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I am searching for the Feess family of Labette Co, Parsons, Kansas.   Charles Feess was married to Pauline Horning Feess. They were living in the area 1876 with children; Charles, Annie, Otto, William, Lucy and Fred. The father and son Charles were in the cigar business having built next to Holm's drug store on Johnson Ave. near Central. I am looking for the son, Charles Feess born about 1859/60. He was married to a Heneritta (Rettie) Triplett. Any information on this family would be so appreciated.


Requesting a look up of William Thomas Vance (I am his Great Great Granddaughter). I  have found that he was born May 9 1873. I have him listed as being 

born in Parsons Kansas . I am attempting to locate his parents/siblings on the 

1880 census hopefully=
Jayce Lemmer


Hi. I'm looking for information on a marriage between George Riley MCCONNELL & Maggie Maud MADDOX (or Todd). They were married Parsons, Kansas Nov 18, 1907. Any information is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

George and Julie


I am interested in exchanging information regarding the Reamer family. John W. Reamer, born 1818, VA, and died (12-2-1892) in Chetopa, Labette County, KS. He was married to Eleanora S. Reamer (Grayson) who died 4-30-1898 in Parsons. I believe she is also buried at the Oak Hill Cemetery. Any information would be appreciated.

Mike Gunn


I'm looking for a death certificate or obituary that will tell me where Harry L. Woodford b 10-2-1814 Ohio d. 9/1/1891 Oswego, Labette, Kansas is buried.  He was married (2nd marriage) to Mariah Jane Young Woodford on Sep 25, 1858 in Mo.  Any information that you can give me would be so appreciated.

Let me know if there is a charge for your service.  Thank you,




I am researching two families who moved from Indiana in the 1870s to Labette County, and who were Methodists. In particular, I am trying to locate the burial places of:

Charlotte Kearney (née Holloway), who died on 11 September 1877,

Fulmouth who died 1878. Sometimes Kearney is spelled Carney or Karney. The full details I have are as follows:

Sometime between 1870 and 1880 Jacob Mackey Dunham, his wife Louisa and some of their children moved from Tipton County to rural Mount Pleasant, in Labette County, Kansas [Census of 1880]. David and Phoebe Dunham moved to nearby Oswego, just 20 miles away within Labette County, and with them, by the time of the Census of 1880, were Fulmouth and Charlotte’s children – Mary Ann aged 11 in 1880, Fulmouth Jr aged 14, and Francis aged 7, and Fulmouth Jr was working as a labourer. It seems in the circumstances quite likely that Fulmouth and Charlotte moved from Indiana to Kansas with their three youngest children sometime before Fulmouth’s death in September 1877.

I would be extremely grateful if you could help me. I have tried to research on the internet but there do not seem to be complete surveys of the cemeteries of Labette County.

Stephen MacDonogh


Hi my name is Molly Carson and my 2nd Great Grandfather was Milbourne C. Barnes.  On a trip to Oswego, KS I did find that he owned property still called Barnes Addition in Oswego, Labette Co., Kansas.  I am still looking for information about Milbourne and would appreciate adding my name and e-mail address on your list.                                                                

Thank you for your help.                                                                                                                                                                                 

Molly Carson


I have a document that indicates that my ancestor Mildred N Powers was suing her nephew David Bruce Powers in Labette in 1890 to recover $3,436. 

According to my research, David Whitehead Powers (the uncle) set up his nephews in a banking operation in Saline, Kansas when the father died and David Bruce absconded funds from the bank.  When David W. Powers died, his daughter (Mildred) was instructed to ‘get the money” back from David Bruce.  Is there any way to prove this vignette in our family history?  

Winifred Powers Dixon


Is there anyone who might find the Obit in the newspaper for Frank SHARP,b.1887 d.1945 buried in the Mound Valley Cemetery in Labette County, Kansas? Have been looking for a Frank SHARP since 1979. He, disappeared around 1931 after the death of his Mother in Dewar, Oklahoma. He, is the brother of my Grandmother Arbie (SHARP) STOUT and she never found Frank or Enoch before her death.

Anything at all will be so appreciated such as a death certificate, marriage record just anything at all.
Will pay for copies of  Land or other records you might find.
In Friendship,

 Carlene Wright


I am looking for the daughter of Walter Johnson I believe that her first name was Margie.  Walter was from  Chetopa Ks. served in WWII and fought in the battle of the bulge. He was one of five brothers.  My guess is Margie would be about 55.  I believe that she was born in Labette county. If you have any ideas, please advise. Thank you in advance for any help

Harry D. Johnson


I would like to correspond with any descendant of Melvin L. (b Feb 14, 1874 and died  June 12, 1955, Labette County, Kansas) and Mary ( 1826 and died 1906, Labette County, Kansas) Fisher. Their known children were: Elmer (b Feb 1894), Melvin L., (b 1901 and died 1904), Labette County, Kansas), Robert (b 1904) and Margaret (b 1912).  Please contact me asap

Lee Fisher


How can I find out if Isaac Johnson died in the Labette State Hospital for epileptics between 1920-1930, and where he might be buried?  He was listed on the 1910 and 1920 Federal Census as a patient there, and is not listed in 1930.

Mary Ray
I am searching for family and information of Beulah B. Knox-Smith, b. Nov. 25, 1905, Banner, Oklahoma and her husband, Harold Smith, b. Yukon, Oklahoma, for my family genealogy. They moved to Oswego, Labette County, Kansas in the 1920's where they owned a farm and raised three children, Maxine, Marylyn and Donald Smith. The children all remained in Oswego, Labette County according to family sources.  I would like to know when Beulah B. Knox-Smith died, survivors, and where she was buried, and when Harold Smith died, survivors and where he was buried?

Robert Knox



George Mingle born October 26, 1884 in Rock Falls, IL died September 18, 1952 in Parsons, KS. His wife Viola Evans Mingle born October 25, 1905 in Humeston, IA died June 21, 2003 in Parsons, KS. They are both buried in Oakwood cemetery, Parsons.
I created a memorial for each at
Barb Chandler


I am in search of information on a William Betts. He died February 1974 in Parsons. His last known address was 514 South 30th, Parsons, Kansas. I would like to get Death, Obit and any Land records if available. His wife was a Marie surname unknown. 
Curt Stearns


I am an amateur looking for I person who was my husbands grandfather. His name was William Bertram Caldwell and I found a 1900 census with info listed on him in Labette, Ka.I could not get a look at the census without paying a big fee. If you could lead me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. The listing said his wife’s name was Emma (which we know was Emma Belle Waldschlager) I don’t have their marriage date but William was born in Ft. Scott, Kansas 1873. Their first child was born in 1898. His name was Harold Glen Caldwell. He disappeared after this family was born & he may have ended up in West Virginia with another family. I am also investigating William B. Caldwell in Wheeling, West Virginia. His children do not know what the B. in his name stood for.

  Mary Jo Caldwell   Phone#940-269-1985

Looking for information on  Otis B Hollman family.  Born in Ohio married Nancy Bloomer 1871. Had son Bloomer Hollman or Holman. Living in Hackburry twp in 1880 

and 1900.  

I have been looking for information regarding my great grandmother- Minnie M. (Smith) Morse- I have a marriage

certificate from a judge V. L. Wollingford-Justice of Labette Co. Kansas near Valeda dated Aug. 12th 1888- I know

Jason and Minnie had 3 children - Edgar Alonzo born 1889, Ernest Abner born 1891, and Ralph born 1892 (he died

Jan 23, 1897 by falling in a lye pot (old family story)- Found his name Ralph Morris listed under Skinner Hamlin funeral

home records in Labette history -info. given by W.H. Smith  and birth date and death matches headstone found in

Roberts cemetery for Ralph Morse-also, under this listing gives under comments the name Getzender (which may actually be or 
could be Getzenander or several other spellings)  I don't know why his name is listed under funeral home listing.  On 
Ralph's headstone it says grandson of Jery Smith (not son of Jason A. and Minnie M. Morse).


We think Minnie's parents were Jery (maybe Jerimiah) and Laura Smith.


If you know any information, I will be glad to reimburse you for your time etc.


I thank you in advance.


Mary (Morse) Bracker

(402) 510-5161

email: maryold6@ms



Years ago I adopted some orphaned family photos that I found in an antique shop in Kansas. They are related to the following families:  Yardley, Bannon, Jaggard, Hollas/Hollar.  I also adopted family letters between Mrs. Mabel Yardley of Kansas City, KS, from her mother and father in Chetopa, KS and someone named Alice and Doris of Chetopa, KS. 

I am in the process of scanning over 100 photos and about 20 letters before donating the collection to the Midwest Genealogical Center in Independence, KS. I need help in identifying the photos taken in Chetopa, KS. I will also place copies of these letters and photos at, but I need identification of the photos.
I am familiar with Arthur D., son of Joseph W & Mabel (Bannon) Yardley, & Alma (Jaggard) Yardley of Kansas City, MO She died April 18, 1996, at age 87 in Lenexa, KS.  They died without any children and donated $1-2 million to Johnson County Community College in Olathe, KS. Alma was a master pianist.
Please help me identify the mystery photos.

Helen Hertha


Looking for possible death of  "Jacob M. Cook", he is  listed in the 1920 census as a widower living with his son James and his wife in Labette Township. His wife Sarah A. may have also died in Labette County sometime before 1920. Would like to hear if anybody has information about these two.  They are my great grandparents on my mothers side. I need to know about possible gravesites.

Glenn Duspiva


Hi,  My ancestor, Milton H. Vandyke was there in 1870 and died before the 1880 census.  I am wondering if he is buried there?
He was in 1837 in NY. 

Thank you,
Linda Boothe

Looking for a grave in possibly Parsons, Labette County for husband and wife,
Jacob Mowers Cook, died 3/15/1921
Sarah Wright cook, died 1/2/13
Looks like someone inquired on them during 2005 "

Looking for possible death of  "Jacob M. Cook", he is  listed in the 1920 census as a widower living with his son James and his wife in Labette Township. His wife Sarah A. may have also died in Labette County sometime before 1920. Would like to hear if anybody has information about these two.  They are my great grandparents on my mothers side.

Glenn Duspiva


My name is Devon Read, I live in DuPont Indiana, which is very close to Jennings county Indiana the main little town in the county is North Vernon, I have been talking to Shelia Kell she is the Indiana Gen Web county coordinator. I have been talking to her for almost a year and here recently she moved to the area from Indy. I have found a lot of my Dads fathers side. They contracted to build the Jennings County Courthouse! Pretty neat actually. I somehow found the KSUSGENWEB web site on my cell phone's internet. The internet on my cell is how I have done genealogy for almost 6 months (gotta love technology) but I found one of my relatives on your site, my Dads mothers married name was Heath, and there is a guy on your website whose name is Bowen C Heath (or B.C.) he was born in Jennings county and was the son of BC and Sarah Neal Heath.

His son Bowen C Heath JR married Addie Vawter and moved to Howard township Labette County Kansas. His father the SR B. C. Heath is I think a cousin or somehow related to my grandmas husband. I had a copy of a map that had them all on it I guess. It was, I don't know what to call it, who owned land and how many acres all the Heaths in Jennings county all lived right next to each other, and actually after I got to snooping around and got a wavy newer map and looking at the sections that what they used to own was bought by the state and turned into Muscatuck State School, technically a State Hospital for the mentally challenged.

Now I never have received answers to when and why they moved and what year but that's not to important to me it would be neat to know yes but not a necessity.

But my real question is where did you get the information on the younger B. C. Heath and can you point me in the right direction to finding out more on the Heath family? My Grandmother died in Feb, and I never had a chance to ask her anything about her side of the family if you can help me any at all please get back to me with a link to some website. Anything would be much appreciated, sorry my punctuation and everything's messed up. Cell Phone 812-701-1024

Devon Read


I would like to add the last name of VanZant. My great, great, great grandfather William VanZant is buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Parsons, KS. He was a union solider and lived in Parsons for several years. 

Alician Clary


I am looking for a baby born in approximately 1930-31-32 possibly named Phyllis Edmundson - mother Barbara E Edmundson living in Labette County, KS in 1930.  Barbara Edmunson's DOB: May 1913, Death: April 2010.

Sandy Mers
770-573-9054 Home
678-654-7891 Cell


Trimble, JOHN P.

I am looking for the year, date and place where John P Trimble died. John is my great- grandmothers brother. I just found the Bio written about him. The last Census I found him in was 1930 in Neosho, Labette, Kansas. John was born in 1853 in Grandview, Iowa. He moved to Labette, Kansas around 1879. There John married Mary Billings. They had two children: Charles and Eva. Charles married Ida Taylor and Eva married Leslie Hamilton. Thank you for your time;




   My name is Carol Lawson and I am looking for Lost Family members that may have resided in Labette Kansas.  The family is the Cherry family and specifically family of John Henry Cherry. Who would have been born approximately

1918.   I would appreciate any helpful information that you may have related to the Cherry family.   I am looking for first cousins. You may contact me through my home e-mail address:

Carol Lawson 


I am looking for information on: Lillie E Gardner

B 20 Nov 1871 in Labette County, KS
and her parents: Brayton/Addie Gardner



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