Transcribed from Official Souvenir McPherson County, July 4, 1917 [n.p., 1917] 56p. illus.

The Official Souvenir McPherson County, July 4, 1917, has been transcribed as accurately as possible, including misspellings which appeared in the original.

Title Page
The State-Wide Event
Program for the Day
Program Unveiling Ceremonies General McPherson Monument
Nelson Appleton Miles
The State-Wide Event
Some Notables to be Here.
Military Participation.
Decorations for the Day.
Patriotic Parade.
Everything to be Free.
The Monument.
The Reconnoisance.
The Historic Pageant.
How We Got the Monument.
John Paulding. Sculptor.
Making a Statue.
The Tablet of Fame.
General J. B. McPherson, the Man and Soldier.
Tribute by General Sherman.
The Battle of Atlanta.
Names on the Tablet of Fame.
McPherson County Soldiers.
Enlistments from the County.
McPherson County.
The City of McPherson.
The Smaller Cities.
Kansas Historical Pageant.
From the General's Own Hands.
The Historic Setting.
Mcpherson County as a "Melting Pot."
Monument Association.
The County Commissioners.