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I am looking for any information on Issac Stroud, in Mound Valley , Kansas Labette county. He is buried in Mound Valley Cemetery, born around 1864; Do not know when he died. He was my grandfather on my mothers side. Sandie Kinsey


I am looking for the burial location for Philemon "Phillip" Stout.  B-22 Feb 1842 Sangamon Co, IL d- 17 Apr 1895 Oswego, KS . According to the obit the funeral was held at the Congregational Church with help from Mason's lodge.  The obit does not tell which cemetery he was buried in.


 I am interested in Labette County because I believe it is where my great great grandparents were married sometime between 1864-1866.  Is there any record of Norris Harer and Mary Jane Vann marrying in that county about that time.  It would probably have been in Oswego Township. 

Any information on this would be much appreciated. 

Pat Johnson


Looking for information about Enos Bartlett or his wife Mary Polly Bartlett and the Indian reservation (Cherokee) just over the line in Oklahoma. Enos lived and own a farm near Choetpa ,Kansas.

Maryann Campbell,.


My name is Geraldine Taylor.  My maiden name was Parsons.  My grandfather was Floyd William Parsons, Jr., my great-grandfather Floyd William Parsons, Sr.  I understand they were from Parsons, KS.  I am nearly 62 years old and the only remaining member of my family.  I know that they left Parsons and moved to California sometime before 1945 when I was born.  They ended up in Orange, California where my grandfather was mayor of Orange for a number of years.  I have very sketchy information on my grandfather but do remember something about a motorcycle shop that he or his father owned in Parsons. 

Anyway you might be able to help me locate information on them would be so very greatly appreciated. 
Thank you.
Gerri Parsons Taylor

I am trying to find out the date of death and cemetery burial place of my husband's realitives. They were a brother and sister who never married and they had a farm in North Township, Labette Co. His name was Robert Porter Pallett, altho he went by the name of Porter or R.P. Pallett. Her name was Florence Pallett. In the 1895 Census for that area, they are listed as being 48 Yrs. old (Florence) and 64 Yrs old (R.P.) I understand they lived there until they died. If someone could check the cemetery records for that area in the library for me, I would be very grateful.

Thank You, 
Marge Pallett


I have not been able to find the family page written by Janelle Osborne regarding the Wafford family.  I understand her gr grandfather was the physician who

treated a bank robber???  Would like to be able to read this page.

Barbara Head Ward


Searching for Elisabeth "Lizzie" Kolb/Kulp d. 1949 in Parsons, Labette Co., KS. She was married to Carl and Herman Winters [brothers]. Where was she buried? Known facts she had a son [name unknown] and a daughter Gertie. Any info on this family would be greatly appreciated.
Barbara Crane Shearman


Searching for Orrin White family.  They lived in Chepota, KS August 12, 1878.  His nieces, Pernina Jane, Gerneva Ellen and Lilly Parks lived with him. Orrin White was born in Vernon Co., IN and moved to Fayette Co., IL.  He served in the Civil War from Fayette Co., IL.  Would appreciate any information on this this family.
Thank you
Betty Waite Myers

My name is Philip Murden and I live in Leo, Indiana (outside of Fort Wayne).  I am looking for my grandmother's birth information and hopefully her mother and especially her father.  They were divorced later in life and my grandmother didn't speak much of her father.  Here is what I have: 

Father is Charles Fischer,  I have a card written from him to my grandmother mailed from Texarkana, Texas. 
Mother is Sadie ? who later married a Charlie Ropp and lived in Hudson, Indiana. 
Their daughter (my grandmother) is Meada Elmer Fischer born either 11-21-1885 or 11-22-1885 in Parsons Kansas
I have no idea if he remarried or anything.  Can you help?
Thanks very much.   Email is 



I am interested in knowing if there is any information about the burial site of James Lafayette Lake in or near Oswego, Labette County, Kansas.  It is possible that his wife, Tamar, may be buried there also.


James Lafayette Lake and Tamar Elizabeth Dungan, my great grandparents, moved to Oswego shortly after their marriage in 1872.  James reportedly died in Oswego on December 20, 1888 at the age of 48 and is probably buried there.  Tamar eventually left Oswego in the early 1900ís, and eventually passed away in Garden Grove, California in 1929.  Her burial place is unknown. 


As all of Jamesí and Tamarís children were reportedly born in Oswego. Their names and birth dates are:


     Harry Aubrey Lake, October 22, 1873

      William Lafayette Lake, March 3, 1876

      Lola Ava Lake, July 22, 1877

      Floyd Lee Lake, May 5, 1881

    Florence Edna Lake, October 22, 1886(?)


All eventually left Kansas. 


I have an original grant Certificate No. 4881 issued by the U.S. Government, dated December 18, 1886 and signed by President Grover Cleveland, for sale to James Lafayette Lake of, ďThe lots numbered one and two of section nine, in township thirty-three south of range twenty-one east, of the Sixth Principal Meridian in Kansas containing eighty eight acres and eighty hundredths of an acre.Ē  Review of USGS maps places this land just north of present day Oswego, bounded by Wallace Road, 14000 Road, the extension of 13000 Road, and the Neosho River.  Recent aerial photos indicate that there may be a house on the property and that the Oswego Cemetery is immediately to the west.  The property was eventually sold by my grandfather Harry Aubrey Lake after all his siblings had left Oswego.  


James and Tamar's daughter Lola Ava Lake married Abraham Lincoln Swanwick in Oswego in 1897.  They had a son Lincoln Swanwick born in 1902 possibly in or near Oswego.  Abraham and Lola were divorced by 1920 and Lola later remarried after leaving Kansas and moving to California.  Apparently, after living with his mother for a while as a child, Lincoln moved back to live with Abraham in or near Oswego by the time he was 18 in 1920.  That is the last information in time I have about the Lake family in Oswego, Labette County.



Chuck Lake


I am looking for an obituary for my great, great grandparents. They died in Altamont, Kansas and are buried in the Altamont Cemetery. Their names are: Rebecca McElheney Strouss (Strous) B 7-2-1805 (PA), D 3-13-1890 and John Strouss (Strous) B 4-10-1810 (PA), D 8-13-1890. Both are buried in the Altamont Cemetery. I would appreciate any help that you can give me. 
Vicki Strouse Weil


Hi, I'm looking for the following family:
James H. Chamberlin/lain:  (b. 1820 NY) (d. about 1885)
First Wife:  Lucinda Nye (b. 1820 NY) (d. about 1871)
Second Wife:  Jane Radcliff (b. 1833 IL) (d. about 1885)
James' Children:
Clark L. Chamberlin (b. 1854 NY) (d. around 1910)
Charles Chamberlin (b. 1856 NY)
Alonzo Chamberlin (b. 1850 NY)
Fernando C Chamberlin (b. 1844 NY)
Betsey Chamberlin (b. 1846 NY)
Clark married a woman named Adella (b. 1856 NY)
Children:  Murry J. Chamberlin (b. 10-1875 KS)
               Harry L. Chamberlin (b. 3-1882 KS)
               Allison Chamberlin (b. 2-1888 KS)
               Raymond Chamberlin (b. 1891 KS)
Hope you can help.  Sincerely, Darla Corley
In 1900 Clark lived in Walton
In 1905 Parsons
In 1910 Clark lived in Parsons, Ward 4
In 1915 Parsons


My Gr-Gr Grandfather, Christian Ade, moved to the area c1883. Family history says he lived, died in 1892, and was buried in Cherryvale, KS. I have not been able to find any information in that county though and finally found him and his family on the 1885 Kansas State Census in Osage, Labette, KS. I am now trying to find a death record, obituary, and place of burial for him in Labette County. Any help at all would be so appreciated. One of his sons, Edward, added a "y" to the end of the name making it Adey. Thank you.
Susan C. Hussmann Computer Room Supervisor MCCSCC 607 Poplar Street Murray, KY 42071

Would like information on getting a copy of obit for Frank Donnelly, b. 1904, KS, married Elsie McCrary in 1940, Labette County, KS.  
Thanks.  Ellen  


Searching for information on William W. Estabrook and his wife Fanny Lavina. Need her maiden name and place of burial. 

1910 census
Name: Willard Estabrook
[Willard Esterbrook] Age in 1910: 50
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1860
BirthPlace: Canada
Relation to Head of House: Head
Mother's Birth Place: England
Spouses's Name: Fannie L
Home in 1910: Mound Valley, Labette, Kansas
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Gender: Male
Year of Immigration: 1918
also in household
Fannie L. age 44
Joyce G. age 18
Mary A. age 14
Alvert age 13 ?
Seward age 10
Wilbert age 6
Surnames researching in Labette County are: MAJORS, ESTABROOK and LENNOX
Thank You
Janet (Majors) Myers

I am seeking information on my Great grandmother who died after 1900 in Oswego,Labette County.  Her name was Elizabeth Daulby Douglass-born in 1835 in Ohio.  She is buried in the Oswego Cemetery in an unmarked grave.  I wish to find out the year that she died.   Thank you for your help.

Barbara Stinson


Seeking information Howard and Angie Stice in Oswego Ks  in sept 1935.  Any information would be appreciated. 
Thank you! Donna Smith,  Sonora, Calif


Looking for an obituary in Labette, KS for Levi Bagley, died 5 May 1932 as a very old man.  Specifically, looking for the names of his parents and his children.  Levi was born in Mercer, PA in 1839, fought in the Civil War with Indiana, and had 3 or 4 daughters. 
Thanks so much!
Kristy Herrod


I am looking for the descendents of David and Louella Blair: Residents of Labette Co.  Children were Anna,Randolph, Ruby, Vivian, Martha any info app.  Thank you



Looking for local information about Smith Albert and Matha Belknap who moved to Altamont in the fall of 1902 from Nevada, Iowa, where he had owned and operated a furniture store and funeral home. He died in 1932 and was taken back to Iowa for burial.
Question:  Are the microfilm records of the Altamont Journal available from the years of 1902-1932? Would these be at the Kansas Historical Society or in Parsons?

Thanks for your assistance.
John R. Woolson Clarinda, Iowa 712-542-2526


I am looking for my motherís birth certificate.  She was born in
Michigan Valley, Labette County, Kansas.Her name was:  Vera Lovern Slater and she was born 11 July 1905.  Her parents were:  Lewis Darwin Slater and Nella Rebecca Spicer Slater.  I will be happy to pay someone a fee for looking for me.  If she isnít found in  the county records, was there a newspaper in that area that her birth might have been noted? 

Thank you for your society and the good people that are willing to do research for people like us that live too far awayWe would appreciate it if you could find someone to do the research for me.

Velma Gomes
686 Fairmont Avenue

Mountain View
CA  94041


In 1918 (James)(Thomas) William Reed KOGER list his address as R 6, Chetopa, Labette, KS on his draft registration card.  I am not sure if this was in OK or KS at that point.  His wife is Lottie M KOGER.  A daughter was born to this couple in December/January 1919/1920 in what is now listed as Craig Co. KS. Her name is either Minnie Fern or just Fern KOGER.  If this is within your "lookup area" I would appreciate your checking this out.  If you can give any hints as to the location of this family in 1918 I would appreciate it, i.e., where was R. 6?  At present they do not appear in any found 1920 census.

Thank you in advance for any possible help.


I am looking for information on my grandfather, James McKinzie who was born in Labette County, Ks on Feb. 24, 1873.  I do not know his parents names, but am searching for them.  I believe his father could have also been named James.  I can't locate them in the census records.  Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

I'm looking for information about my grandparents who lived on a farm south of Mound Valley just off Punkin' Creek between the 1880's and early 1920's. My grandfather was Benjamin Johnson, who also served in the State Legislature at some time from Labette County. My grandmother's name was Jennie Johnson. They are both buried in the "Wooden" ? cemetery, south (I think) of town. My name is Charlie H. Johnson, Jr. My father (Charlie H. Johnson) was born in Mound Valley in 1892. 


Looking for info on Usual Orsborn/Osborn in the 1880 census listed as U. Orsborn but looks like "M" Orsborn.  He was Coroner and had Dr. listed as occupation.  His bio. is in "The History of Labette County Kansas"  Would like to find if he died there after 1880 and where he might be buried.

Don Osborne.......

I am a genealogist for the CROOKS family who originated in Franklin Co., Pa. in 1738 (migrated from N. Ireland). I am specifically looking for a Kevin Crooks who lived in Parsons, Ks. however any other Crooks would be of interest as these would most probably be the kin of Rev. David Crooks who migrated from Franklin Co., Pa. to N. Carolina for his ministry in the German reformed (UCC) church around 1840. I know he had a "tribe" and some left for Missouri, Florida and other points. I am the 8th generation in the direct line, we are Ulsterscots from Antrim, N. Ireland.

Gordon Crooks

Looking for information on Charles Owen Teague.  He was first married to Mary E. Wright and then to Elizabeth Fombelle.  He lived in Labette County in the 1920 and 1930 censuses.  He died 5 Apr 1947 in Parsons, Labette County.  I am looking for any information on him, his wives, and children (Alice, Charles, and Frances).  Thanks,

Julie Goheen
15874 Medora Street
Dow, IL 62022

I am trying to find information on Della Rose Miller born Oct. 13, 1897, Mother:  Minnie M. Miller, Grandparents :James & Emiline Miller.  Can you direct me to this information or help me in any way?  Thank you

Charlotte Stone


I have a relative who lived in Chetopa, Neosho Co. in 1875. Thomas Martin Taylor. He was widowed from a Laura who died after giving birth to William Martin Taylor. He then married Cynthia J. Coon about 1872 or 1873.

Jamie Taylor



Hi Kathy, I am looking for the family of John and Matelda Ann Owens. (Matelda Ann Best was her maiden name.)  Matelda was born in Ohio. In particular, I'm trying to find information on their daughter, Ada M. Owens. Ada was born October 4, 1866 in Kansas and was married in 1881 in Parsons, Kansas to Abraham Whipkey. We can find no record in any census related to Ada. She died in 1900. Can you help me. Abraham and Ada resided after marriage in Ottawa Co., Oklahoma. Can you help me?

Patricia Fisher

I am looking for info for Amasa Griffith b 1832 Steuben Co NY died Labette Co. Buried at Pleasant Valley Cemetery. Would like to know date of death.  Spouse was Mary E Rusling.  He served Civil War with 14F IL Cavalry.

Dianne Hunter


I am looking for information on the burial site of my great grandmother and her date of death.  Her name was Elizabeth Harris Brown McKinzie Young. She was born in Tennesee about 1836.  She was living in Labette County in 1885 but can find no trace of her after that.


Frankie (McKinzie) Bray

Seeking information on Gt-Gt-Grandparents Thomas L. and Adeline Cotton who resided in Canada Township, Labette County Ks. between 1880 and 1920.  Census records indicate that Thomas was a school teacher.  

Thank you
Jerry Boyd    



I am looking for any descendants of Andrew Wylie in Labette Co.
I believe Andrew was blind.  I know he had at least one son.

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