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Brown, Clark, Conn (2), Cox, Fike, Fowler, Fulkerson, Kean, King, Leefers, Muilenburg, Munns, Renner, Smith (2), Snyder (2), Sutterlin, Sutton, Trexler (2), Wall, Wertz, West

COX, MUNNS Robert Mansfield Mills Thu Jan 2 23:41:22 1997
I am interested in all information about my grandmother Carey Lou MUNNS b:Sep 28, 1880 near Clay Center, KS m:Jan 1, 1903 in Gove, KS to Herbert Fredrick COX.

FIKE Kathy Edwards Sun Jan 19 22:26:51 1997
I am new at tracing the family & would love any information anyone has on Edgar L. FIKE, who farmed for many years around Grainfield, Gove County, Ks. Was born around 1872 & died May 20, 1956. He was my grandfather's cousin. Don't know where he came from or whether he was married. Who was his wife ? I believe his wife would probably have been a Scott if he was married. The only thing I know about Grainfield was that when my grandparents came to pick me up in Kansas City(1957)from a trip to Grainfield they had to throw away all white clothes they took because the tornado that came through had immeshed soil stains in them that couldn't be washed out. I always remember that when I watch the movie the Wizard of Oz.

SNYDER, TREXLER Diane Goldhammer Wed Feb 26 09:08:04 1997
TREXLER / SNYDER Daniel Mccellan TREXLER b: abt 1877 in KS; married Pearl Ann SNYDER on 10 Jun 1905. She was b: 1 Sept 1890 Osborne, Osborne, KS. She died 10 Feb 1930. They lived in Grainfield City, Gove, Kansas in 1920. I believe that Mccellan TREXLER b: 1862 in IL and Mary M. b: 1862 in MI, are his parents. They were living in Dodge City, Ford, Kansas in 1910. Help on connecting these people, childrens names, ect is needed!

BROWN, CONN, FULKERSON, KEAN, SMITH, SUTTERLIN, WALL Diane Goldhammer Wed Feb 26 09:55:45 1997
SMITH / CONN / SUTTERLIN / FULKERSON / KEAN / BROWN / WALL. Looking for info on this family: John Wesley SMITH was born 15 Mar 1855 in Jackson County, MO. He died 26 Jan 1923 in Gove, Gove, KS. He marreid Mary Florence CONN abt 1903 in KS. She was born 23 Dec 1865 in Hyme, Bated, MO and died Dec 1942 in Luray, Russell, KS. She was also married to FULKERSON. He also married Anna Marie SUTTERLIN. John and Mary's children: Samuel Arthur Cliffo rd SMITH b: 22 May 1904; d: 11 Mar 1971 in Lincoln, Dicksonson, KS. He married Edith May KEAN, Georgia A. BROWN and several others! He married Edith on 18 Dec 1964 in Logan, Russell, KS. Ethel Maye SMITH was born 13 June 1906 in Russell Springs, Logan, KS and died Dec 1987 in San Diego, CA. She married Walter S. MILLER (aka Fernando WALL) on 25 Dec 1925 in Natoma, Russell, Kansas. This family moved quite a bit! Most of the men worked as bricklayers and followed the work all over the state. They lived in Fairview, Russell, Ks in 1900, Western Twp, Logan, KS in 1910 and Gove, Gove, Ks in 1920.

CLARK, CONN, KING, RENNER, SMITH, SNYDER, TREXLER, WEST Diane Goldhammer Wed Feb 12 22:23:21 1997
CLARK / CONN / KING / RENNER / SMITH / SNYDER / TREXLER / WEST Looking for any information on this family. Your help is appreciated! Martha Victoria WEST was born 04Apr 1864 in WV, and died 14 May 1948 in Dodge City, Ford, KS. She married (1) John Albert SNYDER, son of Jeremiah SNYDER and Ann RENNER. She married (2) Tom CONN. She married (3) CLARK. Children of Martha West and John Snyder are: Pearl Ann SNYDER, b. 01 Sep 1890, Osborne, Osborne, KS (lived in Grainfiel City, Gove, KS 1920); d. 10 Feb 1930; m. Daniel Mccellan TREXLER, 10 Jun 1905. Cora Elsie SNYDER, b. 04 Sep 1891, Osborne, Osborne, KS (Lived in Gove TWP, Gove, Kansas 1920); d. 27 Mar 1966, Scott City, Scott, KS; m. John Allen SMITH, 26 Jul 1911, Lincoln, Lincoln, KS. William Marion SNYDER, b. 16 Nov 1894, Osborne, Osborne, KS; d. 22 Dec 1961; m. Amy J. ??, 15 Mar 1916. Blanche May SNYDER, b. 09 May 1900, Osborne, Osborne, KS; d. 07 Jul 1928; m. LIVING. Ralph SNYDER, b. 05 Jul 1905, (in 1920 lived Gove TWP, Gove, Kansas); d. Mar 1987, Garden City, Finney, KS; m. OLLIE KING. Harry Clifton SNYDER, b. 1907, Osborne, Osborne, KS (in 1920 lived in Grainfiel City, Gove, KS); d. 09 Mar 1932.

FOWLER, LEEFERS, SUTTON sandy Mon May 19 21:48:38 1997
Seeking any information concerning SQUIRE TRUE SUTTON and his son IVAN WALDO SUTTON. SQUIRE TRUE SUTTON was born on 9 April, 1858 in Gratiot, Lafayette County, Wisconsin. He married MATTIE FENIMORE FOWLER (born 16 October 1851 in Ohio). IVAN WALDO SUTTON was born 29 January 1890 in Washtua, Cherokee County, Iowa. IVAN WALDO SUTTON married HARRIETT ELLEN LEEFERS on 22 April 1916 in Palco, Rooks County, Kansas. Do you know where and when SQUIRE TRUE SUTTON and MATTIE FENIMORE FOWLER died? Where are they buried? IVAN WALDO SUTTON and HARRIET ELLEN FLLFERS, did they have any children? If so, what are their names, date of birth, where born, where married and where and when they died? Did SQUIRE or WALDO live anywhere else besides in Rook and Gove Counties, Kansas? Possible Pottawatomie County? Did they live outside of Kansas, if so where?

WERTZ Bruce Wertz Wed Jun 4 07:23:25 1997
I am trying to find information about my great-great uncle John B. WERTZ who moved to Quinter , Gove County, Kansas in the 1880's. He was a minister in the Church of the Breatheran or the Old German Babtist Church. John B. WERTZ died in Quinter, Gove county, Kansas in 1925 or 1926.
Bruce Wertz

MUILENBURG Mike Muilenberg Sat Jul 5 21:12:09 1997
Seeking information (deed, land transfer, homestead information?) for Willem (William) MUILENBURG and/or Gysbert MUILENBURG, who farmed in Gove County , Kansas, from the late 1870s to about late 1881. Gysbert MUILENBURG had a daughter, Jane MUILENBURG, born in Gove Co., about March 1880. Would a copy of her birth record showing the exact date of birth be available? Respond to Mike Mu ilenberg at Thank you!


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