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National Cemetery is located in the northern part of Republic County, Kansas between the towns of Narka and Cuba. Driving directions from Cuba are: 7 1/2 miles north of the US Hwy 36-Cuba junction on the "Narka" blactop. Driving directions from Narka are: 4 1/2 miles south of Narka on the "Narka" blacktop.

Vencil and Rozy "Kassa" homesteaded the land that National Cemetery is located on. In 1905 the Kassa's deeded the land to the Cecho Slovanksky Spolek Hrbitovni. In 1928 the Cecho Slvansky Spolek Hrbitovni; John C. Chopp, President, and Bohumil J. Vocasek, Secretary, deeded the cemetery site to "The Kaha District Cemetery No. 5." Sometime after 1928, the name of the cemetery was changed from Kasha to National, as it remains named to this day. However, some people still refer to National Cemetery as "Kasha."

National Cemetery is known locally as the "Czech Cemetery", as most of the persons buried there are of Czechoslovakian descent. Why this cemetery is located between two towns is not certain. However, it is speculation that the original name of "Kasha" came from the fact that the Kasha's probably had a family plot on their homestead at one time.

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