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I am looking for anything on a Willis Wood who ran a feed store in Parsons between 1870 and 1876. His wife was named Augusta and he had a son also named Willis. We believe he died in parsons and his wife may have remarried someone with the last name of Edwards.

John Rolek

Looking for records for Donald E. Moore b. 19 Aug 1952    d.  Mar 1976  23 yrs old Marriages (2)

Mary Elizabeth Hall      &  Sharon Foster  5 July 1974. 
Children with Mary Elizabeth ---   Jason Wayne Moore, Trina Ann Moore, Anthony Wayne Moore & Floyd Allen Moore. 
Donald was born in Chetopa, KS & died near Columbus, KS 
His father was William J Moore. 
Need public & criminal records for both Mary & Donald.   

Bill Dorsey

Nolan/Noland, England


I am searching for information regarding my grandmother, she wrote her maiden name as "Anna Louisa Nolan".  She thought she was born in Labette County, Chetopa KS in Feb. of 1884.  Her mother died when she was very young & thinks that she had a sibling.  Her father gave them away, to never return.  One story is that a family named McClure & possibly other families through the years raised her.  In my research so far, I have been on the trail of the name of Selena England whom I think may be her mother.  Selena was born in Arkansas 1857.  I loose her trial after 1870 census and later in 1900 census I find Anna L Noland a niece of Elizabeth England Owens in Oklahoma.  Anna married William Samuel "Sam" Gunter in Bonham, Fannin county TX on Jan. 1903  I thank you in advance for any additional information regarding Anna!


Mansfield, TX
Searching for Mary Boyd Rowland of Labette Co., KS who died between 1810-1820.  Husband was Oregon Wentworth Rowland who died during that period 

also.  daughters Mary/Maymi and Ada may be buried there also.

Joanne Huntsberry


I am looking for a Mary Nichols or Judy Nichols that lived at 221 N. 22nd street in Parsons KS in the 70's or 80's.

Name could be spelled Nickels.

I think she moved to KY around that time.

Ronnie Curtis


Trying to find Janet Karry with an age of around 62.  Father was Johnny who worked on the MKT.  Mother might of been Phyllis 
who died July 5, 2007.  
Janet had an other sister.  Janet went to Altamont HS.  They live a few miles north west of Parsons.  I last saw her around 1967.  
Would like to know, hear, or see her before I get to much older.

I believe my great-great-great grandparents, William E. Howland and Elizabeth Howland, are buried in Labette, KS.  
He died in 1890 and she died in 1903.  Any information you can give me will be appreciated.  Thanks. Bonnie Lawson
Bonnie Lawson


My name is Andrew Wagner and I am the great great grandson of Frederick and Sophia Wagner who owned a farm in Osage Township, Labette County.  My great great grandparents were apparently members of the Mt. Zion Neighborhood and attended the Mt. Zion Community Church.  I noticed that in the late 1970s there was a motion to have the church registered as a historical site but I wasn't sure if that was approved or if the church is even still standing.  If the church is still around, I would love to visit it.  According the the location of the church from the Plat Map I looked it, it appears to have been within a few hundred feet from where my great great grandparents farm was, (their farm was located in Township 32 S, Section 6..just south of Mortimer).  Was this area formerly referred to as the Mt. Zion neighborhood/community? I'm also a little bit confused because my internet searches keep coming up with a Mt. Zion Baptist Church which appears to be quite a ways south of where my great great grandparents lived.  I'm assuming these are not the same churches.  Does the Mt. Zion Community Church that I'm referring to still exist?  If so, are there hours of operation to tour it?     I really appreciate your help.  Thank you!



Referring to 2011 Query I asked to be posted. You may not find James Newton Cameron buried in Parsons, as I just found out his father, Peter Cameron, had his own named cemetery.  James Newton may be buried there.  If your search for him hits a dead end, that may be why.  I know for a fact, he is not buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Parsons.  They keep those records at the County.

The other more important issue is the birth certificate of Daisy/Daisie Cameron.  Born February 18, 1901 somewhere near or in Parsons, Kansas.  Her death certificate lists her mother as unknown!

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me!  Here is a video I made of my last genealogy trip.

 “The Magical History Tour, Chasing my dead relative’s, one beer at a time!”

Frank Furillo


I need to find the cemetery where Sarah Jane Kaltrider is buried.  She lived in Labette County Kansas in 1910. The town was Parsons.  I found an obit in Arkansas that said her husband, Tobias, married again in 1912 and moved to Arkansas.  Sarah Jane had to have died 1910-1912.



I have a great uncle that according to the 1910 census was enumerated at Parsons Ward 4 as inmate . His name William H Francis my question is what was this?


I'm looking for info on a Maguire family that lived in Oswego from the 1870's to at least 1930.  I have the federal census data but can't find

any death records.  Father, Wm F. Maguire, died before 1888.  Mother, Anna Mary Maguire (nee Belt), last found in 1900 census.  Daughter Hallie

R last found in 1915 KS census.  Daughter Lola B last found in 1930 census.  I don't know that either daughter married.  From 1910 to 1930

they were living on Illinois St.  I take it that city directories exist

for Oswego.

I'm looking at making a trip to Oswego in August and could use some help

in finding more info.

Dale Giese

Cincinnati, OH



I have long searched for the gravesite of transplanted Pennsylvanians John Hoffman (May 20, 1834 - Dec 11, 1919) and his wife, Leah (Smith) Hoffman.  They moved to Parsons in 1877, later spent about a dozen years or so in Chambers County, Nebraska, but returned to Parsons because they didn't like the Nebraska winters.  To the best of my knowledge, they both died in Parsons.  John was a Civil War veteran, having served with Co. H, 87th Pennsylvania Infantry.
Red Lion PA


Peter, Rufus, F. Lavinia, and Lida DeGarmo are all buried in Oswego Cemetery. Lived in Oswego for many years. Looking for any information, obits, news items, births, marriages, whatever. Rufus also had two daughters, Caroline Degarmo Wiley, and Alice Degarmo Smith, both supposedly buried in Oswego Cemetery. Peter had a daughter, Lillian, who seems to have disappeared. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  

Carolyn Aiken



My name is Peggy Wilson and I am trying to locate the burial place of the wife of my first cousin 2x removed.  Her name is Dona (or Donna) Virginia Blevins Thompson, she was born in1893 in Texas and she died 23 Nov 1926 in Parsons, Labette, Kansas.  I have looked on in Labette county, but I have not found her.  If there is any way someone could check the cemeteries or the cemetery records for her I'd be very grateful.  Thank you so much for your time.

Peggy Wilson
Harper, KS

Is the original house at 1500 Crawford, Parsons, Labette County, Kansas, still standing? I believe this may be a picture of it. My grandparents, Corday and Dalton Godfrey,  and their three  children were living there in 1917.


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