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Surname Queries for the period 6 September 97 to 19 November 97

Query Surnames: Conner, Hornbach

Date: 19 November 97

Query: Seeking any information on John Conner and Mary Josephine Hornbach Conner, early settlers in St.Marysville Twp, Miami Co. Mary died 1910 in Paula, at her daughter Agnes' house. Does anyone have any information on Mary Josephine Conner's parents?

Muriel Caillau murcal@bigfoot.com

Response: In Cemeteries of Miami County, KS, Vol. III, p. 93-94, Holy Cross Cemetery, Paola, Row 17/18, Lot 175 - Conner, James 1854-1921; Conner, John born Co. Tyrone, Ireland 20 Dec 1821 died 28 Apr 1876; Conner, M. Josephine Hornbach born Waldurn, Germany 25 Apr 1827 died 9 May 1910; Conner, Agnes B. 1866-1917; Conner, Charles F. 1851-1916; Conner, John 1857-1866; Conner, Alice 1870-1875.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: True, Tweed

Date: 14 November 97

Query: I am looking for information on the surnames TRUE and TWEED in Miami County, believe they moved from Ohio about 1850, to Miami County

Larry Eldredge LEldredge@aol.com

Response: In the 1878 Miami County Residents & Taxpayers, no TWEED listing was found. I found two listing of TRUE, as follows: In Mound Township: TRUE, Enoch (age 56) and M (age 57) at MO 17-19-22 which is 80 acres w/house located 3 mi W and about 1.7 mi S of Beagle; In Osawatomie City: TRUE, E (age 58) and Martha (age 59) --- no other information for this listing

In Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas, Volumes I, II and III no TWEED listing was found. In Volume II, I found one listing of TRUE, as follows: In the Louisburg Cemetery (on page 104): TRUE, Nellie May wife of Ralph E. 1890-1919

John M. Baker
Query Surnames: DeMoss

Date: 12 November 97

Query: I received information that Otho DeMoss died in La Cygne, Linn Co., Kansas, on 17 Jan 1902 and is buried in Jingo Cemetery at Lancaster, Kansas. We are wondering if he might be buried in New Lancaster in Miami County, just a few miles north of La Cygne. My question is, have you ever heard of Jingo cemetery in Miami County?

Jo Ann JAHornby@aol.com

Response: Jingo Cemetery is located about 1/2 mile east of Jingo and about 14 miles south of Louisburg. In Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas, Vol. I, p. 112, Jingo Cemetery, Row 11, plot 2, DeMoss, Oatha 17 Sep 1834 - 17 Dec 1902; DeMoss, Direxa 1 Sep 1838 - 25 Oct 1923. There are 18 entries for DeMoss in Vol. I and II of Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, and 6 entries in Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co, KS. Direxa was the daughter of James Karr and Hester Doty. There is approximately 1 page of information about the extended Karr family on pp 219-220 in Family Histories.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Coughlin

Date: 11 November 97

Query: I would like to establish an exchange of information about the the Coughlin family, Michael and Margaret being my great grandparents.

Noreen Callahan ncallahan@thegrid.net
Query Surnames: Rowe

Date: 9 November 97

Query: I am interested in the Joseph H. Rowe buried (140-V1) in the Miami Co. cemetery

Sharon Rowe rowe@pilot.msu.edu

Response: In Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas, Volume I, p. 140 Mound Creek Cemetery, Lot #38 Rowe, Joseph H. died 27 Mar 1932 aged 47y 2m 23d; Rowe, Jane 1853-1908; Rowe, John 1872-1901; Rowe, Will 17 Mar 1885 - 5 Dec 1912.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Rowland

Date: 1 November 97

Query: I am searching for information on Finis E. and Zerelda Rowland and their descendants who lived in Hillsdale, Miami Co., around the middle1850's to middle 1900's. Both are buried in the Old Hillsdale Cemetery.

Carol (Rowland) Petersen bhpcap@swbell.net

Response: In Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, Vol. II, p. 45, Old Hillsdale Cemetery, Rows 21 and 22, Rowland, Finis b 30 Dec 1821 d 13 Mar 1873; Rowland, Zerelda A. b 4 Apr 1826 d 11 Feb 1894. In Family Histories and Stories of Miami County, Kansas, p. 8, col. 2, is the following "North of present day Hillsdale, another small town was laid out in 1868 by F. E. Rowland. A flood the following year swept throughout Miami County. Ten Mile, the town, was inundated. The small village no longer exists."

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Hunt, Mason

Date: 31 October 97

Query:I am searching for any record of Alice Mason. She was my husband's grandmother and was said to have been born in Kansas probably in the 1880's and later died in California. She married either John B. Hunt or a Frank Hunt. They had two sons and she later married a Mr. Brown and had another son. The three sons are deceased. Any help is appreciated.

Query Surnames: Kuhn

Date: 28 October 97

Query: I am seeking information on Martin Kuhn or Kuehn family and his mother Rosina Gudejahn or Goodeyon on the 1878 tax and residence for Miami County.

Barbara Harvey Barbiegeo@aol.com

Response: I did not find any listing for Gudejahn or Goodeyon ... Goodrich was the closest name to those you seek. I found 4 mentions of KUHN. In Miami Township - KUHN, C (age 46) and M (age 38) at D75MI36-18-24 which is 40 acres w/house located approx 2 mi E and about 1.7 mi S of New Lancaster; and KUHN, W (age 33) and N (age 21) at D75MI36-18-24 which is 80 acres w/house located approx 2 mi E and 1.8 mi S of New Lancaster. In Sugar Creek Township (SE of New Lancaster) - KUHN, Conrad, SC5-19-25 which is 5 acres located approx 3 mi W of the Kansas & Missouri State Line and about 2.25 mi N of the Miami & Linn County Line; and KUHN, Walter, SC5-19-25 which is 5 acres located approx 3 mi W of the Kansas & Missouri State Line and about 2.25 mi N of the Miami & Linn County Line (just S of Conrad's land).

John M. Baker
Query Surnames: Breuel, Laudan

Date: 17 October 97

Query:Seeking information about John Breuel married to Mary Laudan, seven children, later moved to Linn County. Mary Bruel died Jan. 15, 1902. John Breuel died 1948. John and Elizabeth Laudan immigrated from Germany in 1888 to the area near Fontana. Children were John, Fredreich, Will,

Dick Larsen larsen@micron.net

Query Surnames: Dunkel, Shultz

Date: 16 October 97

Query: Seeking information on Fredrick Dunkel and wife, M.E. Lizzie Shultz. They were married in Miami county in 1883. They lived in LaCygne and buried two childern during that time, Bessie and Lina Ann 1887-1888. The childern were buried in Paola, death records show them living in Linn County. Fredrick's father was John, brothers were Phillip, Jacob and Adam. Seeking contact with any descendants.

Barbara Harvey Barbiegeo@aol.com

Query Surnames: Dalrymple

Date: 15 October 97

Query: With fingers crossed, I have another Miami Co., KS family that a newly discovered cousin assured me lived and died in Miami County. So, with renewed optimism, I am seeking information about S. Perry Dalyrmple, his wife Waneta (Johnson), and their children Brenatie, Neata, Rose and Perneta/Waneta. According to poorly kept family records, they both died abt 1940 in Osawatomie, Miami Co., KS. Presumably, they are buried there.

Steven L. Watts swatts@scvnet.com

Response: In Vol. III of Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas, p. 48, in the Osawatomie, KS, Elmdale Cemetery, Section VI, Row 24, Dalrymple, Perry 1861-1919, Dalrymple, Waneata his wife 1867-19__

You should be able to get a copy of the death certificate from the State of Kansas. You might also wish to consider contacting the Miami Co. Genealogy Society to see if it is possible to obtain an obituary notice from the newspaper.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Bowlin

Date: 30 September 97

Query: I am looking for information about Reynolds Bowlin (or Boolin). He lived in Paola and died after 1920.


Response: The only reference to this surname was found in Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS, Vol. III, p. 537, Elmwood addition of Paola Cemetery, Lot 189, Boolin, R. B. - age 78.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Hollinger

Date: 28 September 97

Query: I am researching the family of Jeremiah Hollinger of Blair Co, Pa. He was the son of Samuel Hollinger who apparently resided in Miami co, KS along with his wife Nancy (Baker) and several children. Apparently, he had a family in Kansas, and then at least some family members returned to PA, because my his son, Jeremiah, was the mother of my GG grandmother, Susan Hollinger, who lived in PA. I would appreciate any information on the Hollingers who lived in Kansas and what their migration story was. Jeremiah's brothers and sisters who were born in KS that I know of were: Jacob, Simon (who married Elizabeth Smith), Lewis (who married Stuffy Carper), and Louisa (who married John Hoffman).

There are references to several Hollingers in Vol 2 of the cemetery index (Delilah, Elizabeth, Jake, Lemuel, Nancy, Samuel, and Simon). The Hollinger family is also mentioned in the history of pioneer families of pages 202 and 203.

I would really appreciate the information that is available on this family in Kansas. At this point, it is a real stumper to me why they would have gone from PA to KS and then (at least some members of the family) come back to PA.

Barb Vaughan maragold@bright.net

Response: The references on pp 202 and 203 of Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co. do discuss Samuel and Nancy Hollinger, their son Simon Hollinger and his wife Elizabeth Smith, their grandson Lemuel Hollinger and his wife Delia May Day, their grandson Boyd Cecil Hollinger and his wife Esther May Renner, and their children. The actual text runs about a column and a half, and includes two photographs - Boyd and Esther, Lemuel and Delia. The text is interesting but doesn't do much to clarify why they moved to KS. Apparently the family came to KS in 1877 in a group of four families, 16 individuals, traveling by train. They spent their first night in KS at the farm home of D. H. Longenecker who had come from PA. They paid 1000 dollars for 80 acres.

Other incidental references to this surname are found on pp 146, 313, 345 of Family Histories and Stories. In Vol II, Cemeteries of Miami Co, KS, p 127, Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Row 3 Lot 38 - Hollinger, Deliah 1879-1962; Hollinger, Lemuel 1874-1967; p. 157, Scott Valley Cemetery, Row 8, Lot 9S - Hollinger, Simon d 23 Mar 1896 age 52y 7d; Hollinger, Elizabeth 11 Oct 1852 - 19 Jan 1940; Hollinger, Jake 1893-1968; Lot 24S - Hollinger, Samuel 24 Mar 1814 - 8 Aug 1898 age 84y 4m 14d; Hollinger, Nancy 1819-1909. There are four pages referenced for Hollinger in Vol. III.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Hopkins

Date: 28 September 97

Query: According to the cemetery index, a "Eldridge J. Hopkins" was buried in Miami county. I was hoping you could confirm an approximate date. The Eldridge Hopkins I am interested in died approximately June 1894 at the Osawatomie Asylum.

L. Williams

Response: In Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, Vol II, p. 152, New Lancaster Cemetery, Lot 208, are the following individuals: Hopkins, Eldridge J. 1845-1929 (Co C 9 IA Cav); Hopkins, Sarah Ann his wife 1850-1932; Hopkins, Louella, dau of EJ and Sarah Hopkins 1875-1966. According to Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co., KS, p. 207, Eldridge Hopkins married Sarah Ann Shriver, and was the son of William Ward Hopkins and Caroline Pleasant Robbins. This information does not match with the June 1894 death date you have but suggests that the Eldridge J. Hopkins you are seeking may have been the son of this individual.

There are no other references to the family of Eldridge Hopkins and Sarah Ann Shriver in the materials that I have on hand. The burials for Osawatomie State Hospital Cemetery are not published in Vol. III but the information is available from the Miami Co. Genealogy Society.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Sloan

Date: 27 September 97

Query: I am searching for Alfred G. Sloan, d 1891, Paola, Miami Co. His first wife was Bessie Standeford, second wife was Serepta White. His obituary states that he was buried in a cemetery east of Paola, but I found no records of him at that cemetery.

S. Stenike SLS771@aol.com
Query Surnames: Hopkins

Date: 22 September 97

Query: Looking for information on the ancestry and descendants of William Ward Hopkins.

Patricia Straube straube@earthlink.net

Response: In Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co., KS, p. 207, there is approximately 1 column (10 inches) of text about the William Ward Hopkins families. In summary: William Ward Hopkins (b 11 Feb 1823, Nicholas Co, KY, d 12 Oct 1901, New Lancaster, Miami Co, KS, son of William and Sarah Smathers Hopkins, m 23 Feb 1843, Decatur Co, IN) married Caroline Pleasant Robbins (b 4 Apr 1825 Decatur Co, IN, d 16 Jul 1910 New Lancaster, Miami Co, KS). Moved to Pulaski, Davis Co, IA 1845, to New Lancaster, Miami Co, KS 1865. 11 children: Artemica (m Wilcox), Laura (m Epley), Mary Ellen (m Cook), Amanda (m Watson), James (never m), Eldridge (m Sarah Ann Shriver), William (m Martha P. Karr), John (m Sarah Katherine Epley), Taylor, Charles, Joseph (m Annie M. Gold).

Joseph (b 20 Jun 1863 Davis Co, IA, d 9 Feb 1933 New Lancaster, Miami Co, KS) m 28 Nov 1885 to Annie M. Gold (d of Jacob Gold and Susannah Epley, b 30 Jun 1865, Rock Rim, Stevenson Co, IA, d 24 Feb 1948 New Lancaster, Miami Co, KS) 4 children: James Norval m Grace Lindsey, Freida Mae m Frank E. Smith, Joseph Earl m Stella Hay, Omar Castle never m.

As a followup to this response, Patricia Straube reported: After reading the biography of William W. Hopkins I went to the Indiana State Library's web site which has marriages before 1850. I found: HOPKINS, Wm. W. and ROBINS, Caroline married at Bartholomew Co. on 3-2-1843

Sean Furniss

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