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Ambrosier, Donna Marie Anderson, Patricia Lucy Axelson, John W. Baldwin, Ora Otis
Ballard, William G. "Bill"  Ballou, Jennifer Diane (Freda Desbien) Bane, Louria L. Banks, Ruth M.
Barber, Vurferd Lee Barlow, Rose (Jones) Barta, Bernice M. Becker, Pauline M.
Bedore, Elsie A. Belleau, Marilda Benoit, Bernard E. Benoit, Camilla Marie
Bigge, Maurice W. Bond, Julia E. Brown, Jessica Brown, Vera A.
Bruinekool, Neva J. Brumitt, Charlene "Charlie" Buchneau, America C. Burgess, Ivan E.
Busby, Josephine E. "Jeni" Butler, Rose Marie Butz, Edith Mary Cadoret, Francis C. "Fran"
Carlyle, Ruth O. Carmichael, Leonard Olin Christman, Eva B. O'Rorke Clarkson, Mathew Flint
Clapp, Wanda Jean Clark, Sundra Mae "Sunnie" Cokeley, Dorothy J. Colahan, Zilpha M. "Sis"
Conn, Glenn R. Delzeit, Donald G. Denlo, Laura M. Desmarteau, Armanoda "Noda"
DesMarteau, Marie T. Dinsmoor, Viva A. Dougherty, Larry A. Dreiling, Virgil N.
Edson, Victor Olen Eichman, Clarence H. Ferland, Elaine A. Folsom, Lyle R. Jr.
Franklin, Bertie E. Fross, Orville H. Gager, Estel "Pill" Garrett, Ruth M. Warren Ouderkirk
Gengler, June Gibson, Ruth Elinora Glick, George F. Gordon, James Oscar "Jamie" 
Hagler, Ethel Marie Haines, Wanda M. Hamel, Marilyn Hamel, Stella
Hamilton, Isabel G. Hazen, Albert Hilgers, Carl J. Hilgers, Jack E., Dr.
Hogan, Christine C. Boller Hrabe, Genevieve Hindman, Charles S. Hunter, Shonda Lynn
Hutchcraft, Jim R. Jennings, Pauline M. Jones, Naomi Gish Kaba, Philip J.
Keas, Jakie Max Kelly, Mary J. Kenney, Lester C. Klein, Henry L.
Kleinschmidt, Roy H. Knight, Donovan R. Kreller, Kathleen Ann Kriley, Everett A.
Kriley, Gerald Kriley, Marie Krob, Bethel M. Kruse, Soccorsa Maria Citro
Kuehnl, Ruth Lambert, Kyle M. Languein, Dorothy Larsen, Gladys V.
Lindsey, Helen I. Locke, G. Marcene Locker, Anna F. Lumpkins, Marion E.
Lynd, Donna M. Lytle, Edith May Maddy, William Lloyd Mahoney, Velma C.
Manion, Eva Maria Marshall, Georgia A. McCann, Don L. McCarroll, Robert L.
McLaughlin, Jean M. McMahan, Pansy Levina McMullen, Patrick L. McShea, Kit Rea
Mehler, Leonard W. Meyer, Thelda M. "Ted" Meyers, Marie E. Miller, Ida A.
Mock, Dianna L. Mosher, Thelma H. Mowry, Angela C. Muir, Marjorie I.
Nelson, Ethel M. Newbrey, Artalee L. Newell, Docile S. Newell, Ruby
Nyp, Harley A. Oliva, Lela (Miller) Ott, Henry P. Overley, Gus C.
Palmer, Dale L. Peacock, Mildred Ola Pittman, Eva D. "Granny" Pooley, Eunice A.
Post, Terry Matthew Propp, Nellie Pearl Pruter, Ella May Pulec, Ernest L.
Reece, Paul Richard Rempe, Laurene A. Richardson, Jennine F. Richmond, Evelyn M.
Richmond, Mary L. Richmond, Verland C. "Rich" Robinson, Geneva E. Robinson, Mary Jo
Roelfs, Paul M. Roskilly, C. Larry Rozean, Charles Allen Ruckelshausen, Treva
Russell, Jill Sander, John Raymond Sanders, Ruby Schmitz, Paul T.
Schooler, Hazel Shubert, Beulah M. Sell, Esther Simpson, Wilda B.
Smee, Mary Pearl Smith, Betty G. Sonntag, Blanche McCauley Southard, Edith M.
Springer, Evelyn Mae St. Peter, Francis S. Stahl, Mary Marcelline Stettinger, Esther
Stice, Wilma "Bill" Stithem, Lillian E. Stull, Goldie M. Stull, Wendell P.
Thomas, Clifford E. Thomas, Erma Thummel, Ruth Constance Thurston, Muriel B.
Trarbach, Edward Julius Tremblay, Maryrose B. Trimble, Evelyn Artis Turnbull, Montie E.
Veatch, Gerrell D. Veverka, Goldie Vohs, Robert J. Waggoner, Loren "Sam"
Waller, Lamont B. Jr. Walker, Lawrence Wanker, Mary Elberta Wilkerson, Thomas Earl
Williams, Karl A. Winters, Harold J. Wise, Freda Mae Zeigler, Mary D.

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