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TOWER, Nathaniel D (b 1838 in NY) lived in Montana twp from 1865-66 until he died sometime after 1900.

    (He would be my great uncle)  I am looking for additional information about his siblings and father, Loami Tower. 

I am looking for obituaries for family members that are buried at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Altamont Kansas. I have a copy

from the cemetery association which shows the lot and plot number.  In all I have about 8 persons that I'm looking for.  

What would the cost be to do a project like this?  I can furnish the names and dates (some are years only).  The families are the Huston's and Vanslyke's.

Thank you for the assistance.

Helen Ann Huston Ruh


My name is Andrew Held.  I am looking for information on my mothers maternal family.  Her grandmother was Celestine Farrell, of 1631 Chess Street, Parsons, KS.  I know Celestine's husband was employed by the MK&T and I am wondering if there might be some personnel records I could examine.  I have found the family in the US Census Bureau's on-line records.  Any other recommendations you have would be gratefully accepted.

Andrew Held   
5230 Mardel Ave. 
St. Louis, Mo.


My name is Carolyn Craig
I am researching the Descendant of Burns from Bartholomew County, Indiana -
James Raymond Arbuckle
B:07 Nov 1891
D. : _______________________
Mae Backus
B.06 Sep 1893
D.06 Nov 1978  in Labette County, Kansas
Hope someone can find her obit and tell me where she and her husband are buried
Thanks, Carolyn Craig


I am trying to find information on the Fizer family. This article mentions Labette Co, and the Hackberry Cemetery. Could you help me with any sites that might provide burial records or other helpful info? Thanks for your time.

AMOS D. FIZER, farmer and stock raiser, P. O. Ripon, was born in Montgomery County, Ky., February 8, 1831. At about the age of twenty-one, he went to Missouri, and was identified in that State for seven years. He then went to California, and carried on farming and stock raising for ten years, after which he came to Kansas, and located in Atchison County, and subsequently came here in 1870, where he has been actively connected with his present industry, paying more especial attention to the raising and breeding of fine bred horses and mules. He married, in 1860, Miss Sarah Jane Sweeney, who was born in Monroe County, Va., and was reared in this State, her people having located in Kansas about 1855. They have one son and three daughters - Rena, Albertine, Willard and Lavina. On July 21, 1881, Mrs. Fizer departed this life, in full communion with the Methodist Episcopal Church, and is buried in Hackberry Cemetery. During the war, Mr. Fizer did active service in Company D, Thirteenth Kansas Volunteer Infantry, from August, 1862, till the end of the war, and was honorably discharged and pensioned for disabilities. His farm contains 160 acres of good land, and is well fenced, watered and stocked; has good buildings, and an orchard of four acres of nicely assorted fruits.

Jerry Ingels

My name is Barbara Dannels Jameson. My uncle is Floyd E. Hardesty. I know that he was in the U.S. Navy and was born around 1911. My mom,

Ravedeenah Hardesty Dannels (Floyds sister) was born in Lakefield, MN and was in an orphanage. I found a 1925 U.S. Census that says a Floyd

E. Hardesty at the age of 14 years old lived with G.M. and Irene Belle Davidson in Labette, Ks and listed Floyd as an orphan. I would like to know if you would be able to give me any information on G.M and Irene

Belle Davidson. I am continuing my search for the Davidsons on

Thank you very much for your time in this matter.

Barbara Dannels Jameson

2114 Amhurst

Duncan Ok 73533



My name is Charleen Pickett Schuster and I am trying to find out if my great Grandmother died in Labette County, Kansas or any other information about her after 1910.
The last information I have from the census shows that she was living there:
1910 Kansas, Labette County, 2 Ward Parsons Township, ED #147, Page 149  April 22, 1910
Blanche Pickett, 50 years old divorced, 6 children/5 living, MA MA Ma, Own income
My grandfather, Fred Arthur Pickett, son 19 years old MN, IA, MA Barber Shop
Bert Hiram Pickett son, 13 years old, MO IA MA
I know what happened to my Great  Grandfather after they divorced and where he died in Napa County, California.
Do not know what year they got divorced and if they got divorced in Kansas or not.  Just know that she is still there in 1910.
We think she may have died there sometime between 1910 and 1920  or maybe even later.
My Grandfather, Fred Arthur Pickett moved on to Colorado in 1920 and his brother was born in Utah on the way to Colorado.
I am in the process of joining the DAR and this is the only information I have not been able to find.
Please if thereís anyway you can help me find this information as to what happened to her after 1910 I would very much appreciate it.
Thank you in advance for any help you can give me. 

Charleen Pickett Schuster   24820 S.E. 38th Street   Issaquah, Washington 98029


This is my grandfather Clifford Neal Stone is my Grandfather he died when I was still in Elementary School.  
I don't remember the exact date but know where he died. (Duval Co. - FL).  Is there anyone doing research on this family line.

His father was: Clarence Ever. Stone b: 22 Jan. 1908 d: 17 Jan 1961.

His mother was: Helen Marie Lynn b: 20 Feb. 1904 d: 23 Oct. 1967.

They were married on Oct. 15, 1921.

Please let me know if you have any information on this line.



Peter Bowen came to Parsons in the early 1880's with his parents, Peter and 

Hannah Venters Bowen and brother Tolly and Samuel. His parents were ex-slaves 

who had traveled as enslaved servants from Georgia to Grimes County, Texas, 

where they lived until emancipation. After slavery ended, the Bowens, with 

several other families,(Bradleys, Tiggs, Browns, and others) moved on to Parsons 

in search of a better life in what they imagined to be a less racially charged 

environment. Life was not perfect for the early blacks of Labette County, but 

the family managed to expand and maintained an active life in the Parsons 

community. Peter H. Bowen, erroneously recorded ad Peter R. Bowen, was the only 

black to graduate from the City High School in 1899. Peter spent his latter 

years in Los Angeles where he died in 1945. Peter married Clara Fagan, and born 

to them was one daughter, Florine Bowen, who married Jim Whitmore. Florine and 

Jim had children Clarence and

 Willethel Whitmore. Florine Bowen, who's parents and grandparents migrated to 

Kansas from Texas during reconstruction, brought the family back to Texas in the 

late 1930's and settled in San Antonio, where she, her children and 

grandchildren were established for many years. 

Shirley Marks Whitmore

Great Grand Daughter-in Law of Peter H. Bowen 


I am trying to find the death and place of burial of my father's sister, Beulah B. Knox, b. Nov. 25, 1905 in Canadian County, Oklahoma, married to Harold Smith. They had a farm in Oswego, Kansas in the 1940-1980's. They had three children, Maxine, Marilyn and Donald Smith. The last information I have on Beulah is that she attended her mother's funeral in 1978 in Oklahoma, coming from Oswego, Kansas. I cannot find Beulah B. or Harold Smith on or Can you find anything on Labette County/Kansas Records about them and their death and burial info? She is the only ancestor I need to complete on my Knox family genealogy.I will pay you for your search time.



Robert Knoxof San Diego


 I am hoping you can either help or direct me to finding some information about Labette County.  My ancestors arrived from Columbus (Bartholomew Co.,) Indiana shortly before the 1870 Census and resided in Richland Twp./Chetopa for a number of years.  Actually, the 1870 U.S.Census comprises all of the family members and children of Samuel B. Young.  The shown wife, Mary Jane Young (nee Wilson/McQueen) was actually his third wife, with previous two dying in Columbus. 
What records and newspapers currently exist back in the 1882-83 area?  I am trying to establish the death of Samuel's third wife, Mary Jane approximately January 31, 1882 which is on her tombstone, which we believe to be at the Peace Cemetery in Joplin, MO where my great-grand uncle preached at the time.  I know the family is in Labette Co., in 1870 and 1880 and beyond, before they moved to Arkansas and Samuel died and is buried there.
Likely also are marriages of his children in the County, but William was not married there, but rather in Carthage, MO
Others such as Julia who married a Spurgeon maybe there as well as Louisa who married a man by the name of Snook.
Any help or direction would be very nice to have when you can provide me with some further direction.  Regards, - Charlie Tooley
Vice President-Aviation Practice Group/Midwest
Wells Fargo Insurance Services USA, Inc.
1014 Vine Street, Suite 1100
Cincinnati, OH  45202
Direct Dial: (513) 333-2121
Direct Fax: (866) 696-2176


I am looking for information regarding Julius and Sarah (Maybee) Schultz, who lived in Chetopa from the early 1880's on.

Julius Schultz
Born:  Approx. 1849
Died:  Approx. 1930 or 1931
Julius immigrated from Prussia and first settled in Illinois and than Missouri.
Sarah Schultz
Born:  June 1856 in Ontario, Canada
Died:  1916 in Chetopa, KS
Any information or help would be most appreciated

Rachel Haynes


Can someone help me locate the death date and burial information for Mary Sparks?  She was married to Eli Sparks.  They lived in Mound Valley Twp.  I think they settled there in about 1866 and I think Mary must have died between 1870 and 1875 as her name appears in the 1870 census but not in the 1875 state census.  I would be most appreciative for the assistance.  Thank you very much. 

Carol A. Kreider

P.O. Box 197

Avon, IL 61415



My father is missing from your list.  He was from Parsons KS.  See Purple Heart attached.

Harley Earl Winters, KIA Jan 1-11-1945 in Luxembourg.  Buried 2.5 miles east of there in US Military Cemetary Hamm, plot J, row 3, grave 62.

Marvin Winters, Tulsa OK


Searching for information about family of Richard Morgan Stewart and wife Emma 

Justine (Regnier) Stewart. Richard 

was born in 1867 in Hamilton, Ohio, and died in 1954. Emma was born in 1869 and 

died in 1948. Children were 

Margaret, Hazel, Ema, Charles, Richard (b. 4-9-1910, d. 1-30-1990). Looking for 

family's connection to Stewart's of 

Butler County, Ohio. (James and Polly (Phillips) Stewart parents of several 

children, including William, Alonzo). I am 

descendant of Alonzo's family.



I am searching for an obituary for my great grandmother, Millicent Hamner Reasor.
She was born in  Union, KY where she married William Reasor. The history of the First Baptist Church
of Edna, Labette County, Kansas shows that William and Millicent were received into the church on February 2, 1872.
My grandfather, Charles Hamner Reasor was born in Labette on April 2, 1877.
I believe she died there at a very young age about 1881 but can find no official record of her death.

Aine Waldron


I'm a 23 year old female with no knowledge of my family and all my elders that would know are all dead. My father's name is Harvey Dee Flournoy Sr. he was born in Parsons Ks to a Joe Nathan or Jonathan Flournoy and a Fessy or Fessie Flournoy I think my father Harvey graduated from Parsons High his date of birth is 1/31/1928 he had a sister named Ruth that is all I know of my family I would appreciate it if you can find anything pictures or anything about him when he was in school or any information really thanks.

Morganne Flournoy


I hope you can help me.  I am searching for the school that my Grandfather Lester Fowler went to.  I have attached his report card and as you can see it is from Labette County School, District 36.  I am not sure where the school might have been and I was wondering if there was any way of finding out.  I appreciate any information you can find out about this document.

Thanks so much!
Trinity Neeley      


I am looking for information about relatives from Parsons, Kansas.  Specifically where James Newton Cameron might be buried.  He died of appendicitis December, of 1875.  His wife was Rachel Emily (Budd) Cameron.

Iím also looking for his son, James A. Cameron, who was last living in the Allen B. Hacker home in 1895.  In 1905, there is a Daisy Cameron, born in 1901, listed as granddaughter, living with the Hackerís, but no sign of James A. Cameron.  Daisy would have to be his daughter.

So the questions are, for the Parsons areaÖ.

1. Do you have any death/burial records for a James Newton Cameron, born 1850 in Illinois, died December 1875 in Parsons, Kansas?

2. Do you have any marriage Ė death Ė burial records for James A. Cameron, born 1872 in Missouri?

3. Do you have any birth records for Daisy Cameron, born 1901.  There is a chance she was born out of wedlock, but we donít know.

Finally, our Fischer relatives believed they were heirs to a great fortune, as did hundreds of Fischers in the States, around the turn of the century.  My great grandfather, Charles A. Fischer was a member of the Fischer Heirs Association, which met annually.  I have his notes, and letters sent to him from around the country.  I am currently writing a musical based on this story, and any information you could find on the Fischer Heirs Association, and Charles A. Fischer, or William E. Fischer, would be greatly appreciated.  William was foreman of the Katy Foundry.  Attached are their obitís, and some articles.

Thanks very much for anything you might do, and please let me know if there are any fees involved which I would gladly pay!


Frank Furillo 

608 267-1161


I am searching for the residence of my grandfather and grandmother.  Their names were Edward and Iva Monahan.  They were married in Parsons,Kansas in 1912.  According to the 1920 census they were still in Parsons but had left according to the 1930 census.  Any help in thei matter would be appreciated.

Thank you

Dan Monahan


My name is Charlie Johnson.   I am seeking information on my father's family who lived on a farm just outside of Mound Valley from the 1870s

through the early 20th century.  Grandfather's name was Bengt (or Benjamin) Johnson.  Was a State Representative in the late 1890's and

after he left the farm ran a drugstore in town till he died in 1916. They had 17 children, Oscar, Charlie, Frank, Squire, etc.  Any information, 
please contact me at 805 354-1128 or at 191 1st Street,

Templeton, CA  93465.

Thank you.

Charlie Johnson


My great-grandfather William Ray Bailey was born 29 Apr 1883 in Chetopa, Labette County, Kansas. 
I have a copy of a transcript of his original birth certificate which I can scan and submit, if that is welcome.

His father
Joseph M Bailey was also born in Chetopa, Labette County on 25 Mar 1848.  He and his family lived in Wichita for a time but then returned to Chetopa for a time before heading west.  Family stories say he lied about his age and fought in the Civil War.
I do not have any official records documenting his birth, military service, or other vital stats.  I would appreciate any info that could be sent to me.

Joseph's wife was Elisabeth Malvina McCulley who would have lived in Labette for only a few years.
William Ray Bailey married Neva Gertrude Breese in Wichita, Kansas.

I would love to find any birth or school records for these ancestors.
Thank you,
Robyn DiFalco

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Hello, I am looking for any information regarding the Kerr family in and

around Parsons, Kansas. I am specifically looking for any information

concerning Thomas H. Kerr, born in Benton County Missouri about 1877 and

died in either Bourbon or Labette County Kansas around 1967.

Note: I have listed both my home and work email addresses to ensure that I

receive any reply in a timely manner.

Thank you,

Alvin Kerr

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