----; Hoyt, Gladys Alderson 1914-1986; Lot W121 - Alderson, Armstead M. father 1866-1938 (72Y); Alderson, Ida F. mother 1878-1949; Alderson, Bryan son 1906-1953 (W.J. Bryan?). From Vol. III, p. 202 - Osawatomie Cemetery, Row 26, Alderson, Cella Smith 1907-1939; p. 600 - Glenwild Cemetery, West Line, Cass Co., Mo., West Acre -Job Addition 1985, Lots 43-112, Alderson, Henry J. 1866-1936; Alderson, Ruie M. 1875-1961.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Wortham

Date: 28 March 1998

Query: Could you provide me information about the Wortham's listed on p. 407 of Family Histories and Stories of Miami County, Kansas? We had a Taylor Wortham from here in Kentucky who left the bluegrassstate and went out west.

Tom Wortham twortham@wko.com

Response: Family Histories and Stories of Miami County, Kansas, p. 407, Thomas Edgar and Cora Wortham by Mrs. Sam Lewis. "Thomas Edgar Wortham, 1800-1958, son of Taylor and Martha Mason Wortham, was born on the Wortham homestead south of West Line, Missouri, ... On December 16, 1903, he and Cora Alice Lewis were married at the Thomas P. Lewis home northwest of Louisburg. ..." [Miami Co, Kansas] There is about 5 column inches of text and graphic. The photo shows Ed and Cora Wortham, and others probably their children and her sisters. Additional information about 8 column inches including a photograph of the extended Lewis family is in the book.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Harris

Date: 25 March 1998

Query: I would like information about W. H. Harris 99-V2. This could be my gg grandfather William Harris.

Marsha jwmc51@usit.net

Response: From Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas, Vol. II, p. 99, Old Louisburg Cemetery, Row 14, Lot 479, Harris, W. H. 1866-1928; Harris, M. Clair wife 1876-1958.

Sean Furniss

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