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Oakwood Cemetery
Osawatomie, Miami Co., KS

Transcribed by Mary Ann Stanley Holloman

On August 3, 1869, the Osawatomie Town Company sold to the Directors of Oakwood Cemetery Association (H.H. Williams, President; H.B. Smith, Secretary; and C.B. Jillson, Treasurer; and their successors) Block No. 5 in the City of Osawatomie where Oakwood Cemetery is located [Miami County Kansas, Deed Book S, Page 316, Register of Deeds Office, County Courthouse]

On March 7, 1888, the trustees or directors of Oakwood Cemetery (Thomas Patterson, J.C. Chestnut, and H.B. Smith) sold back to the City of Osawatomie all of Block No. 5. [Miami County Kansas, Deed Book 57, Page 21, Register of Deeds Office, County Courthouse]

The cemetery has been the victim of flooding and vandalism, which has resulted in stones being destroyed, broken, or just worn away to the point where writing could not be found Located at the North edge of Osawatomie city limits, Oakwood Cemetery is bounded on the South by the dike and Carr Street; on the West by old 169 Highway (old Kansas City Road); and on the North by the Marais des Cygnes River.

Sources used for this record included a map located in the Osawatomie City Hall, office indexes for burial records of Eddy, Birchard, and Johnson Funeral Homes (all located Osawatomie), and a list of lot owners found in the Miami County Register of Deeds Office. Lot owners and burial records are included due to the absence of early records of burial and the many evidences found in the cemetery of stones that are now gone. When there is a difference in spelling of names in the various records and on the stones, all variations have been included Question marks in entries denote letters or numbers that could not be read

The transcriber numbered the stones to simplify location. These numbers run North to South. Note: Lots 4 through 14 were noted on map "Asylum Corner — No Graves." In the unnumbered area north of the entrance road and west of lot 149, the transcriber assigned letters to the rows, with A beginning on the east. The numbers in these rows are not in line, as the stones are randomly placed in this area.

Index of Cemetery Records
Unknow surname to Bundy   Canklin to Everett   Fairbanks to Hunt   Jackson to Mullins
Nagle to Smith   Snow to Wright

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