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Nicole Morris (linnic@yahoo.com) 20 Dec, 2003
I am trying to retrace some family history. I know the following were born in Edwards County. Ben Arensman and Ruby Sarah Donnell. Ruby Donnell was born July 5, 1890 and Ben Arensman Sr. was born Sep 24, 07. Any and all information would be helpful.



Oweida Snodgrass (osnodgrass@worldnet.att.net) 27 Sept, 2003
I am searching for descendents of John Coleman Massey who lived first in Pawnee County and then in Edwards County KS. His wife Susan Flesher, children: Mae Goldie (Polson), Floyd, Truman, Maude and Pearl (twins), Clyde, Frank and Harry.


Jane Cox (Mjdjcr@alo.com) 06 Sept,2003
Seeking infromation on Martha Mills b. circa 1837, VA (widow of Samuel Mills) her daughter Juila Mills Bradlwy, b. 1860 Il and husband Charley Bradley,b.circa 1859 VA all of there were listed in the 1920 census in Franklin Township Edwards Co, KS.


 Lynn Davison (Lynn@azDavisons.com) 09 March, 2003
Norm Oliphant married Clara Davison, daughter of Frank Gardner Davison and Augusta Bertha Gring. Owned Blue Ribbon Ice Cream Plant in Kinsley KS ca.1910. Children of Norm and Clara are: Velma, Ethelyn.


Robert Caro (Syrupman2002@aol.com) 25 Feb, 2003
I am looking for information on  my Grandfather Taylor Caro and Grandmother Rose (Philips) Caro. They had a farm in Trousdale KS and family members would go there for family reunions. I obtained a Death certificates showing he died 2-25-1933 city of Hopewell Lincoln Township. She died 6-30-1938 with same info. My question is could there be any type of documents that they would list their parents name. I do not know my Great Grand parents first names of the Caro side. An 1880 MO census listed him born in KY. I don't know where my fathers name was John T Caro and my Mothers name was Caroline E Shepherd Caro all siblings except for two were born and raised in Larned. Any help would be appreciated.


 Trudy  (paquette@nwconx.net) 19 Feb, 2003
I am looking for a John Bellamy. I have located his grave site in Fellsburg Cemetery and I have also found some information pertaining to land owned in Edwards County and a marriage record (no information other than place of marriage). But everywhere I turn I can not find any other information about hits person (he would be my G-Grandfather). Any help would be very much Appreciated.


Barbara Jennings (barbara_holcomb@hotmail.com) 05 Jan, 2003
I am seeking information on my fathers family members. Accordingly, I have documents that state my father was born in Lewis, KS in 1912. However the Bureau of Vital Statistics does not have any record of this birth. His mother's name is Annabelle Richardson. He was later adopted by Return Ira Holcomb. I am trying to place Annabelle and Return in the Edwards County area.  I believe they were married in 1919 but I do not know where.


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