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Index to Miami County Pages
in William G. Cutler's
History of the State of Kansas

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[Part 1 Abbott to Butler ] [Part 2 Cadwallader to Dyer] [Part 3 Eaton to Grinter]
[Part 4 Hackley to Krutz] [Part 5 La Fountain to Mitchler] [Part 6 Mobley to Quimby]
[Part 7 Rahauser to Slosson] [Part 8 Smalley to Vohs] [Part 9 Wade to Ziler]

These pages index over 2,700 names referenced in the Miami County section of William G.Cutler's History of Kansas. The names are shown as spelled in the online version of the book. Individuals may be recorded under more than one name due to variations in spelling and the use of abreviations. There may also be more than one individual with the same name, so in searching for an individual, if more than one reference location is noted, it is advisable to check all the links.

All the links take you to a specific paragraph on one of the 18 parts of the transcribed pages for Miami County, Kansas. The linked paragraph should show up at the top of your browser window each time you select a linked reference location.

Titles have been omitted except where no given name was shown. Women are referenced under their maiden name (when known) and their married name. Women who were married more than once are referenced under each of their married names (when known).

Because individuals may show up in the various counties you should also search the entire Kansas GenWeb Project pages by using the search engine of the Kansas State Library Blue Skyways Server.

Search the Kansas State Library Blue Skyways Server to find names recorded in the KSGenWeb Project. Use the University of Kansas Search Page to search for names listed in the Heritage Server files.

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