Barton County Kansas Registered Nurses, 1940

(From the book: Roster of Registered Nurses Holding Valid, Unexpired Certificates Permitting Practice in Kansas During the Period of January 1, 1940, to December 31, 1940. Emporia, Kan. : Kansas State Board for Examination and Registration of Nurses, 1940)

Note....... This listing includes nurses whose place of residence was not in Barton County. We indicate which county in brackets. Also the listing did included maiden names of some women in parentheses

ALLEN, Eunice Elnora, Great Bend
ALMQUIST, Mildred Maxine, Larned
AXMANN, Mary Celestine, Olmitz
BAKER, Nellie Gertrude, Great Bend
BALLANTYNE, Laurian Agnes, Ellinwood
BECKERMANN, Sister Mary Bernadette, Great Bend
BERAN, Hilda Louise, Claflin
BIESER, Lolah Beth, Great Bend
BLEY, Nellie Kathryn, Rozel
BOGER, Margaret (MARSHALL), Hoisington
BROWN, Elma E. (WEBER), Great Bend
COLLIER, Rachel Opal, Great Bend
DEBES, Sister Mary Emmanuel, Great Bend
DEBES, Sister Mary Pia Modesta, Great Bend
DENNIS, Virginia M. (LUBBERS), Great Bend
DILLON, Harriett A. (BALDRY), Great Bend
DREILING, Bertha Imelda, Victoria [Ellis County]
FUGGER, Sophie J. (KERSCHEN), Great Bend
GISSICK, Irene Elizabeth, Great Bend
GRANT, Sister Mary Emeline, Great Bend
HAGEMAN, Irene L. (WIBBELER), Great Bend
HALL, Dorothy Rose, Great Bend
HARTMAN, Velma Margaret, Great Bend
HEARN, Edra Lillian, Great Bend
HERMES, Carolyn C., Ellinwood
HLAVATY, Mildred Mary, Olmitz
HUSLIG, Sister Mary Loyola, Great Bend
JENISCH, Hilda Josephine, Claflin
KARST, Pauline, Galatia
KOMAREK, Liberata (BRUNGARDT), Hoisington
LINGG, Sister Mary Felicitas, Great Bend
McCARTY, Laida H. (LEWIS), Great Bend
MASTERSON, Sister Mary Lucy, Great Bend
MEISTER, Florence Catherine, Great Bend
MOORE, Elaine Margaret (Mrs.), Great Bend
PEASE, Maxine (BURKE), Great Bend
PENKA, Sister Mary Aquinata, Great Bend
PFISTER, Velda (FOSTER), Pawnee Rock
RUSSELL, Bernice C. (DOHERTY), Claflin
SCHNEWEIS, Leona Loretta, Claflin
SCHNEWEIS, Sister Mary Henrietta, Great Bend
SCHREMMER, Sister Miriam, Great Bend
SCHUETZ, Sister Mary Johanna, Great Bend
SCHWARTZ, Marie Jane, Great Bend
SELL, Frieda Caroline, Albert
SHOBE, Dorothy (HUNTER), Great Bend
SKOLAUT, Elsie C., Olmitz
STAMP, Ruth E. (Mrs.), Great Bend
STANDINGER, Helen Marie, Dorrance [Russell County]
STEINER, Teressa, Claflin
STEINKE, Sister Mary Geraldine, Great Bend
THUL, Bernice Delores, Ellinwood
WALLACE, Dollye V. (HEDRICK), Great Bend
WEISBECK, Helen Odelia, Meriden [Jefferson County]
YOUNGER, Mary Molly, Great Bend

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