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Surname Queries for the period 20 November to 31 December 1997

Query Surnames: Christie, West

Date: 27 December 1997

Query: I am interested in whatever information you have on the descendants of Israel Christie and Sarah Ann West (my gggrandparents). I would also be interested in the info on descendants of Sarah's brother, John Hume West.

Gail Christie email

Response: From Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co., KS: P. 127 - Israel Christie and Sarah Ann West left Hendrick Co., IN, passed through Harrisonville, MO, and arrived in Miami Co in Oct 1855. Israel's father William Christie fought in the War of 1812 and his grandfather James Christie fought in the Revolutionary War. Israel was born in Shelby Co, KY in 1828 and died in Stanton, Mi Co, KS in 1902. Israel was appointed one of three county commissiers in 1859 and was elected to the legislature from the 43rd district in 1862. Sarah's parents were James Nelson West and Dicea Tinder. Sarah was born in Hendricks Co., IN, in 1832 and died in Stanton, Mi Co, KS, in 1902. There children were William (m Laura Perdue), James (m Henrietta Gorsuch), Sarah (m John Haight), Elizabeth (m Horace Osborn), Mary (m Wallace May), Adora, Franklin (m Cora Bond), Reece (m Allie Downen), Thomas (m Edna Garrett), Ezra (m Victoria Rex), and Carl (m Rosa Ricketts). About 4 column inches including 1 photograph.

Other information from Family Histories and Stories: P. 194 John Taylor Haight (b 31 May 1850, St. Thomas, Canada, m 13 June 1875) and Sarah E. Christie had 5 children: Nora B., Samuel H., Iseral C., John Mark and James W. There is about 6 column inches on the family of John Mark Haight. P. 232-233 Rosemary Elizabeth Kresin m 31 Aug 1961 to David Christie, 2 daughters Dawn Ranee and Ramona Lynn. There is about 6 column inches on the Kresin family. P. 249 Lucile Mannen (b 5 Jan 1907, m 25 Apr 1930, d 1 Apr 1986, dau of Robert Irvin Mannen and Maud Easter Ewbank) married Claude Christie. About 4 column inches on the Robert Irvin Mannen Family and photo p. 250. P. 277 about 4 column inches and 1 photo of Victor A. Murphy and Nora Bell Haight (dau of John T. Haight and Sarah Elma Christie) family. P. 197 Ezra Christie was one of the founders of Big Lake Oil Company. About 1 column inch in the George Phillips family info. P. 316 Rosa May Ricketts m Carl Christie, about 4 column inches on the Samuel Taylor Ricketts family.

P. 389 About 6 column inches related to John Hume West and photos of John and Nancy West. John Hume West (b 17 May 1833, Hendricks Co, IN, m Sep 1854, son of James Nelson West and Dicea Tinder) married Nancy Ann Flathers. Arr Cass Co, MO, in the fall of 1854. Daughter born 20 Aug 1855, died and buried Raytown, MO. 2nd child Izora Florence West (b 22 Aug 1856, Mi Co, KS) m William Washington Cox, 5 children. 3rd(?) child Charles Wester West m Annie Gunter, lived and died near Wichita, KS. "John Hume West was a wander, to put it kindly..." There are other references to the West surname but the relationships to this individual are not evident in the text. You can check the response to the 25 Sep 96 West query to see what is available.

In Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS: Vol I, p. 218, Stanton Cemetery, Row 4 Christie, Adora J. d 11 Aug 1865, dau of I. and S. A., aged 10 m 1 d; Christie, Israel 24 Feb 1828 - 24 Jan 1902; Christie, Sarah Ann 25 Jan 1832 - 7 Mar 1902; infant son of E. W. and V. R. Christie; Christie, Veda Irene 16 Oct 1895 - 21 Aug 1896, dau of Frank and Cora. Vol II, p. 128, Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Row 4, Lot 120, Christie, Grace M. 1909-1962, Row 5, Lot 112 Christie, Edna May 1879-1938, Christie, Thomas N. 1871-1960, Burns, Opal Christie 28 Jul 1920 - 25 Apr 1953. Vol. III, p. 310 Paola Cemetery, Row 5 Lot 34, Christie, G. Lucile 15 Jan 1907 - 1 Apr 1986, Christie, Claude E. 6 Dec 1904 - [no date of death], Vol III p. 667, Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Row 4, Christie, William P. 1907 - 1989, Christie, Grace M. 1909 - 1962.

Sean Furniss

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Query Surnames: Dunbar

Date: 14 December 1997

Query: I'm seeking cemetery records for my Dunbar relatives. In the index for vol. I there are 6 Dunbars listed on pages 204-205. Are there Dunbars in Vol III?

John Burdick email

Response: In Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, Vol. I, Spring Grove Cemetery, p. 204, Row S, Lot 11 - Dunbar, Lydia died 1 Dec 1872 aged 9 days, dau of L.H. and M.; p. 205, Row T, Lot 10 - Dunbar, James A., died 12 Nov 1869 aged 2 y 1 m 1 d, son of J. A. and E; Dunbar, James M. died 19 Mar 1871, aged 39 y 1 m 5d, son of John and Sarah. In Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, Vol. III, Paola cemetery, p. 482, Row 33, Lot 305, Dunbar, William O. 25 Aug 1865 - 17 Apr 1941, Dunbar, Mary Elizabeth McMahon 2 Aug 1876 - 10 Feb 1915.

Sean Furniss

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Query Surnames: Bondy, Bundy, Propeck

Date: 10 December 1997

Query: I am looking for Miami Indian settlement in Miami co.specifically the names of Bundy/Bondy and Propeck. Do you have any information on the roll of Miami Indians removed from Indiana to Kansas Landing in 1840?


Response: I found no references to the surname Bondy. In Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co., KS, p. 119 has about six inches and one photo relating to Arthur Trueman Bundy and his wife Nellie Virginia Howard (m 2 Mar 1940), other information is general in nature.

The only reference to the surname Propeck was found in Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co., KS, p. 199. Fannie White Propeck married Arthur Lester Hearson (b 15 Feb 1869 Miami Co, KS) on 25 Feb 1899 at Denison, TX. They later lived in Labette Co., KS. children: Edythe (m James Jackson Addis), Margurate, Velma, Geneva, Alma, William, Oscar, Floyd, Perry and Harold.

Sean Furniss

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Query Surnames: Baker

Date: 6 December 1997

Query: I am seeking information on the family of John M. BAKER (b Sept 1837 in KY). The family moved to Miami Co, Ks, before 1880 and was living in the city Paola. Census indicated that he ran an engine in a grist mill. children: Charles S. Baker (b cir 1875 in MO), William R. Baker, (b cir 1884, in KS), Ethel M. Baker (b cir 1885, in KS), Harry M. Baker (b cir 1888, in KS), Mauld L. Baker (b cir 1890, in KS)

Larry G. Martin email, PO Box 2, Splendora, Tx 77372

Response: In Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, Vol. III Paola Cemetery, p. 416 - Lot 164 Baker, Frank M. son of J. M. and M. J. Baker; Baker, Fannie daughter of J. M. and M. J. Baker; p. 417 - Lot 164 Baker, John M. father 1837-1910, Capt. Co. GH5 Regt Illinois Infantry; Baker, Mary Jane mother 1851-1941. No other information about the members of this family was found in Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, nor in Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co., KS.

Sean Furniss

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Query Surnames: Zoller

Date: 27 November 1997

Query: I am researching the Zoller Family that lived in Wellsville, Franklin Co., KS. I am interested in the information found in Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS Volume II, Page 139 for: Henry Zoller, Martha Zoller and Ida Mae Zoller

Dave Zoller email

Response: In Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, Vol. II, p. 139, Rock Creek Cemetery, Row 1, Zoller, Ida Mae, daughter of Henry and Martha Zoller, died May 30, 1881, aged 3 yrs. 9 mo. 21 days.

Sean Furniss

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Query Surnames: Helmerich, Morgan

Date: 26 November 1997

Query: I am looking for information on the following individuals who appear in the 1900 Census in Wea Township: Helmerich, Joseph Head 69 birth year 1831 M. 35 years; Helmerich, Louisa Wife 61 birth year 1837 M 35 year mother of 4 1 living; Morgan, Ella Ward 19 birth year 1881 S. I am interest in information regarding Infant Morgan, Volume 2, page 72 as indicated in the on-line index. Any information listed is helpful.

I would like to know what is the relationship (if any) between Ella and the Helmerich's. Also, did she possible have a child between 1900 and 1904?

Kathleen A. Hunt email

Response: In Vol. II, Cem of Mi Co, KS, p. 72, Louisburg Cemetery was the following: Row 3 Lot E 43 - Morgan, Father 1847-1909, Three infants of David & Henrietta (Freddy, Harry's twin 6m, Inf dau, Inf son no stones)

Sean Furniss

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Query Surnames: Ruggles

Date: 26 November 1997

Query:I am looking for information on the Ruggles family found in Family Histories and Stories of Miami County, Kansas: Ruggles, Charlotte B. Saunders 129, Ruggles, Morgan Franklin 129, Ruggles, Ruth 129

Steve Ruggles email

Response: On page 129 is the following information written by Ruth Ruggles Clark - "Gordon C. Clark was born at Puxico, Missouri, August 27, 1901, the son of Fred Claude Clark and the grandson of W. C. Clark. He came to Louisburg in 1971. He married Ruth Ruggles, born at Tollesboro, Kentucky, April 17, 1902, at Paola on April 26, 1971. She was the daughter of Morgan Franklin and Charlotte B. Saunders Ruggles, and the granddaughter of Robert H. and Priscilla Ellen Saunders. There were no children. ... Ruth Ruggles came, with her parents, about October 5, 1903 to Paola, Miami County, Kansas. The Ruggles family, consisting of two daughters and three sons, first settled on the old McGarth farm near the first Paola Catholic Cemetery. ... Both of her parents died in the forties. ..."

In Cemteries of Miami County, Kansas, Vol. III, p. 313, Paola Cemetery Row 11, Lot 84, Ruggles, Maude M. - 19 Feb 1891 - 26 Aug 1968.

Sean Furniss

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Query Surnames: Meyers

Date: 24 November 1997

Query: Searching for info on descendants of David Myers What happened to this family? Where and when did they die? Where buried? Family appears to have fallen apart after David & Mary's divorce, his remarriage, and then death a year later. One or two families may have migrated to Colorado? Any & all info will be appreciated.

1)David MYERS (b: 18 Jan 1841 Unionville, Putman Co., MO, d:18 Nov 1905 Louisburg, Mi Co, KS, Father: Jacob Myers, Mother: ?) m 1st Mary Catharine "Polly" CASHMAN (b: 20 Oct 1847 Hamilton Twp, Franklin Co., OH m:4 Aug 1867 Mi Co, KS div:c1889 d:10 Jul 1906 KS?, Father: Samuel Cashman Mother: Hester Schmidt), m 2nd Emma HINMAN (b:2 Sep 1873 Clinton Co., IN, m:1904 KS, d:7 Jan 1952 Louisburg, KS)

2)Martha Elizabeth MYERS (b: Nov 1867 KS) m Ashel Price RHODES (b: Aug 1863 MO, m: Abt. 1897 KS) ch: Otto PRICE (b: Sep 1898 KS), Boy 2 PRICE (b: Jan 1900 ?Eureka Springs, Carroll Co., AS)

2)Samuel Louis MYERS (b: 9 Aug 1870 Louisburg, Mi Co., KS, d: 24 Oct 1935 Salina, Saline Co., KS) m Edwina Varina Moore and/or Erma J.? (m: 28 Nov 1895 Salina, Saline, KS?) ch: Mabel MYERS (b:1897 KS d:Jun 1983 Chattenoga, TN) m Charles BARNES (b:12 Dec 1904, m:TN, d: Feb 1985 Livingston, TN), Hazel MYERS (b: 1901) m Harry CROSBY, Ira MYERS (b: 1902), Samuel David MYERS (b: 1903), Clyde MYERS? (b:10 Sep 1904 TN d:May 1974 Erwin Unicoi, TN), Ruth MYERS (b: Abt. 1906)

2)Alice L. MYERS (b:1873 Miami Co., KS) m James E. DAVIS (b:1870 WI m:Abt. 1906 KS) ch: Willliam H. DAVIS (b:1897 KS), Mary B. DAVIS (b:1900 KS), Gladys O. DAVIS (b:1902 KS), Gertie M. DAVIS (b:1904 KS), Annie DAVIS (b:1906 KS)

2)Benjamin Franklin MYERS Ended up in California

2)William Henry MYERS (b:13 Mar 1876 Louisburg, Mi Co., KS, d: 1 Jul 1941 Osawatomie, Mi Co., KS) m Nora SMITH (b: 21 Jul 1876 MO m:6 Sep 1911 Greenwood Co., KS) ch: William E. MYERS (b:1913, d:Abt. 1923 KS), Clyde F. MYERS (b:1917 KS d:Abt. 1927 KS), Effie M. MYERS (b:1918 KS) m Archie Billy JENKINS, Wendell MYERS (b:23 Nov 1920 KS d:May 1981 KS) m PEARL, Theo May MYERS (b:Abt. 1921 KS) m John BENNETT

2)Hester "Emma" Emily MYERS (b:18 Jun 1880 Louisburg, Mi Co., KS, d:22 Dec 1939 Larned, Pawnee Co., KS) m Joseph G. LOVELAND (b:1879 KS m:28 Jan 1902 Paola, KS d:19 Apr 1942 Kansas City, MO) ch: Walter Charles LOVELAND (b:23 Dec 1903 West Union, Cass, MO, d:18 Jan 1988 Pomeroy, Garfield, WA) m Grace COMPTON (b:8 Sep 1910 Springfield, MO d:9 Feb 1991 Dayton, WA), Albert W. LOVELAND (b:11 Apr 1904 KS d:12 Oct 1972 Pinetop, Navajo, AZ), Ruby E. LOVELAND (b:16 Feb 1906 KS) m Fred E. SPAIN (b:16 Feb 1903 KS, d:14 Jun 1973 Puyallup, Pierce Co. WA), Josie Pearl LOVELAND (b:10 Nov 1908 Hooly, CO, d:5 Jun 1953 Dayton, Columbia, WA) m Virgil L. RICE (b:12 Feb 1893 d:Dec 1977 Retsil, Kitsap, or Shelton, Mason, WA)

2)Mary "Stella" Estella MYERS (b:Aug 1884 KS d: Aft. 1941 Larned, Pawnee Co., KS-?) m Ernest MULLINS (His second wife) (m:Aft. 1935 Larned, Pawnee, Co.,KS-?)

Rosalene email

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Query Surnames: DeWeese, Reimal

Date: 24 November 1997

Query: I am trying to locate informations concerning Esther Jean (Reimal) DeWeese. She was born in Paola around 1896, the daughter of Robert Lawrence Reimal & Nettie (Jennings) Reimal. Any leads you can give to me would be appreciated.

Bill Reimal email

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Query Surnames: Fields, Messler

Date: 20 November 1997

Query: I am researching my Fields line in Miami County Kansas. I understand that you may have cemetery records for Miami. I am researching the following: Andrew Fields b 1847 Indiana died 1929, Mary Messler Fry Fields b 1857 Indiana died 1956 buried in Elmdale Cemetery Osawatomie, Sarah Mesler b 1853 Indiana

Also would like to know if you have any information on Mary or Andrew other than cemetery records. Andrew worked for the railroad and Mary possibly ran a boarding house and laundry.

Barbara email

Response: Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas, Vol III, p 63, Elmdale Cemetery, Section IX, Osawatomie, Miami Co., Kansas: FIELD, Mary A. 1865 - 1956, FIELD, Andrew J. 1856 - 1929

Regarding Andrew working for the railroad, have you contacted the U.S. Railroad Retirement Board? My grandfather was an engineer for MoPac and they were able to provide info I did not previously have (cost $16). Here's their website, which will explain how to request info, etc. http://www.rrb.gov/geneal.html.

John M. Baker

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