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Surname Queries for the period 5 July 97 to 5 September 97

Query Surnames: Clifton, Pusey

Date: 5 Sept 97

Query:I understand there has been an asylum for the insane in your county for quite awhile. I am interested as my 3rd great Aunt Mitty Clifton was adopted by a family by the name of Pusey around Seneca, KS. The husband, Charles Pusey had her admitted to an asylum. I need to know when the one in Osawatomie came into existance and if there are records available for research.

Nancy Robinson nana975@cdsnet.net

Response: The first patients were admitted to Osawatomie State Hospital in November 1866. No records for Pusey were found in any of the three volumes of cemetery records or in the family history reference. I believe that the records for the State Hospital are in the possession of the Miami Co. Genealogy Soc.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Bivins

Date: 4 Sept 97

Query:I am seeking information about Mary Celeste Bivins.

Matt King

Response: There are no references to this individual in any of the three cemetery volumes or in the family history book. The following records for Bivins were found. Cem of Mi Co, Vol. II, p 140 - Bivins, Ernest E. 1877-1954, Bivins, Maggie M. 1881-1960; p. 141 - Bivins, Margaret, wife of J. F. d 6 Sep 1894 age 80yrs, Bivins, Joseph F. d 27 Feb 1894 age 78 yrs, p. 144 - Bivins, F. J. 1852-1944, Bivins, Louisa, wife 1851-1933, children of T. (F?) J. and Louisa Bivins: Bivins, Cora 2-6-1880-12-21-1896, Bivins, Ethel 2-3-1882-12-28-1883, p. 145 - Bivins, Walter 1875-1955, Bivins, Emily 1903 - ___ . Family Histories and Stories of Mi Co, KS p. 132 Blanche Collins m Arthur Bivins, son of Thomas and Lucetta Cramer Bivins, 14 June 1928.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Boyles

Date: 31 Aug 97

Query: Looking for information on Virgil or Bynum Boyles, son of Wm. B. Boyles and Anna Susanah Spainhour, who died in Paola, KS in the 1920s, I believe, per some newspaper obit I saw once. The Boyles were from Surry Co, NC and born there in 1840s.

John Speight jspeight@atlnet.com

Response: In Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, Vol. 3 pp 45-46, Elmdale Cemetery, Osawatomie, KS Boyles, Sadie C. 16 Apr 1892 - 20 May 1970, Boyles, Emmett F. 5 Dec 1883 - 11 Oct 1971, Boyles, Harry B. 6 Sep 1915 - 27 Aug 1924, Boyles, Bynbum 21 Oct 1848 - 31 Jul 1938.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Gudger, Kolbohm/Kohlbaum, Wagers

Date: 27 Aug 97

Query: Looking for clues about Wagers, Gudger, Kolbohm/Kohlbaum surnames from Osawatomie, KS, with links to Kentucky (Wagers), Missouri, North Carolina (Gudger), and Germany (Kolbohm).

Fowler Jones fowler314@msn.com

Response: Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS - Vol. I, p. 99, Indianapolis Cemetery, Wagers, Rebecca E. 1862-1942, Vol. III, p. 7 Elmdale Cemetery, Osawatomie, Row 1, Gudger, Charles M. 1881-1933, Gudger, Pauline 1880-1975, Row 2, Gudger, Hearn H. 1904-1974, Wed 4 July 1929, Gudger Ruth V. 1906 - 1991, p. 8-9 Elmwood Cemetery, Osawatomie, Row 3, Kolbohm, Theodor 1868-1905, Kolbohm, Grace R. 1885-1955, Kolbohm, Henry P. 1885-1959, Kolbohm, Theodor C. 1836-1923, Kolbohm, Emma, his wife 1854-1916, p. 203-204 Osawatomie Cemetery, Row 27, Wagers, Allene H. 1907-1956, Wagers, Park Wayne, MD, 1932-19__, Wagers, Maudie 1908-1985, Wagers, Walter Park 1904-1985, Row 28 Wagers, James T. 1855-1931, Wagers, Mary Ann 1864-1940, Wagers, Goble B. 1901-1971; p. 251 Row 7, Wagers, Latona C. 1898-1961, Wagers, Robert J. 1896-1989.

Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co., KS, p. 194 - Mary Wagers married John Haley, an imigrant from Ireland, additional information about Haley family; p. 198 - Ruth Hays married Hearn Gudger, their children were Patsy, Paula and Phyllis, p. 321 - Latona Rohrer married Robert Wagers, their daughter Mary Lou Wagers married Harry Cavinnee, Jr. of Osawatomie.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Fri

Date: 23 Aug 97

Query: I am looking for any information about my grandparents, who owned a farm near New Lancaster, Miami Co., KS. Their mailing address was LaCygne, Linn Co., KS. My grandfather was Frank Armor Fri, Sr. b. 24 Mar 1894, d. 30 Apr 1984. He married Nettie Ethel Good in June of 1919, Bates Co., MO. She was b. 24 Jun 1898, d. 5 Feb 1979. They had two sons, Frank Armor Fri, Jr., b. abt 1923 and Basil Julius Fri b. 16 Nov 1928 Bates Co., MO, this is my adoptive step-father. Basil Fri now resides on the farm of my grandparents. My grandfather was in the Army in WWI (1917-1919), he married my grandmother after returning from the war. They bought their farm after 1928 and lived there until both of their deaths. Any information on them, parents, or siblings would be greatly appreciated.

Deborah (Fri) Davenport DKDavNport@aol.com
Query Surnames: Dunkel, Miller

Date: 23 Aug 97

Query:Fred Miller and wife Alvina Goodeyon Miller, married in 1888,unable to locate them in 1895 .Would like to know where they lived between those dates and who might be listed as living with them.Looking for information on their nephew William Jacob Dunkel born 1886 in Fontana Kansas , Miami County who might have lived with the Millers.

Barbara Harvey Barbiegeo@aol.com
Query Surnames: Trickett

Date: 23 Aug 97

Query: I am interested in information from Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co., KS. Wm. Trickett - p 62, C.W. Trickett - p 33.

Jim Curts jimcurts@sound.net

Response: From Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co., KS - p. 33 "For awhile in 1880, there was another paper called The Border Chief, published by C.W. Trickett, in Louisburg. Trickett sold the paper to F. J. Wiseman who renamed it The Border Watchman in 1881. He soon sold this operation to J. T. Trickett, who then moved it to Spring Hill." p. 62 information about the Highland School Community. Myra (Johnson) Trickett was one of the teachers. Among the families who attended school there was the family of William Trickett.

Information about the ancestors and siblings of Myra Johnson Trickett is recorded on p. 215, approximately 3 inches of text and 1 picture of her parents. Pages 304-305 contain information about the Prothe families, including 4 pictures and about 36 inches of text. It notes that Phyllis Prothe married David Trickett, son of William and Myra Johnson Trickett, and that they had two children John and Tricia.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Thomas

Date: 18 Aug 97

Query: I am looking for information on my great grandfather Robert Edward Thomas born around 1900 in Osawatomie, Miami Co.

James Thomas mailto:jthomas@onlinecp.com

Response: In Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, Vol. III, p 497, there is an entry in the Paola Cemetery, lot 156 for Robert Thomas 1851-1918.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Wortley

Date: 4 August 97

Query: I am researching the John ("Ted") Robert Wortley family of Sugar Creek, KS.This family appears on the 1900 Sugar Creek, Miami Co., KS 4th ward census. Although they were not listed in the SNDX I knew the children were born there so I checked the census.

A William C. Wortley (age 73), father of "Ted", was living in this household. When the family moved to CA about 1902 William did not go. I believed he may have died and is buried in a cemetery in Miami Co. along with his wife Mary.

Janice JanB111@aol.com
Query Surnames: Davendorf, Dodd, Bruner

Date: 31 July 97

Query:According to information I have from Miami County in Cutler's History of Kansas, my ggrandfather, John P. Dodd's second wife was Eliza Davendorf Bruner, the widow of Smith Bruner. Eliza and John were married 1859 in Kansas. He died 9/20/1906 in Fontana and she died 12/10/1911, I assume in Fontana as well. Their son James was born in Osago 8/11/1860.

I think my biggest problem is that Davendorf could be spelled about 100 different ways. I have tried finding information on the wife of Smith Bruner to verify spelling but I can't make him exist either. I did find Jesse Bruner in Cutler's Kansas History and the dates would coincide with Smith and Jesse being brothers but there is no hint of that.

Donna Price donnak@wolfenet.com
Query Surnames: Baker, Day

Date: 25 July 97

Query: I am seeking information about the Baker and Day families. Can you tell me what information is available for the following: Cemeteries of Miami County, Kansas, Vol. I, page 15 William W. and Elizabeth J. Baker; Vol. I, p. 212 Charlie and Kate Baker; Vol. II, p. 134 Louisa Day?

John Baker

Response: Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, Vol. I, p. 15 Beagle Cemetery Lot 15 owned by Magnolia Baker Matney - Baker, Elizabeth 28 July 1853 - 15 Feb 1953, Baker, William W. 13 Feb 1853 - 9 Dec 1935; p. 212 Spring Grove Cemetery Lot 22 - Baker, Kate 14 July 1884 - 16 July 1965, Baker, Charlie 17 Dec 1878 - 18 Aug 1965; Vol. II, p. 134 Pleasant Valley Cemetery Row 19, Lot 19 - Day, T. J. 1841-1922 *GAR, Day Louisa wife, mother 1850-1914; Vol. III, p. 20 Elmdale Cemetery Section IV, Row 2 - Baker, Vera Maxine 4 July 1923 - 21 Apr 1927, Baker, Roy W. 1903 - 1965, Baker, Nora E. 1904 - ____.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Smith

Date: 24 July 97

Query: I was browsing through the Miami Co. Pioneer list and was pleased to find my great-grand parents, Henry Reuben Smith and Bessie (Mary Elizabeth) Scott, there. I have been doing extensive reasearch on my family history and would be glad to share what I have or gather what I don't. Please contact me if there is anything we may be able to swap.

Larry P. Smith, Jr. Lerus@aol.com or yrl@cme.com

Query Surnames: Dunkel, Schultz

Date: 24 July 97

Query: I'm looking for information on Jacob Dunkel and his family. I have located them on the 1880 US Census in Middle Creed Township , Miami County Kansas. His father was John, s-mother Elizabeth, brothers Philip, Fredrick, Adam sister Eva. I can find nothing on him after he fathered my grandfather in 1886, Jacob is listed the father and Bertha Goodeyon mother of William Jacob Dunkel at the Trinity Luthern Church in Block, KS. Fredick married a Lizzie Schultz in1884. I can't find any of them after 1886. Thanks.

Barbara Harvey Barbiegeo@aol.com

Response: In Vol. III of Cemeteries of Miami Co., KS, p. 435, Oak Grove addition of Paola Cemetery - Lot 291 Bessie and Lina Ann - children of Fred & M. E. Dunkel. No dates. Adjoining lots were filled 1875-1886.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Geers

Date: 19 July 97

Query: I am seeking information about Ella Geers, a great aunt of mine. How I can access or get copies of the documents that are referenced? Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Tom Meredith t138@hotmail.com

Response: The only reference to this individual and this surname was found in Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co., KS, p. 38. The ladies of Eden Chapel Methodist Church met on 8 June 1905 to form a Ladies Aid Society. Mrs. Ella Geers was elected vice-president.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Meek

Date: 15 July 97

Query: I am seeking information about Levie B. Meek (b about 1871 in IN), his wife Ursa (b about 1872 in MO), son Kenneth (b about 1907 in MO) and brother Woner (b about 1857 in IN). I believe that Levie and Woner were the brothers of my great grandmother Sarah Meek Wright from Checotah, McIntosh Co., OK.

Mark L. Wrightufolowrider@prodigy.com
Query Surnames: Diehm

Date: 6 July 97

Query: I am seeking information about John Frederick Diehm.


Response:Summary of dates from Family Histories and Stories, p. 149 - John Frederic (Fred) Diehm b 29 Aug 1820, Boden, Germany, State of Maltradingen, m Anna Mary Bruehrer b 9 Nov 1836, Boden, Germany. 8 children: Fred (b 1857, d 1931, m Martha Rookstool), Albert (b 1858, d 1944, m Ella Hesser), Joe (b 1860, m Maggie), Mary (b 1861, d 1946, m 2 Jan 1881 Samuel Walthall), George Edward (b 1866, d 1952, m 31 Oct 1891 Mary Belle Lonelass), Emma (b 1870, d 1939, m Charles Alexander), Hattie Louise (b 1874, d 1962 m Thomas Stewart Cockrell) and Minnie (b 1877, d 1958, m Lute Weber).

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Jones

Date: 6 July 97

Query: My mom, Norma Alma Hoyer was born in 1921 April 28th, as Helen "Jones". Her birth mother is listed on the original birth certificate as Madalene Naomi "Jones". We know Jones is not her true name because the orphanage where she gave up mom told us they always had them use fake names.

However, there is a good chance that Madalene Naomi was her real first name. She was a school teacher in Paola Kansas. Is there anybody who could look in old school yearbooks or something to see if there was a Madalene teaching in 1919, 1920 or 1921? Madalene was 23 years old when she gave birth to my mom and listed her birthplace as LayFette, Indiana

My mom is 76 now, she has done three searches for her birth mom all without success. Mom was born in Oklahoma city and the hospital has records but will only give out non-identifying information. The orphanage had a fire in the 1950's and all records previous to that were destroyed so our search there was also fruitless. Mom feels like she wants to know her nationality and also just find out what she can about the young woman who had her. She feels sympathetic towards her and would like to know how her life went.

Betty Hedrick bettyh@nwgroup.com
Query Surnames: Sherer, Sherar

Date: 6 July 97

Query: Looking for information pertaining to the Sherer / or Sherar family of my Great Grand mother; Bessie Susie Sherer. Her parents are unknown, although it is possible her grand father was Robert Sherar, or she may be related to Caleb Sherer. She was born about 1882. I'm not certain of the county. Please send ANY information at all, as I have none other than that she married Albert David Phillips also of Iowa, and had a son named Charles Albert Phillips.

Sarah Rose srose@jeffnet.org

Response: There is no information about Bessie Susie (Sherer/Sherar) Phillips, Albert David Phillips or Charles Albert Phillips in Family Histories and Stories of Miami Co., KS, or in any of the first two cemetery volumes. The information in Family Histories and Stories notes only that Robert H. Sherar was the son of Caleb Sherar and that Robert and Margaret Susan Downen Sherar had 7 children. Robert and Margaret lived in Stanton Township until 1909 when they moved into Paola.

Sean Furniss
Query Surnames: Sneed

Date: 5 July 97

Query: Seeking information about Clarence Richard Sneed and Everett Sneed

Robert R Sneed Asvnoyi44@AOL.COM

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