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Towns and Post Offices
Chase County, Kansas

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Towns and Post offices of Chase County
Compiled by Mrs. F. C. Montgomery, of the Kansas State Historical Society as printed in Vol. 1, Chase County Historical Sketches, 1940 respectfully submitted by Judyth B. Lutt.

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Ashler or Ashley:  Located on Section 11, Township 21, Range 9 in the southwest part of Toledo Township, eleven miles east of Cottonwood Falls near the Lyon County line. The postmaster in 1880 was A. B. PERRIGO. The Post office was discontinued by 1884 and the mail sent to Elco in Lyon County. (References: Map in Agr.Rept.1879-80, p. 13, Gaz. 1880-1884).
Avoca, Chase and Butler Counties: Located one mile south of Cedar Point. Post office on the claim of C. C. SMITH who settled there in 1857.
Incorporators were Topeka men. (Statement of C. C. SMITH to D. A. ELLSWORTH). Shown on map as south of the Santa Fe RR, Township 21, Ranges 5 and 6, between two branches of creeks running north and west of a road from Dickinson County, southwest to Hunter and Greenwood County corners. Archives Department has original Council Bill No. 180, an act to incorporate Avoca, by M. Page ANDREWS, John W. FARNSWORTH, James COLE, Milton C. DICKEY, introduced in Council of 1858 by HOLLIDAY of Shawnee. No definite location was given, passed Council but did not become a law. (References: Council Journal 1858, pp. 200, 231: Hallsall’s map 1857.)
Bazaar: Called Mary in 1876, 1878, after which the old name of Bazaar was restored. The origin of the name Bazaar is unknown. A voting place in May, 1859. Located on the southeast quarter of Section 29, Township 20, Range 8. Postmasters: 1860 - Lot LEONARD, settler of 1857; 1863 - George M. L. LEONARD; 1865-67 - Dr. M. R. LEONARD. Still a post office in 1934-5. Bazaar townsite was completely vacated in 1889. (References: Agr. Rept. 1876, p. 264, 1877 8, pp. 135-6; Andreas p 1365, Leonard biog.; Gaz. 1878; Laws Kan. 1889, p 401; U.S., Off. Reg. 1861, 1863, 1865.)
Bill’s Creek: A post office on creek of the same name which was a branch of Cedar Creek. Located about eight miles south of present Cedar Point.
Postmaster in 1871 was William BARNES for whom the creek may have been named.  Bill’s Creek was probably succeeded by Wonsevu. (References: Agr. Rept. 1876, p. 260; Gaz. 1878, p. 797, 1880, p 942; U. S. Off. Reg. 1871, p. 587.)
Birley, Berley: Located on Rock Creek, west of Bazaar. Settlement about 1868, W. H. BIRLEY was postmaster 1871-80. Post office was discontinued by 1904. Location: Section 6, Township 22, Range 6 on the east bank of Cedar Creek, 9 3/4 miles southwest of Cottonwood Falls. (References: Agr. Rept. 1880, p. 13, 1877-8, pp.. 135, 136; Gaz. 1880-1900.)
Buckeye City: Buckeye City was located northwest 1/4 Section 2, Township 19, Range 9 East. Four log cabins constituted the “city” which was named for Buckeye Creek. The settlers here were Ohio people, hence the name “Buckeye.”  (References: Harry PETFORD and Col. Court CROUCH, residents of this township.)
Cahola: 1853 -- Cahola was on the Kaw Indian Reservation of the Indian Territory and but a short distance north of the south line of the reserve.  It was one of the three Kaw villages occupied since1847 by the tribal chiefs.  It was burned in 1853 because of small pox ravages which took the lives of many braves.  In 1857 nothing remained there but a large number of graves, made in the Kaw manner, and piles of rubbish. It was thus described by George. BROWN who wrote of passing by “Cohola” in his paper the Lawrence Herald of Freedom, (Feb 28, 1857, p. 2). Other spellings of Cahola were Cawhola, Cohola, Kawhola and Kahola which is the spelling in 1935 for this creek which is a west branch of the Neosho River in Lyon County. By changes of county lines and removal of the farm Post offices across the lines of these counties, Cahola was in five counties: Wise in 1855, Breckenridge in 1857, Chase in 1859, Morris next, Lyon in 1862, and last in Chase again where the post office was discontinued between 1904 and 1908.
Canaan: A post office recent in 1880, discontinued by 1882. No details whatever in Gazetteer. Not found on maps. (Gaz. 1880-82)
Cedar Grove: Station on Santa Fe R.R. in 1872. Loc. on north bank of Cottonwood River one mile north of Cedar Point to which the post office was changed about 1894. (Archives, org. map S.F.R.R. 1872; Agr. Rept. 1876, map p. 14 shows both sites; Gaz. 1878-94).
Cedar Point: A post office 1862, named for the cedar trees there. First postmaster was O. H. DRINKWATER, 1862-71, a settler of 1857, with his brother, Delos F. DRINKWATER. Ireton W. DAVIS, p.m. 1871. Still a p.o. in 1934-5 (Still a post office in 1997. jbl) Loc. on Section 6, Township 20, Range 6 on Cedar Creek, one mile south of Cedar Grove. (Agr. Rept. 187-8, p. 136; Andrea’s, p. 1364; Census Rept. 1865, names settlers around; Evert’s Atlas, plat p. 45; U.S. Off. Reg.1871, p. 586)
Chase Center: Site laid off in Section 33,Township 19, Range 7 in 1859.  Same as Stephen M. WOOD’s Ranch in 1887. (Evert’s Atlas 1887, p. 47; Kan. Press, June 20, 1859.)
Cherokee Town Company, Wise County: Incorporation act was approved Feb. 20, 1857.  This was Council Bill No., 156, introduced by R. R. REES of Leavenworth County. Incorporators were: Aristides ROGRIQUE (of Lecompton), W. A. M. VAUGHN, E. T. HICKMAN, M. D. HICKMAN (all pro slavery men). No location named in laws. (Archives Dept. Orig. Counc. Bill in mss.; Laws 1857, p 292, printed act.)
Clements: A station at post office of Crawfordsville and succeeded the Post offices of Crawfordsville, Hunts and Silver Creek. It is located on Section 23, Township 20, Range 6 about 8 miles southwest of Elmdale on the Santa Fe RR and named for H. G. CLEMENTS, Auditor for the S.F.R.R. who was named in a report of the State RR Com’rs 1883 in Archives. L. M. TALKINGTON, postmaster of Crawfordsville continued as postmaster of Clements. John HOLLAND, postmaster in 1891. (Agr. Rept.1883-4, p. 51; Archives mss. rept.; Gaz.1891; Evert’s Atlas 1887, plat of Crawfordsville; U.S. Off. Reg. 1882; Post. Guide, October 1884, p 24; see also Hunt’s and Silver Creek.)
Corydon, Wise County: Incorporated 1858 in House Bill 336, introduced by Speer.  Incorporators: J. L. SPEER, C. F. GARRETT, J. T. AINSWORTH, H. CANFIELD, and F. B. SWIFT. Original bill in Archives. No location given in Laws. (Laws 1858, p. 326.)
Cottonwood: A townsite located on the Santa Fe R. R. in 1872 on the north side of the Cottonwood River. The name was changed to Strong City in October of 1881 in honor of W.B. STRONG, president of the R. R. The site of the town was about 1 1/2 miles north of Cottonwood Falls. The post office was established during the week ending October 11, 1873, with Edward E. HILDEBRAND as the first postmaster. (Agr. Rept. 1879-80, map p. 13; Andreas, p. 1360; Chase Co., Clip. p,57; Gaz. 1880; K. C. Star, Nov. 26, 1916; His. Soc. Hist. Newspapers, p. 154; Lawrence Tribune, Oct 11, 1871.)
Cottonwood City, Wise County, 1857 Chase County 1859: On the Cottonwood River and French Creek on parts of Sections 28, 29, 32, 33, about 2 miles north east of Cedar Point. Located in the fall of 1857 by Lievin DAEMS, Frances BERNARD, Solomon SHULTZ and nine others, most of whom came from France and by way of Missouri. Each man had forty shares in the townsite.  (Site on Gunn & Mitchel map on 1862.) End of mail route in 1859 from Cottonwood Falls and a voting place, June 7, 1859.  This French colony was said to have numbered thirty families who came from France by way of Missouri and who settled on the upper Cottonwood River. (Description goes on to name different French families that settled here. See original . jbl)
Cottonwood Falls Town Company; The County Seat of Chase County was incorporated by law, approved February 6, 1858, by Acting Governor J. W. DENVER. The incorporators were Columbus HORNSBY, G. N. RANDOLPH, John GILMORE, S. F. TAPPAN, Jr., G. W. DEITZLER, A. D. SEARL and S. N. WOOD. This site was on the west half of the west half and the east half of the east half of Section 28, 29, Township 19 South, Range 8 in the sixth principal meridian, Kansas Territory. The first post office was in the farm house of Charles S. HILLS, the postmaster, near present Strong City, in October, 1858. It was moved to Cottonwood Falls in 1859 where Sidney BREESE was the first postmaster. (Still County Seat, still a post office, 1997) (References: Agr. Rept. 1877-8, p 136; Andreas, p. 1357, 1358; biog. Breese; U. S. Blue Book 1859, p 112; Plat in Evert’s Atlas 1887, p. 46.)
Cottonwood Ranche: For stock. Was located about 1854 at the mouth of Diamond Spring Creek about 3 miles northeast of Elmdale. This ranche was kept by Seth HAYS as a branch of his trading post at Council Grove.  It was probably on Section 22 or 23, Township 19, Range 7. (Agr. Rept. as above and Andreas, p. 1357.)
Cottonwood Valley: Address of George B. HANSTON, September 20, 1860, in his letter to S. N. WOOD. In Wood’s mss. Coll. in Vault (Col. vol. 3, p. 129.) Location of this post office existing in 1862 was in the southeast corner of Section 6, township 21, Range 6. A contestant for County Seat in 1862.  Shown as a post office in Agr. Rept. 1874, map p. 41 and Rept. 1875, p. 217.  Same site as present Cedar Point as shown in Agr. Rept. 1877-8, map p. 135. The post office was changed to Cedar Point about 1862 with O. H. DRINKWATER as postmaster.
Crawfordsville, Breckenridge and Chase Counties: Location was 6 miles east of Cedar Grove (now Cedar Point) on northwest quarter of Section 23, Township 20, Range 6. It was laid out by Joseph L. CRAWFORD, February 25, 1882. CRAWFORD was a settler of Morris County, Cahola Township, on Kaw land in 1859, for two years. He moved to the site of Crawfordsville in 1862, which later became a station on the S.F.R.R. Crawfordsville absorbed the old Post offices of Hunt’s and Silver Creek. L. M. TALKINGTON was postmaster in 1882, of Crawfordsville. Name changed to Clements for H. G. CLEMENTS, auditor of S.F.R.R. (References: Archives, Census 1865 for family names; Agr. Rept. 1883-4, Clements, p. 51; Annual Register 1864, Silver Creek p.o.; Andreas, p. 1356, biog. p. 1363; Census “Rept. 1865; Gaz. 1878,p. 344, 1882-3, p. 308, 982, Hunts.)
Diamond City, Morris County: Site on Section 32, Township 16, Range 6 East about 1 mile east of Diamond Springs Creek. Shown on map of the road from Wyandotte to Council Grove toward Santa Fe, 1859, in Archives. A post-village in 1866-7(Holland’s Dir. p. 97) 18 miles southwest of Council Grove. The Diamond Springs Hotel on the road was marked as being located on the west one-half of Section 34, Township 16, Range 6 East on the south side of the road from Westport to the S. F. Road, shown on the road.
Diamond Creek, Chase County, an old post office: In Diamond Creek Township, so named in Census 1865, p. 2, giving names of George OSMER, from England, and his family, settlers there. (Not found in Gaz. or U. S. Off. Reg.)
Diamond Springs, Morris County: The old site was on the old Santa Fe Trail, four miles north of present Diamond Springs to which the old post office was moved in 1860, George C. NEWBERY, postmaster. H. J. ESPY, postmaster in 1863. Called Diamond of the Plains in 1825, on the head of Otter Creek, the military camp of G. C. SIBLEY, 1825. Site marked by a Santa Fe Trail marker.  (George MOREHOUSE, his Col. Vol. 14, p. 794, 801-3; Gregg, Vol. 1, p. 52.) First location was on Section 26, Township 17, Range 6. The post office was discontinued for a long time but was re-opened on a new location on Six-Mile Creek, retaining the old name. Gaz, 1878 gives brief mention of location in southwest corner of Morris County. H. PHILLIPS, postmaster in Gaz. 1880. Post office discontinued about 1927, mail from Burdick, a few miles west.
Diamond Valley, Morris County: A post office in 1863 (:). Township organized in 1863 (?) (Andreas, p. 802)
Elba, Chase: A country post office seven miles from Dunlap, Morris County and 7 1/2 miles from Saffordville from whence it got its mail by R. F. D. by 1904. S. J. WILKINSON, postmaster 1894, C. R. WILKINSON, postmaster, and music teacher in 1900. (Gaz. 1894, 1900, 1904.)
Elinor, Chase: A station on the Santa Fe 1872 at the mouth of Peyton Creek.  Leroy MARTIN, postmaster 1871. Post office discontinued 1882. See location of post office on map in Agr. Rept. 1877-8, p 135.
Elk, Marion and Chase Counties: Diamond Creek Township, Chase County, near Marion County line. A townsite in 1865. Henry COLLET, postmaster in 1872.  Father and son were postmasters from 1872 to about 1904, followed by J. T. SUMNER, general store and probably postmaster. The population was 14 in 1926. Post office was discontinued in 1927-8. Henry COLLET was born in England, was named in Census 1860-65. Elk was founded in 1865 by COLLET, (Agr. Rept. 1877-8; Andreas, p. 1356, biog. COLLET; .....) after he had returned from the Civil War. He built a log house on the site he homesteaded and was appointed postmaster in 1872. His son succeeded him as postmaster and served until 1906. The town started on the downgrade about fifteen years ago. (Mrs. Montgomery wrote this in 1934-5. 1997 there is nothing left to indicate a “town” ever existed. jbl) Finally, in the early part of January, 1931, the only remaining store and residence was destroyed by fire. The post office was not (Topeka State Journal, Feb 2, 1931, p. 10, Col. 1) discontinued but moved in 1926 to about two miles southeast, near the Elk-Union Consolidated School, the Union post office being at the union of Diamond Creek and Cottonwood
River. (Chase Co. Clips, p. 63.)
Elmdale: Site marked on original Archives map of the S. T. & S. F. R. R. of 1872.  Succeeded the old Post offices of Poland and Middle Creek. The site was vacated by Law 1877, p. 255, having been purveyed and platted by Asa WOOD and Eliza J. WOOD. Stephen M. WOOD was president of the Elmdale Town Company, organized in 1883, where he had located in 1866. Location on Section 27, Township 19, Range 7 about four miles west of Cottonwood Falls on Cottonwood Creek. Post office in 1873. P. C. JEFFREY, postmaster from 1873 to 1879.  Still a post office in 1934 (yet in 1997 also. jbl) Named for the elm trees in the locality. (Agr. Rept. 1874, map p. 41; Andreas, p. 1373, 1356, biog. S. M. Wood; Archives Map, ......)
Evan’s Station, Chase: Location 3 1/2 miles west of Strong City on the northwest branch of the Santa Fe. RR., about the same as Neva Station on the same branch. No post office. Geo. and Thos. EVANS were settlers near here in 1859. (Agr. Rept. 1887-8, p. 50; Road map of Kansas, 1906; not in Gaz.; Archives Census Rept. 1859.)
Ford’s, Wise and Chase Counties: A voting precinct 1859 in the house of Milton FORD, settler, August, 1857, in Falls Township. (Andreas, p. 1356; Census, 1859; Cottonwood Falls Press, issues May and June, 1859.)
Fox Creek, Chase: A farm post office in 1871, Murray TUTTLE, postmaster.  Post office discontinued 1883, mail to Strong. Located about eight miles north of Strong. (Gaz. 1878-84; U. S. Off. Reg. 1871, p. 587; U. S. Post. Guide, July, 1883.) Edward FOX was named as a settler here in October, 1856.
Fruitland, Chase: Ten miles northeast of Cottonwood Falls. Post office discontinued by1882-3. No postmasters named in Gaz. (Gaz. 1880, 1882-3.)
Gladstone, Chase: A railroad station marked on a map of 1906 at the mouth of the South fork of the Cottonwood River about 2 1/2 miles east of Cottonwood Falls. (Not in Gaz.; no post office.)
Hayes Stock Ranche, Chase: Near the mouth of Diamond Creek 1854.  Established by Seth Hayes who also had an Indian Trading Post at Council Grove. Same as Cottonwood Ranche or Station. (Agr. Rept. 1877-8, p. 136; Andreas, p. 1356.)
Hilton: Name of station at Hymer post office. (Gaz. 1888 only.)
Homestead: Also called Walnut Hill. A country post office located ten miles from Cedar Grove on the northeast quarter of Section 36, Township 21, Range 6. Settlement began 1872. (Andreas, p.1356; map in Evert’s Atlas 1887, p. 47; Gaz. 1878-1912.)
Hunt’s Located on the Santa Fe RR. 13 miles west of Cottonwood Falls on Section 7, Township 20, Range 7. Hunt’s had succeeded the old Post offices of Silver Creek and it was itself absorbed in 1882 by Crawfordsville. M. L. HUNT, a farmer, came from New York to Diamond Creek Township in 1860. F. G. HUNT came here in August, 1856. (Archives, the original Santa Fe map of 1872; Ag. Rept. 1883-4, p. 51; Andreas, p. 1356; Census Chase County 1860, p. 25; Gaz. 1878, 1882.) (Census ms. 1859.) F. B. HUNT and H. L. HUNT are also mentioned in record.
Hymer, originally to be called Hegwer: Located ten miles north of Elmdale.  Still a post office in U. S. Post. Guide of 1934. (long since closed in 1997. jbl) p. 688. McPherson CORYELL, postmaster in 1873. Located on or near lands of Frank and George HEGWER, early settlers. Through error of postal clerk was spelled Hymer. (Chase Co., Clipps, p 65.)
Kenyon Station: On the Santa Fe RR. northeast of Elinor Station. (Agr. Rept. 1887-8, p. 50.)
Lida: The post office at Prairie Hill, 6 miles southwest of Cottonwood Falls on Section 24, Township 20, Range 7, 7 1/2 miles southwest of Strong, 3 miles northeast of Birley. Bill SPENCER, postmaster 1884-7. (Agr. Rept. 1885-6, map p. 107, 1887-8, map p. 50, 215, 222, 1889; ....
Margaretta: Was incorporated 1860 by S. N. WOOD, A. A. BREESE, M. R. LEONARD, A. W. SMITH, J. B. SMITH------all Cottonwood Falls men. It was probably named for Margaret, wife of S. N. WOOD. The act of incorporation was House Bill 243. No location given in Laws. (House Jour. Lawrence session p. 216, 343; Laws of 1860, p. 175.)
Mary: Also called Bazaar. Settlement started March 1856 on Rock Creek about eight miles south of Cottonwood Falls. It was the post office name for Bazaar between March 1 and June 1, 1878. Origin of name is unknown.  (Current thinking is that it was named for Mary LEONARD, wife of Lot LEONARD. jbl) (Gaz. 1878 only. U. S. Off. Reg. 1877, p. 588; 1877 U. S. Post. Guide, p. 267)
Matfield Green: Located on Section 6, 7, Township 22, Range 8 about 16 miles south of Cottonwood Falls. David W. MERCER, postmaster 1870-7. Hattie I. LARGENT, postmaster 1877. Population in 1870 was only 12. (and then the railroad came and the town had a newspaper, a mill, several doctors and dentists, a livery stable, grocery store , school and more. jbl) Origin of name is unknown. (Named by David MERCER after a locale in England that it reminded him of. jbl) (Post office was closed in mid 1990’s. either 1995 or 1996. jbl.)
Middle Creek: Located on a creek of that name. J. S. SHIPMAN, postmaster 1863-5. Samuel BEVERLIN was postmaster when name was changed to Elmdale. (Agr. Rept. 1877-8, p. 136.......)
Morgan: Located on Section 22, Township 21, Range 7 at the head of Rock Creek, southwest of Bazaar. Probably named for W. A. MORGAN, editor of the Chase County Leader 1871 - 1903. Postmistress Julia E. KINNE had held office since about October 24, 1876. Post office was discontinued by 1904, mail from Homestead. (Agr. Rept. 1877-8, map p. 135; Blackmar, Vol. 3, part 1, p. 389, biog Gaz 1878-1904; U. S. Off. Reg. 1877, p. 588.)
Neva Station: On a branch of the S. F. R. R. about the same site as Evan’s Station which was about3 1/2 miles west of Strong. No post office. (See Railroad map of Kansas 1906)
North Cottonwood Falls: Adjoined Cottonwood Falls. A candidate for county seat in 1862. Plat filed January 29, 1861. Town company men were S. D. HINKLEY, J. M. McPHERSON and J. B. SMITH. Located on the northeast quarter of Section 29, Township 19, Range 8. (Andreas, p. 1357) Poland, Wise and Chase Counties: Address June 13, 1858 of W. R. BOGGS in election papers of Wise County. A voting place 1859 where William C. PRACHT, a Polish settler voted. Candidate for County seat in 1862, received 26 votes. Location was near Elmdale. (Andreas, p. 1357; Archives, election mss. 1858; Cottonwood Falls Press, June 7, 1859.)
Richards: An incorporated town on the east side of the Chicago, Kansas and Western R.R. in Diamond Creek Township. Townsite vacated in part of wholly in 1889. Site not found on maps or in Gazetters. (Laws 1889, p. 402.) One David RICHARDS came to this locality in May, 1858. (Mss. Census 1858, p. 9.)
Safford: Toledo Township about two miles from the Lyon County line. David W. GRIFFITH, postmaster 1873. Still a post office in 1935. (No longer in 1997. jbl.) (Archives, original map of S. F. R.R.; Evert’s Atlas 1887, plat p. 46, 47; U. S. Off. Reg. 1873.) Andreas says Paris MILLS was postmaster in 1870, p. 1366.
Silver Creek: William H. SHAFT, postmaster from August 24, 1863 to 1867.  David P. SHAFT, postmaster in 1869 or 1871 to 1877. The town was absorbed by Hunt's station in about 1872 and in 1882 by Crawfordsville at station of Clements by which name is now known. See Clements. Agr. Rept. 1874, p. 4; Annual Reg. 1864; U. S. Off. Reg. p. 393; Reg 1865, 1867, 1871.)
Strong City: On the Santa Fe R.R. See its full history under its first name of Cottonwood.
Thurman, Butler and Chase: Located first in Butler County on Thurman Creek where William THURMAN was a settler in 1859 as found in the mss. Census of Butler County in 1859. By change of county lines, Thurman was placed in southeastern part of Chase County. First shown on Agr. Rept. map of Chase County as being on the east side of Thurman Creek, 12 miles southeast of Bazaar and 22 1/2 miles southeast of Cottonwood Falls. Location: Section 19, Township 22, Range 9, Bazaar Township. B. HOUSER, postmaster in 1882. D. W. EASTMAN, postmaster in 1908. Population in 1910 was thirty people. In 1910, received its mail from Matfield Green. Evert’s atlas of 1887 gives a change of location to Section 34, Township 22, Range 8, two miles northeast of the Greenwood County line. (Agr. Rept. 1876, p. 14, map; Andreas, p. 1356; Blackmar, p. 808; Gaz. 1882-1908.)
Toledo, Breckinridge and Chase Counties: New post office November, 1858. Town Company was organized by Hiram D. Morgan, president and Orville THOMPSON, secretary in 1858. Location on the southeast quarter and the south half of the northeast quarter of Section2 and the west half of the southwest quarter of Section 1, Township 19, Range 9 in Breckinridge County. Arthur Ingraham BAKER, probate judge of Breckinridge County, had failed to complete the title to the site before he was murdered by pro-slavery in 1862. The town company members had abandoned the location as a townsite on January 2, 1865. The legislature of 1866 passed a law for the relief of the town company which empowered the probate judge of Chase County, upon presentation of proper proof, to convey title to the land to the various claimants. The townsite was in Toledo Township on Buckeye Creek and was named for Toledo, Ohio, the Buckeye State from which state Samuel BUCHANAN among others, came. Postmasters were: Orville THOMPSON, 1858-63; F. M. BUCHANAN, 1863; Elisha MORGON, 1865-7; Paris MILLS, 1870-1; D. W. HIATT, 1900. The post office was discontinued by 1904 and the town placed on R.F.D. from Safford. Agr. Rept. 1874, p. 41, 1877-8, p. 136; Andreas, p. 1350, 1356, 1366; Archives, Col. of s. N. WOOD’s mss; ......)
Union: A post office in Diamond Creek Township. Census of settlers taken May 17, to 23, 1865, included many Germans and Prussians; PRACHT, HEGWER and FINK families. Post office from 1863 to 1871. Postmasters: Charles OSMER, may 16, 1863, compensation---forty-three cents; William DICKSON, 1865, compensation---sixty cents; William OSMER, 1871, salary---eleven dollars.  Location possibly near Elmdale (?) at the union of Diamond Creek with the Cottonwood River in Diamond Creek Township which included townships 18 and 19, ranges 6 and 7. (Archives, Census 1865, p. 1., 4..; Blackburns Dir. 1870; P. O. list; It is believed to be a post office not named but shown on the map of Chase County in the Agr. Rept. of 1875, p. 14 and marked Union on a large map of Kansas in Chase County, p 259 of the same book. Northwest of the union of Diamond Creek and the Cottonwood River.
Walnut: A general name for Homestead post office. A settlement in 1872 located near Cedar and Coon Creeks in the southwest part of the county. Mrs. Hattie A. BROWN was Postmistress in 1877. (Gaz. 1878, p. 338.)
Waupego, Wise, Breckinridge and Chase Counties: Located near the mouth of Diamond Springs Creek, four or five miles west of Cottonwood Falls. Incorporated in 1858 by A. BAKER, P. B. PLUMB, W. A. PHILLIPS, E. P. BANCROFT, A. Z. SHELDON, and E. GODDARD. No location given in Laws. This was House Bill 325, introduced by Columbia. (Priv. Laws. 1858, p. 390; House Journal 1858, p. 198.)
Wonsevu: A country post office in Cedar Township. First appeared on a map of 1875. Located on the east half of Section 9, Township , Range 6, nine miles for Cedar Point from which place it received its mail before 1908. Postmistress in 1877 was Miss Maria BARNES. the last postmaster, in 1904 was Henry A. EWING. The origin of the name is unknown. (Agr. Rept. 1875, map p. 656, 1877-8, p. 135, 1887-8; ....)
Woodhull: Located on the east bank of Diamond Creek, Diamond Creek Township, on the northeast corner of Section 29, Township 18, Range 7 about 2 1/2 miles southwest of Hymer, and 6 or 7 miles north of Elmdale. Postmasters: 1873---J. C. G. HASLETT or HARTERT; the last postmaster, 1880, was E. M. DRUMMOND. Post office discontinued in 1882, mail from Elmdale. The town was supposedly named for Mrs. Victoria Woodhull, a noted woman suffragist who had lectured in Kansas. Mrs. WOODHULL (who later became Mrs. John BIDDULP) of England lectured on Women’s Suffrage in Leavenworth in January, 1874

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